Alahednews Alahednews Iran Warns ‘Israel’ of Consequences of ‘Aggression in the Region’ - Government Spokesman Iranian authorities issued an ominous warning to the Zionist entity. Iran’s Most Advanced Destroyer Deployed to Gulf of Aden Iran deployed its most advanced destroyer Sahand to the Gulf of Aden. Intel Minister Highlights Iran’s Success in Foiling CIA Plots Iran has experienced the proximity of enemy to its “insider elements”. Gen. Soleimani: “Israel’s” Insane Ops Are Its Last Struggles General Qassem Soleimani downplayed the recent “Israeli” attacks on a number of positions in regional countries. Yemenis, Humanely, Are Not Bombing Saudi Cities - IRGC Top Chief Salami pointed to a recent missile test and said the country has always been testing a variety of defense and strategic systems. Rouhani: Imam Khomeini’s Thoughts Must Develop, Flourish Rouhani said the thoughts of Imam Khomeini should develop and flourish. Iranian Oil Tanker Switches Destination to Turkey after US Issues Threats to Greece Adrian Darya changed its destination and now is heading to Mesrin, Turkey. Zarif: Talks with Macron Constructive Zarif said that suggestions by Macron about over the nuclear deal were constructive and went in the right direction, but more work needed to be done. Maintaining Gulf Security Limited to Regional Countries - IRGC Chief Salami said array of countries other than the Gulf’s own littoral states can provide the region’s security. IRGC Cmdr.: Trans-Regional Forces Remain Under Constant Surveillance IRGC Navy commander said Iranian forces constantly monitor trans-regional forces. Iran Prepared To Work on French Nuclear Deal Proposals – Zarif Iran is prepared to work on French proposals to salvage the international nuclear deal that Tehran signed with world powers in 2015. Iran’s Homegrown Bavar-373 Stronger than S300 - Rouhani “Much similar to S400, the unveiled home-made Bavar-373 missile defense system is stronger that S300 system.” Iran Unveils New Homegrown Missile System on Defense Industry Day Iran unveiled a state-of-the-art missile defense system designed and manufactured by experts at home. Zarif: Either Security for All or Nobody Zarif stressed that ’security is a common global commodity,’ that either exists for everybody or no one. Imam Khamenei Urges India to Follow Fair Policy toward Kashmir Imam Khamenei expressed concern about tensions in Kashmir, urging India to follow a fair policy with respect to people of the Muslim-majority region. Iran’s Armed Forces Prioritize Boosting Defense Capacities - IRGC The IRGC highlighted Iran’s deterrent power in the face of foreign threats. Iran to Emerge as Invincible Power - Baqeri Baqeri described the Islamic Republic’s high level of deterrent capabilities as a prelude to becoming an unbeatable power in the world. US Not Reliable In Negotiations - Iran’s Deputy FM The US showed in talks with North Korea and after leaving the Iran nuclear deal that it is not a reliable partner for negotiations. Oil Tanker Release Shows Iran’s Int’l Power - Chief of Staff Baqeri stated that the recent release of Iran’s oil tanker shows the power of the Islamic Republic on the international scene. Top Judge Urges Claiming Compensation for Iranian Tanker’s Detention Iran’s Judiciary chief said the Islamic Republic should claim compensation for the illegal detention of its supertanker ‘Adrian Darya’. Iran Not Interested In Renewing Nuclear Talks with US - Zarif Zarif said the Islamic Republic has no interest in engaging in a fresh round of nuclear talks with the United States. US Has ’Brought All Its Might to Battlefield’ With Iran - IRGC Commander Salami said the non-spiritual US has brought ’all its forces’ to fight against the Islamic republic. Imam Khamenei Grants Clemency to over 1,000 Inmates Imam Khamenei approved a proposal from Iran’s top judge to pardon or commute the prison terms of 1,070 convicts found guilty by various Iranian cour Iran Warns US against Any Attempt to Seize Iranian Tanker Mousavi revealed that Tehran warned the US via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran against seizing the Iranian supertanker carrying oil in open seas. Released Iran-operated Tanker Sets Sail from Gibraltar Adrian Darya 1 supertanker has finally left anchorage at the Strait of Gibraltar, slowly moving toward its new destination.