Alahednews Alahednews Sand And Death Or Oil And Gas? Syria and Venezuela and the US’ manner in dealing with them shows that neither the Americans nor the West believe in the sovereignty of other countr The War Between The Battles The ’battle between wars’ has drained Tel Aviv and its usefulness has reached its end Espionage Scheme against Qassam Brigades Chief of Staff Exposed An espionage scheme against the chief of staff of the Qassam Brigades has been exposed. The Year of the Drones This phrase was uttered by the official spokesperson of Yemen’s armed forces. Al-Anad Drone Strike Puts The Saudi-led Camp In A State Of Confusion Information is trickling in about the outcome of a Yemeni drone strike that targeted a camp in Lahij where high-level US/Saudi-backed leaders were att Martyr Saleh Barghouthi - The Occupation Deprived Him of His Father as a Child and Killed Him as a Young Man The parents of 30-year old Saleh Omar al-Barghouthi, who hails from the village of Kaubar located northwest of Ramallah and in the center of the West Martyr Ashraf Na’alwa – The Fidai “Legend” Who Puzzled The Occupation The 23-year old Palestinian, Ashraf Na’alwa, spent 67 days confusing the security services of the occupation, which utilized all available recourse Sheikh Qassem: «Israeli» Home Front, Including Tel Aviv, Are In Range of Resistance Missiles “Israel’s” home front, including Tel Aviv, are in range of the Resistance’s missiles. Hassan Al-Laqqis: The Man Who Flew Over Palestine One of the advantages of having him as a leader was that he was a dreamer, but he also sought ’with all his heart’ to make his dream come true. “Israel” on Al-Laqqis: One of Hezbollah’s Top Innovators and Technical Minds According to Hebrew reports, the martyr was responsible for ’integrating the most sophisticated technological weapons into Hezbollah’s arsenal «Israel’s» Gaza Headache The failure of the operations shocked the “Israelis”. Would It Do Bin Salman Any Good to Seek Help From «Israel»? “Israel” remained silent and ignored the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Le Figaro: Saudi Arabia’s Allegiance Council Considers Appointing Deputy Crown Prince in Preparation to Depose MBS Le Figaro: Saudi Arabia’s Allegiance Council Considers Appointing Deputy Crown Prince in Preparation to Depose Mohammed Bin Salman Resistance Icon Joins Her Martyr Sons Amina Salemeh was no stranger to resistance work and Islamic advocacy in Lebanon. Saudis Inform Turks: We Restored Him, Khashoggi in Riyadh A source in the Gulf revealed that the Saudi authorities informed Ankara yesterday [Friday] that the Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi «is in Riyadh». What did Saudi Arabia offer Syria? This communication is the third of its kind since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Nasrallah in the “Israeli” Consciousness: An Unpleasant But an Honest Arab Leader One of the most important weapons in the hands of the resistance in 2006 was Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The Facts from Operation Truthful Promise As far as the resistance was concerned, everything was ready: transportation vehicles, medical operations room, captivity room – and refrigerators f Sayyed Nasrallah Is the First Arab Leader Whose Credibility Has an Influence on «Israel» Rene Naba: Sayyed Nasrallah is the first Arab leader whose credibility has an influence on “Israel” Trump: The President Who Not Only Loots Arab Oil But Determines Its Quantity & Price US President Donald Trump was not being ostentatious when he announced that Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz accepted to increase the kingdom’s oil If I Were a Saudi Official... It is good that I am not a Saudi official today! The ’Sayyed’ Who Never Left the Bekaa It is the Lebanese Bekaa where Sayyed Nasrallah spent a great deal of his life. Suhaila Ibrahim Zakzaky: My Parents are Detained at a Security Apparatus Facility Suhaila Ibrahim Zakzaky: My Parents are Detained at a Security Apparatus Facility What Is One of the World’s Most Important Universities Teaching Its Students About Hezbollah? One of the most important institutions of higher education in North America is guiding its students to deepen their understanding of Hezbollah. Al-Houthi to Al-Akhbar: We are ready to fight alongside Hezbollah against ’Israel’ The man, who does not ’live in the caves’, possesses rare courage towards local and foreign issues.