Alahednews Alahednews One Minute It Was an Afghan Wedding; the Next, a Funeral for 63 He had spent about $14,000 on wedding expenses, from savings and from loans. My Father Called For Reform in Saudi Arabia, Now He Faces Death If they execute my father it will be state-sanctioned murder and they cannot be allowed to get away with it. President Trump’s Fruitless Trade War The Trump administration continues to escalate its confrontation with China, but there is no clear goal — and no end in sight. We’ve Heard Trump’s Empty Platitudes about Mass Shootings Before – Nothing Will Change While He’s In Power Trump have blamed the mass shootings on video games and mental illness. Saudi Arabia’s ‘Strategic Plan’ To Take Turkey Down In Riyadh in May, orders were given to implement the strategic plan to confront the Turkish government. Six Actions to Help Alleviate the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Yemen is back in the news again, amid reported efforts to enforce a ceasefire. WP: Washington and London Should Stop Enabling Bahrain’s Executions of Dissidents Pro-government social media accounts reported that the monarch of Bahrain had signed off on execution orders. Bahrain Follows US Lead on Executions I’ve never met anyone from the US State Department or intelligence agencies who actually think the Bahraini regime is anything but a time bomb. Iran Tanker Crisis: Impending Brexit Leaves UK with No Choice but To Do US Bidding, and Suffer the Consequences What you do to the Iranians they will do to you at a time and place of their own choosing. Killing Sheikh Zakzaky Slowly by Tyrant Buhari ’These people just waiting for us to die in the illegal detention’ - Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Yemen Has Been a Saudi Prince’s War. Now It’s His Quagmire. From the beginning of Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, it was Prince Mohammed’s war. Fleeing into the Dark Suddenly your village is a war zone, and your house walls and windows no longer protect you and your family. Racist to the Bone Trump’s hate is evident from his jawbones down to his thumbs and little toes. «Send Her Back!» Chant Shows Trump’s Ugly Plan to Get Reelected Will Trump’s embrace of searing racial grievances, tough immigration commentary… deliver him a second term? The New Yorker: Boris Johnson Shows That He’s Donald Trump’s Poodle In the past few days, however, Johnson has shown himself to be nothing like a lion. Saudi Dissidents in US Warned By FBI after Khashoggi Killing MBS is deeply problematic and a terrible ally, an ally who threatened people on your own territory for God’s sake. Leak of UK Ambassador’s Trump Views Shows Honesty Has No Place in International Relations Trump doesn’t seem like the kind of president to hold grudges. WP: Our New Saddam Hussein “Many governments have attempted to bury it and say, ‘Let’s move on,’ but that killing is not going to disappear.’ Mohammed Bin Salman Is Making Muslims Boycott Mecca The money from the hajj that goes to Saudi authorities is not used to help poor Muslims around the world; instead it is used to kill and displace peop National Interest: Only Congress Stands between Saudi Arabia and Nuclear Weapons A Saudi bomb could create havoc in the Middle East on a scale beyond anything yet contemplated. Selling Arms to The Saudis Was Always Immoral. Now It Is Unlawful, Too For four years, the people of Yemen have endured a Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign. Yemen Cholera Outbreak Largest In Human History Yemen is currently experiencing the largest outbreak of cholera in the history of the world. A Mother, Six Newborns Die Every Two Hours in Yemen In Yemen, a mother and six newborns are dying every two hours due to poor health care services. New Global Alliances Threaten America’s Standing CNN analyst said a new global order is setting the stage for Russia and China to be allies against US interests. Company Part-Owned By Jared Kushner Got $90m from Unknown Offshore Investors Since 2017 Kushner owns a stake worth between $25m and $50m in a “holding company for” Cadre.