Alahednews Alahednews Russia: Several Dead, Injured in Explosion at Gunpowder Facility “17 people were injured, seven of them died, one was hospitalized, the fate of nine people remains unknown” Lavrov: Russia’s Allies against Stationing of US Forces in Central Asia Lavrov said that that former Soviet states, including Uzbekistan, stand firm in their unwillingness to host US forces. Putin: US Itself Killing Dollar as Reserve Currency by Weaponizing Sanctions, Fueling Inflation Putin says US itself killing dollar as reserve currency by weaponizing sanctions as well as uncontrolled money printing and fueling inflation. Iran, EAEU Negotiating on Permanent Free Trade Zone Deal: Lavrov Iran can already take part in the activities of the SCO, including in the format of a contact group on Afghanistan, Lavrov said. Putin: Europe to Blame for Gas Price Spike, Energy Crisis “They’ve made mistakes,” Putin said. Russia Test Fires Hypersonic Missile from Submarine Hypersonics can travel more than five times the speed of sound and maneuver in mid-flight. Russia Renews Warning against Providing Australia with US Nuke Submarines “This is a great challenge to the international nuclear non-proliferation regime’ Putin Praises Erdogan Talks as “Useful” The Russian leader hosted Erdogan at his Black Sea residence in the resort of Sochi. Iran’s Nuclear Chief in Russia for Talks The two officials are expected to discuss cooperation between the AEOI and Rosatom. Russian Plane with 6 On Board Disappears From Radar According to preliminary information, the incident may be blamed on bad weather. Kremlin’s Party Gets 324 of 450 Seats in Russian Parliament The results gave United Russia 49.8% of the vote for the 225 seats apportioned by parties. Russian Security Chief: AUKUS Alliance Pursues Anti-China, Anti-Russia Policies The AUKUS alliance has also sparked concern in the other parts of the world. Pro-Putin Party Wins Majority in Russian Elections Partial results show ruling United Russia party will retain power in parliament after winning over 45% of the vote. Eight Killed After Shooter Opens Fire at Russian University Law enforcement officials said the shooter is a student at the university where the attacks happened. Russia Urges IAEA Monitoring, “Transparency” on US-Australia Nuclear Sub Pact Australia, Britain and the US presented the trilateral deal as a defense pact, which instantly drew condemnation from China and France. Putin to Self-Isolate After COVID-19 Case Confirmed in Entourage Putin to self-isolate after COVID-19 case confirmed in entourage, Kremlin says, as Russian president moves major meetings online. Putin, Assad Meet in Moscow, Praise Mutual Anti-terrorism Achievements “I am very glad to welcome you to Moscow again,” Putin told Assad at the beginning of the meeting. Putin Says Democracy in Afghanistan Can’t be Imposed by Force Putin said the policy of countries imposing standards from outside still continues elsewhere in the world. Putin: America’s 20-Year Presence in Afghanistan Only Led to Tragedies Putin stressed that ’it is impossible to impose anything from the outside’. Moscow Slams US, EU’s Branding of Russia As a Threat over Its Role in Afghanistan ’The war has become unpopular’ for the European and the US agenda, the Russian diplomat noted. Russia’s Defense Minister: Taliban in Complete Control of Afghanistan’s Borders with Uzbekistan & Tajikistan With the Taliban on the border, Russia has been conducting war games in Central Asia alongside Uzbek and Tajik troops. Armenia Requests Russian Military Deployment on Azerbaijan Border 3 Armenian soldiers were killed in fresh border clashes with Azerbaijani forces Lavrov: West Working to Create Belt of Instability around Russia Lavrov said that the West was demanding that countries across Eastern Europe and Asia turn on Russia in order to gain US acceptance. Russia: Taliban Seized Almost Full Control of Tajik Border Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said foreign militants from combat zones in the Middle East and North Africa are being pulled into Afghanistan. Kremlin: Russia Developing Hypersonic Arms to Confront US, NATO Threats Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said arms control treaties had been gradually broken over the past decades.