Alahednews Alahednews Sayyed Nasrallah Vows to Keep Protesters Downtown Beirut on 08-12-2006 Hizbullah leader vows a peaceful persistence in Beirut, Protests will continue until new government is installed Nasrallah Calls for Peaceful Mass Protest, ’’Let us call for a national unity government’’ Nasrallah Calls for Peaceful Mass Protest on 30-11-2006 Nasrallah: ’’Saniora`s Gov`t has failed to fulfill its promises on 30-11-2006 Nasrallah: ’’Saniora`s Gov`t has failed to fulfill its promises and achieve anything significant’’ Sayyed Nasrallah dismisses cabinet as tool of Washington Nasrallah tells followers to prepare for street protests on 20-11-2006 Full text of Sayyed Nasrallah`s Manar TV interview on 31-10-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah`s Manar TV interview: We will call for early parliamentary elections if efforts to achieve Nasrallah: A new and hand-clean government is coming…don`t fear the civil war choice Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on Reconstruction of Damaged Properties on 14-11-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah Speech in First Appearance after Divine Victory on 01-11-2006 Nasrallah: ’’Israeli’’ onslaught served majority`s goals, “Some coalition leaders want resistance disarmed” Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on 23-09-2006 Nasrallah: “the time of victory has begun & the time of defeats has gone’’, Resistance supporters gather for Lebanon massive divine victory rally Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on Capture of ’’Israeli’’ Soldiers on 13-07-2006 Nasrallah: Only exchange will win back troops, ’’Whole world will not be able to retrieve 2 captured “Israeli” soldiers Sayyed Nasrallah: 10,000 Palestinian detainees have no right to defend themselves, while a captured ’’Israeli’’ soldie Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on Summmer Activities on 30-06-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on Protests on Depicting Sayyed Nasrallah on 06-06-2006 Nasrallah: “we will not tolerate … tarnishing individuals’ dignity…” Nasrallah: Resistance is a point of strength for Lebanon Sayyed Nasrallah Speech During 2000 Liberation Rally on 25-05-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah on Parliament Refuses Demarcation of Borders on 05-05-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah: ’’14 March’’ ... ’’are just looking to disarm Hizbullah’’ Nasrallah praises Tehran as unwavering ally Nasrallah praises Tehran as unwavering ally on 03-05-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah on Military strike on Iran on 24-04-2006 Nasrallah: Military strike on Iran unlikely to get UNSC approval Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance arms always to defends sacred country Sayyed Nasrallah Speech at UNESCO Palace on 17-02-2006 Nasrallah dares America to try to disarm Hizbullah on 24-02-2006 Nasrallah dares America to try to disarm Hizbullah Nasrallah: We will be asking in talks `how do we protect Lebanon?` Sayyed Nasrallah Speech on Religious on 21-03-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah Says Armed resistance only way to face occupation on30-03-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah: Armed resistance is the only way to face occupation Sayyed Nasrallah calls on European parliaments to issue laws banning insults Sayyed Nasrallah on Ashura on 10-02-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah Says dialogue remains the Lebanese only option on 15-04-2006 Nasrallah: regardless of security risks dialogue remains the Lebanese only option & will attend Sayyed Nasrallah calls for a strict investigation into Sunday’s events Sayyed Nasrallah on 7th Night of Ashura on 06-02-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah Warns Europe on Mocking Islam on 02-02-2006 Hizbullah tells Europe price of mocking Islam, Nasrallah: We will severely punish ’’Israel’’ if the Lebanese citizen turns out to be dead ’’14 March’’ fails to create a split between Nasrallah & Aoun over Baabda Sayyed Nasrallah On Presidential Candidacy on 25-04-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah Says No One Can Get Rid of Hizbullah on 23-01-2006 Sayyed Nasrallah: Whoever acts in collusion with an American conspiracy is a Zionist ’’Israeli’’ Sharonist