Alahednews Alahednews Watch Billions of Money Found Hidden in Bashir Bedroom Deposed Sudan dictator Omar Al-Bashir hid millions of dollars in his bedroom! Hundreds of Bahrainis Like Me Are Being Made Stateless – And The UK Is Complicit While Bahrain imprisons and harasses its critics with impunity, Britain continues to be one of its closest allies. Amnesty Silent on Al-Qaeda War Crimes to Criminalize Syrian Gov’t Amnesty’s misleading report ignores the suffering of communities under attack from al-Qaeda affiliates in Idlib. Where Trump and Bibi’s Interests Clash US national interests, based on the awful experience of two decades, and Trump’s political interests, dictate that he not start any more wars. The Kingdom’s War on Women Is Only Getting Worse We finally won the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. But the Kingdom’s war on women is only getting worse. Bill to End Yemen Siege Passes—No Thanks to MSNBC After Khashoggi outrage passes, MSNBC goes back to ignoring US-backed humanitarian disaster in Yemen. Why Iran Chose the Birthday of Imam Hussain [AS] as Revolutionary Guard’s Day This is because the Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps has made an impressive promise to safeguard the Islamic Revolution. Algeria’s Unrest Unsettles The Saudi/UAE-Led Bloc In 2011, there was much optimism that the so-called Arab Spring revolts would make the region more democratic. HRW Slams UK’s Twisted Logic towards Yemen Hunt argues that suspending British military exports would result in diminished UK influence over the course of the conflict. Britain’s No More Hidden War in Yemen! ’The Brits do everything basically from start to finish.’ Killed By Cholera, Yemeni Doctor Knew He Was Fighting ’Disastrous’ Epidemic Yemen is suffering its third major outbreak of Cholera since the conflict broke out in 2015. Bahraini Activist Najah Yusuf Details Her Imprisonment for Facebook Posts Protesting Bahrain Formula 1 Race Najah Yusuf is an activist from Bahrain and is currently serving a three-year sentence. Saudi Arabia Is Buying More Weapons than Ever Before 70 percent of Saudi’s arsenal now comes from the United States. Yemen: 4 Years of War on Children The war in Yemen will have been raging on for four years. There have been over 19,000 air raids. Yemen: «Wearing a School Uniform Is No Longer a Dream» Amani told us how she would feel sad seeing young girls wearing school clothes and laughing on their way to school. Rebuilding Bombed Schools in Yemen Since 18 December alone, 13 schools across Yemen have been attacked. Action Needed to Stop Australian Defense Exports Being Used in the War in Yemen Australia is under pressure for authorizing defense goods transfer to Saudi Arabia to fight a war on Yemen. Years of Conflict Pushing People in Yemen to Edge of Famine Families seek safety amidst fighting and epidemics; an end to war is the only solution to humanitarian crisis. Why the Media Fails To Cover Palestine with Accuracy and Empathy? The anti-Semitism charge is just a ploy to pull down criticism of ‘Israel’. Rebel Saudi Royal Forms Europe-Based Opposition Calling For Regime Change in Riyadh Prince Khaled bin Farhan al-Saud told The Independent he wants to see a constitutional monarchy in place. Formula One Whitewashes Bahrain Repression Formula One has been dodging its responsibility by proceeding with this year’s race while Najah Yusuf remains in prison. Saudi Men and Women Are Now Equal - When It Comes To Prison Torture Many female activists have languished for months in jail, where they describe cruel treatment at the hands of Saudi authorities The Heart of the US-Saudi Relationship Lies In the Kushner-Prince Friendship The US-Saudi alliance is more than a transactional arrangement based on oil, weapons deals and some perceived security interests. Irish Nurse in Yemen: Women Here Are Stronger Than People Imagine Despite the many hardships facing Yemeni women as the conflict persists, “women here are stronger than people imagine”. As The ‘Caliphate Crumbles,’ Daesh Is Seeding A New Insurgency The road to the final scrap of Daesh’s self-declared caliphate in eastern Syria is quiet for the most part.