Alahednews Alahednews “Israel” Continues Its Provocations: We Will Drill Five Wells alongside the Lebanese Border How will Lebanon respond to the provocative “Israeli” action? The Twenty-year War: America Isn’t the End of History Washington finds itself today in front of two strategic competitors. The Americans Retreat: We Failed to Harm Hezbollah Washington is opting for a different approach, which involves sending messages of pressure to form the government without any conditions. The Afghanistan Lesson: Everything Will Come to an End One Day The United States, the Taliban and the strategic environment have all changed. Hezbollah Is “Israel’s” Main Concern Amir Bohbot, revealed the extent to which the “Israelis” fear any movement on the border that Tel Aviv thinks has a connection with Hezbollah. The Families of the Gaza Martyrs between Two Eids: Life Is A Short Dream The “Israelis” have tied the reconstruction of Gaza to demands for concessions from the resistance on the issue of captured soldiers. An “Israeli” Analysis Rules Out “Victory” in Any Future Confrontation 15 Years After the July War: An “Israeli” Analysis Rules Out “Victory” in Any Future Confrontation Signals of a Special Kind between Tel Aviv and Riyadh! Tel Aviv sends signal after signal of its willingness to go “anywhere” to meet ’moderate’ Arab leaders. The ’Flags March’ Under Redlines: The Resistance Has the Final Say The contacts brokered by the Egyptian mediator led to the occupation’s retreat from its provocations that might have causes an explosive. “Al-Quds Sword” Opens Gaza-Damascus Road The resistance’s victory in the Battle of “Al-Quds Sword” opened the door to the return of relations between “Hamas” and Damascus. Al-Quds Sword: A Drill for the Great Liberation War The leadership of the resistance in Lebanon contacted their Palestinian counterparts for an assessment of the situation on the ground. When ’Israel’ Loses the Initiative on the Battlefield The enemy did not expect the Gaza Strip to take such a step. The ’Son of Death’ Leads the Battle: Mohammed Al-Deif an Alive Imad Mughniyeh in Gaza Al-Deif was born in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, in 1965, as a refugee from the village of Al-Qubeiba, in the occupied Ashkelon district. Haniyeh To Netanyahu: Don’t Play with Fire, Al-Quds Revolution must Continue Haniyeh underscored the necessity of urgent intervention to stop this aggression and curb the occupation. A New Round of Saudi-Iranian Talks Soon - MBS To Tehran: I Won’t Normalize Ties With ‘Israel’! According to the information, the Saudis have assured the Iranians that they do not want to normalize ties with ’Israel.’ Afghanistan 2001-2021: “The Graveyard of Empires’ Defeats America Blanc says that in 2001, even the toughest hawks did not want to invade Afghanistan: They wanted to invade Iraq. The Most Important And Largest Garrisons Of Marib Are Under Control: There Is No Turning Back This dramatic military shift took place within a matter of hours. Iranian Deterrence: The “Israeli” Enemy Regresses towards the Sea These routes are vital to the large-scale trade between Europe and Asia via the Suez Canal and between the “Israeli” entity and Asia. Russia Tells Hezbollah: We Want You to Stay in Syria In Moscow, the military and politicians consider Hezbollah’s presence in Syria more necessary than ever. Lebanese Kfarkila Rejects UN Cameras as UNIFIL Keeps Inciting Southerners The municipal’s stance was echoed by many other counterparts who were surprised by the UNIFIL’s unilateral move. “Israel” Justifies Its Deterrence from Lebanon: Targeting Weapon Means War The importance of this information is that it comes from the “Israeli” official who is most familiar with the interval equations and the seriousne Sanaa Forces Resuming Their Progress: Marib Off the Barter Sanaa forces were able to obtain strategically important areas on the western and northwestern fronts of the governorate center The UNIFIL’s New Ploy: Installing Advanced Cameras atop of Towers A Bureau of Civil & Humanitarian Affairs was invented within the Lebanese Army departments, as if it is a foreign army on a foreign soil! Saudi Arabia is the Sponsor of Normalization with the Enemy Morocco’s relations with “Israel” are more profound than those between the House of Saud and the enemy. Scenarios to Awaken Sleeper Cells with American and Saudi Support: Warnings of ’Security Strife’ According to some sources, certain movements could cause security incidents that might further exacerbate the situation.