Alahednews Alahednews Google Blocks Press TV’s YouTube Account without Prior Notice Google blocked Press TV and Hispan TV’s access to their official accounts on YouTube and Gmail, without prior notice. Imam Khamenei: Region Would Face Unclear Fate ‎If Iran Army, IRGC Did Not Counter Daesh Imam Khamenei: What would happen to the region if Iran Army and IRGC hadn’t got involved in the fight against Daesh? Rouhani on National Army Day: IRGC Foiled US Plot for the Region Rouhani said Iran’s Armed Forces foiled America’s ominous plot for the region by defeating its terrorist proxies there. Military Parades across Iran in Celebration of National Army Day Iran is marking its National Army Day with large-scale military parades across the country, showcasing its latest achievements in the defense sector. Zarif Warns About Aftermaths of US Designation of IRGC Iran foreign minister warns about the long-term repercussions of IRGC blacklisting by the US. Iran: Parliament Declares US Central Command a ‘Terrorist Organization’ The US Central Command [CENTCOM] has been designated as a “terrorist organization” by the Iranian parliament. Instagram Accounts of IRGC Cmdrs. Blocked Instagram accounts of IRGC commanders had been blocked. Velayati: US Blacklisting Rooted In IRGC’s Regional Victories Velayati: the US decision to blacklist IRGC is rooted in Washington’s dissatisfaction with the force’s numerous victories in the region. Iranian Parliament Finalize Motion to Counteract US Move on IRGC Iran’s parliament passed a double-urgency motion to take a reciprocal measure against the US’ move against the IRGC. Fighter Jets Stage Drill ahead of Iran National Army Day The Iranian Army’s fighter jets staged an aerial drill in preparation for the National Army Day ceremonies. Iran to Unveil New Military Hardware: Army Commander The Iranian Army’s Ground Forces are to unveil new military hardware. Imam Khamenei: Normalizing Relations with ‘Israel’ Is Blatant Violation of the Word of Quran Imam Khamenei stressed during the meeting that the Quran, Islam’s Holy Book, is the book that leads mankind to worldly and heavenly bliss. Iran Can Enrich Uranium under All Deals - Zarif Zarif said Monday that there is no condition which prohibits Iran from enriching Uranium under any of the deals signed on the matter. Zarif Criticizes Europe for Delaying INSTEX Launch Iranian FM Zarif slammed the delay by European partners in the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran: Nationwide Rallies in Support of the IRGC Following US Move Iranians held nationwide rallies to express support for the IRGC following US blacklisting of the popular force. Iran Vows Retaliation to Any US Move Against IRGC Iran’s envoy to the UK warned the US that Tehran will “forcefully retaliate” any moves by the US military against the IRGC. Zarif to UN: Iran to Hold US Accountable for Anti-IRGC Mischief Zarif sends a letter to the UN holding US accountable to any provocation against IRGC. Zarif Reiterates Futility of US Blacklisting of IRGC Zarif reminded the US that blacklisting the IRGC will not help it revive the terrorist groups it helped creating. IRGC Statement: We Will Teach the Enemy Unforgettable, Regrettable Lesson “We will respond to the enemies similarly and when necessary we will teach them unforgettable lessons they will regret.” Iran’s Qassemi: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Unaware of US Adventurism Outcome Saudi and Bahraini stances on the US IRGC move shows their lack of understanding on the fallouts of Washington’s adventures in the region. Iran Surprises US with Spike in Oil Exports Iranian exports of crude oil and condensate surged to levels near before sanctions. Iran, Venezuela Launch Direct Flight amid US Sanctions Iran’s Mahan Air launched direct flights to Caracas as the US tighten sanctions on both countries. In Solidarity, Iran Parliament Assembles in IRGC Uniforms: US Decision Sign of Idiocy The US IRGC decision is an explicit sign of an old grudge and discloses the stupidity of the US regime. Imam Khamenei Comments on the US IRGC Decision: Trump, the Idiots Are Reaching Rock Bottom Imam Khamenei met with IRGC staff and their family members in the capital, Tehran, on Tuesday, which is IRGC Commemoration Day. US ‘Terrorist’ Designation of IRGC Doomed To Fail – Ayatollah Raeisi Iran’s top judge emphasized that even if implemented, Washington’s new decision will be doomed to fail .