Alahednews Alahednews IRG Navy Ready for Rapid Reaction Operation – Chief Commander Salami stated that the IRG navy also has various missiles with a ranges of 35, 90, 300 and 700 km. EU Envoy Discusses Removal of Sanctions on Iran Iran has been critical of the Europeans for their failure to shield business with Tehran in the face of US sanctions. Iran Warns Against Any ‘Adventurism’ Amid Rise in ‘Israeli’ Threats Such blatant systematic threats against one of the founding members of the United Nations are a gross violation of international law. Iran Army, IRG Defend Iran against Most Modern Powers – Chief Commander The IRG Air Force and Army Air Defense have obtained most sophisticated and modern systems in the areas of technology. Iran: Only Way S Korea Can Repair Image Is to Return Funds South Korea owes Iran over $7 billion for imports of energy that took place before the US sanctions on Tehran in mid-2018. Iran Test-fires New Air Defense System in Latest Wargames More ready-to-launch missiles mean greater combat survivability in the battlefield. Tehran Urges Negotiated Settlement of Problems with Baku Amir-Abdollahian and his Azeri counterpart Jeyhun Bayramov discussed the latest developments in the bilateral relations. Iran Accuses ‘Israel’ Of False Accusations to Conceal Crimes against Palestinians Balouji noted that the Zionist regime is the main obstacle to creating a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East, which is an Iranian initiative. “Modafean Aseman Velayat 1400”: Iranian Armed Forces Smash Medium-altitude Targets in Major Drills The Army and the IRG also practiced electronic warfare and cyber defense by testing their prowess in the respective areas against invasive maneuvers. IRG General: “Israel” Attempts to Delay Its Downfall The Iranian general pointed to the Islamic Republic’s military advances in recent years Microsoft Says Iran Hacked US, ‘Israeli’ Military Tech Companies The hacking ’likely supports the national interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran,’ Microsoft claimed. Iran Army, IRG Set to Hold Large-Scale Air Defense Maneuvers in Central Desert Areas The operational phase of the joint large-scale drill will begin on Tuesday in Iran’s central desert areas. Iran Sending Shipment of Medical Aid to Victims of Afghan Mosque Terror Attack Iran’s embassy in Kabul said that a plane carrying humanitarian aid is to be sent to Afghanistan. Iran: Iraq “on Right Path of Democracy” After Elections “What happened in Iraq yesterday is the continuation of the process of democracy in that country”. Amir Abdollahian: Iran To Continue Supporting Lebanon, Its Resistance We won’t be on the side of France if it interferes in Lebanese affairs, but we support any path to stability in Lebanon, Abdollahian stressed. Iranian FM Spox: Iran-Saudi Talks Going on Uninterruptedly Khatibzadeh noted that the talks between the Iranian and Saudi delegations are focused on bilateral and regional issues. Iranian Army Ground Force Celebrates Largest Chopper Fleet in Region, Self-sufficiency in Drones The Iranian Defense Ministry declared self-sufficiency in manufacturing military drones. Imam Khamenei Mourns Victims of Kunduz Mosque Attack, Calls on Afghan Officials to Punish Perpetrators In a message of condolence on Saturday, Imam Khamenei said that the tragic incident caused a lot of grief and sorrow. Raisi: Iran Will Never Abandon ‘Definite Policy’ To Use Peaceful Nuclear Energy Iran’s advancement of nuclear knowledge would lead to the development of other technologies. Iran Slams US, ‘Israel’ for Preventing Realization of Nuke-free Middle East The ‘Israeli’ regime possesses all types of weapons of mass destruction and threatens to use them against the regional countries. Amir Abdollahian in Beirut: Iran Strongly Backs Lebanese Army, Resistance Iranian FM vowed that Iran will continue to strongly support the Lebanese people, army, and resistance movement. Iran’s FM Arrives in Moscow for Talks on Region The top Iranian and Russian diplomats plan to discuss ways to counter terrorist threats and illegal drugs smuggling. Iran: Removing All 800 Trump-Era Sanctions Ticket for US to Return to JCPOA Talks Tehran is still reviewing the details of the six rounds of Vienna talks held under the previous Iranian administration. Imam Khamenei Lauds Iranian Freestyle Wrestling Champions “The glorious victories of our wrestling champions have made all Iranians happy, especially the youth.” Tehran Says Talks with Riyadh in Process Perfectly “We are trying to reach the start of sustained relations within a consensual framework,” Khatibzadeh said.