Alahednews Alahednews Hezbollah Condemns Damascus Blast: Terrorist Attempts Will Fail to Destabilize, Insecure Syria Hezbollah slams this heinous explosion behind which terrorist groups and their international and regional employers stand. Sheikh Daamoush: Tayouneh Massacre Was Committed by the Lebanese Forces Party at American Behest “You will pay the price of your crimes sooner or later, and the Resistance won’t budge and will triumph” Sayyed Nasrallah Receives SG of the Ahl Al-Bayt [AS] World Assembly The meeting was attended by Hezbollah officials. Sayyed Nasrallah to Tackle Latest Developments on Monday Hezbollah Secretary General will deliver a speech on Monday evening. Hezbollah, Amal Leaderships: “Lebanese Forces” Groups’ Direct Sniping Aimed at Premediated Killing Hezbollah and Amal Movement call on the Lebanese Army and the Security Forces for shouldering their responsibilities to restore the situation as it wa Hezbollah, Amal Movement’s Statement on Tayyouneh Attack: Attackers, Purposeful Political Gains Clear Hezbollah and Amal Movement call on all supporters and members to stay calm and avoid being taken to the malicious discord. Hezbollah Condemns Kunduz Terrorist Blast: It Is against All Divine Religions, Humanitarian Laws Hezbollah prays for the speedy recovery of the wounded and for the security and peace for the Afghan Muslim people. Sayyed Nasrallah Receives Amir Abdollahian: Iran Proved to Be an Honest Ally and a Loyal Friend Sayyed Nasrallah noted that hopes are very high for Lebanon to overcome this calamity it has been through. Hezbollah Mourns Imam Musa Sadr’s Spouse, The Companion of His Path and Struggle {Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return} – Holy Quran, al-Baqarah, verse 156 Islamic Resistance Downs ‘Israeli’ Spy Drone in Yater, South Lebanon The statement noted that the drone was targeted using the appropriate weapons. Hezbollah Condemns Erbil’s Conference to Normalize Ties with ‘Israel’: A Failed Attempt That Was Buried Alive Hezbollah praises the official, political, popular, and religious stances that strongly reject all kinds of normalization with the enemy. Hezbollah Slams ‘Israeli’ Raid at Jenin Camp, Hails Alertness of Palestinian Resistance Men Hezbollah extends the warmest condolences and sympathy with the patient Palestinian people and the families of the martyrs. Hezbollah Hails the Successful Escape of Palestinian Resistance Men from the Most Fortified ‘Israeli’ Prisons Hezbollah congratulates the Palestinian people on the success of a group of detained resistance men to escape the most fortified ‘Israeli’ prisons Hezbollah Offers Its Condolences on the Passing of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim Hezbollah Offers Its Condolences for the Passing of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed Al-Hakim Hezbollah Hails The Heroic Jenin Op: The Path of Resistance will Lead to Resounding Victory Hezbollah praised the heroic response by the Palestinian mujahideen against the “Israeli” occupation forces in the Jenin camp. Hezbollah Offers Condolences to Akkar, LA: Speed Formation of Gov’t A Must Hezbollah hopes that this national tragedy will lead to a strong motivation to speed up the formation of a government Hezbollah Denies News About ’Israeli’ Bombing of Areas From Which Retaliatory Rockets Were Launched We assure that such news are totally unfounded, the Islamic Resistance’s statement read. On Anniv. of Beirut Port Explosion, Hezbollah Urges Exclusion of National Issue from Attrition and Interests Hezbollah recalls the suffering of the Lebanese and urges the revelation of the facts reagrding the August 4 Beirut port explosion. Sayyed Nasrallah to Deliver a Speech on Saturday Hezbollah Secretary General will deliver a speech marking the anniversary of the July 2006 victory. Hezbollah on Khaldeh Ambush: We Demand Decisive Action from Army And Security Forces The ambush led to the martyrdom of two mourners and the injury of a number of people. Hezbollah Denounces Sadr City Explosion, Urges Iraqi Unity against Conspiracies Hezbollah strongly condemns the terrorist attack that targeted innocent Iraqi citizens in the Sadr City. Hezbollah Offers Its Condolences to the Hospital Fire Victims’ Families, Iraq and Iraqis Hezbollah condoled with the families of the Nasiriyah Hospital fire victims, as well as Iraq and the Iraqi people. Hezbollah Offers Condolences to the Palestinians on the Passing of Leader Ahmed Jibril Hezbollah issued a statement offering its heartfelt condolences on the demise of Palestinian leader Ahmed Jibril. Hezbollah Condemns the US Aggression Targeting the Iraqi-Syrian Border Hezbollah strongly condemns the treacherous US aggression that targeted the Iraqi-Syrian border and led to the martyrdom of a number of Mujahedeen. Hezbollah SG Sayyed Nasrallah Speaks at the National Media Gathering Conference on July 5th Sayyed Nasrallah will speak at the opening of the conference held by the National Media Gathering. on Monday, July 5 at 4:00 p.m.