Alahednews Alahednews Imam Khamenei Mourns Victims of Kunduz Mosque Attack, Calls on Afghan Officials to Punish Perpetrators In a message of condolence on Saturday, Imam Khamenei said that the tragic incident caused a lot of grief and sorrow. Imam Khamenei Lauds Iranian Freestyle Wrestling Champions “The glorious victories of our wrestling champions have made all Iranians happy, especially the youth.” Imam Khamenei Urges Regional States to Prevent Foreign Intervention Imam Khamenei underscored that foreign armies shouldn’t be allowed to have a military presence in the region to protect their own interests. Imam Khamenei Attends Arabaeen Ceremony: Clarifying Truths Thwarts Enemies’ Propaganda Attacks The mourning ceremony of Arbaeen was held via videoconference due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Imam Khamenei: Martyrs’ Blood Proves Rightfulness of Islamic Republic Imam Khamenei also said Martyrs’ blood proves the rightfulness of the Islamic Republic. Imam Khamenei Congratulates Iran Volleyball Team on Winning Asian Championship Title The tight contest ensued in the second set, with Iran leading only by two points at 23-21. Imam Khamenei Warns of Hostile Campaign to Kill Hope Among Iranian Youths Imam Khamenei also touched on the championship of Iranian athletes despite some restrictions. Imam Khamenei Congratulates Authoritative Return of 75th Naval Fleet I express my gratitude and appreciation to the Commander and each of the dear staff of the fleet, Imam Khamenei said. Imam Khamenei Condoles with Sayyed Nasrallah over Prominent Shia Figure’s Demise Sheikh Qabalan passed away on Saturday at the age of 85. Imam Khamenei Condoles Demise of Major General Firouzabadi Imam Khamenei offered his condolences on the demise of Hassan Firouzabadi in a letter sent to his wife and children. Imam Khamenei Receives Iran’s New Cabinet, Recommends Using Every Hour to Serve People, Islam The Saturday meeting was the first between Imam Khamenei and members of the the Islamic Republic’s 13th government. Parliamentary Bloc Thanks Imam Khamenei for Naming Sunni Kurd as Iranian Navy Chief Imam Khamenei said the appointment was made in view of the commander’s commitment to his duties and positive work experience. Imam Khamenei Attends Solo Mourning Ritual on Eve of Tasua The event was held on Tuesday night at Imam Khomeini Husseiniyyah [religious congregation hall] in Tehran. Imam Khamenei Appoints New Army’s Navy Commander Imam Khamenei appointed Rear Admiral Shahram Irani as the new commander of the Iranian Army’s Navy. Imam Khamenei Calls COVID Outbreak Iran’s First, Most Urgent Issue Imam Khamenei also asked people to fully comply with the protocols. Imam Khamenei to Endorse Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi’s Presidential Decree on Tuesday Raisi will be sworn in as the next Iranian President on Thursday in a ceremony at Iran’s Parliament. Imam Khamenei Pardons, Commutes Sentences of 2,825 Convicts Imam Khamenei agreed on the proposal in accordance with Clause 11 of Article 110 of the Islamic Republic’s Constitution. Imam Khamenei Receives Incumbent Government, Stresses ’West Untrustworthy’ Imam Khamenei stressed that any plan is tied to the westerners’ help, the plan will definitely fail to succeed. Imam Khamenei Blames Covid-19 Vaccine Disruption on Foreign Firms’ Breach of Promises Imam Khamenei touched on many mutations of the virus and their cataclysmic dangers. Imam Khamenei Receives Second Dose of Iran-made Coronavirus Vaccine Imam Khamenei had received the first dose of a homegrown COVID-19 vaccine on June 25. Imam Khamenei’s Message of 2021 Hajj Pilgrimage: Muslim Nation Must Resist Western Powers’ Interference The full text of Imam Khamenei’s message on the occasion of the 2021 Hajj rituals. Imam Khamenei Thanks Palestinian People for Their Message after Victory in Recent ‘Israeli’ War The Tel Aviv regime announced a unilateral ceasefire on May 21, which Palestinian resistance movements accepted with Egyptian mediation. Imam Khamenei Offers Condolences on the Demise of Palestinian Leader, Ahmad Jibril He was a brave, hardworking person, who spent his life fighting for his occupied homeland and his oppressed people Imam Khamenei Appoints Mohseni-Eje’i as New Judiciary Chief Imam Khamenei appointed Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i as the new head of the Iranian Judiciary on Thursday. Imam Khamenei: Westerners’ Impudence Strange, Odd The meeting was held in commemoration of the martyrdom of Ayatollah Beheshti - the first Judiciary chief of Iran.