Alahednews Alahednews Gaza’s Undrinkable Water ‘Slowly Poisoning’ Palestinians Human rights organizations have warned for years about the deteriorating water situation in the Gaza Strip. White Tiger and Cheetah Furs: A Mess of Trump Gift Exchanges The furs, from an oil-rich family worth billions of dollars, were fake. ‘Unprecedented’ Hunger In Lebanon As Fuel Crisis Hikes Food Costs Lebanon’s food crisis is not a recent development.. Fuel Paralysis: How 14 Private Companies Control Lebanon’s Oil Supply And Set Its Prices The Ministry of Energy is highly compromised in exercising its role as an impartial watchdog over the quantities of oil imported to Lebanon. Facebook Is a Harmful Presence in Our Lives; it’s Not Too Late to Pull the Plug on It Facebook is in perpetual crisis mode. MBS Owns World’s Most Expensive Home, Has Da Vinci Painting, & Newcastle Bidder Is Pals with Trump As SunSport found out, MBS is not short of material wealth. Who’s Behind the ’Pandora Papers’ Leaks of Politicians’ Offshore Assets? In fact, much information on offshore holdings is in the public domain. On Khashoggi Murder Anniversary, Advocates Want Action from Biden Advocates pledge to keep pushing for accountability for slain journalist after top US administration official met with MBS. America Faces Supply-Chain Disruption and Shortages. Here’s Why The problem we have is shortages, so it’s time to put people in charge who value production. The Pentagon Really Is “Chronically Bad” At Winning Wars – And Matt Gaetz Got Them to Admit It So long as they can keep the taxpayer dollars flowing. That’s the only war they seem to know how to win. The Buhari Regime Should Release the Dead Bodies of the 8 Nigerian Martyrs to their Families Thousands of innocent Shia civilians have been slaughtered by bloodthirsty savages using the Nigerian army and police. Blame-shifting over US Withdrawal Ignores Deeper Failings in Afghanistan Austin could only squirm and insist the president was “an honest and forthright man.’ Arbaeen Walk: A Life-changing Journey of Love Men and women, young and old, they come from different corners of the world and converge at one place. They call it heaven. Men on Horses Chasing Black Asylum Seekers? Sadly, America Has Seen It Before The image is profoundly upsetting, not just for what it portrays but for the history it evokes. Hazara Refugees in Pakistan Fear for Their Families, Future There are still thousands of Hazaras trapped within Afghanistan who want to leave but can’t. Behind The Smiles, Competition Heats Up In the Gulf Relations between the three Gulf powers look less than brotherly. That No One Will Resign for Killing Kabul Children Shows American Empire’s True Face What McKenzie did not do is resign or promise anyone else involved in this atrocity would do the same. With Fuel from Iran, Hezbollah Steps In Where Lebanon Has Failed “Our aim is not trade or profit,” Sayyed Nasrallah said in a speech on Tuesday. “Our aim is to alleviate the suffering of the people.” ‘He Saw the Panic’: The Afghan Men Who Fell From the US Jet A resident who heard a body land on a roof described it as sounding “like a bomb.” Dangerous Outsiders and Exceptional Citizens: Being Muslim American since 9/11 For two decades, this double image has been our Muslim American dilemma. Twenty Years after 9/11, Did US Win Its ‘War on Terror’? US “domestic violent extremism poses heightened threat.” Enforced Disappearance: A Crime against Humanity Systematically Practiced by Saudi Arabia According to ESOHR, the Saudi government uses enforced disappearance for a variety of reasons. Gaza: Disabled or Dead, Many Young Victims of ‘Israeli’ Strikes Won’t Return To School Mohammed lost his sight during the Zionist entity’s intense bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip. Shoeless, Shivering, Passing Out: Afghan Refugees Arrive In the UK Emergency responders described scenes at British airports as “shocking” and “absolute chaos.” The Middle East Is Preparing for the United States’ Exit from Syria The UAE has become more muscular since reopening its embassy in Damascus in 2018.