Alahednews Alahednews Saudi Arabia Heart of Evil in Region, World: IRGC Official Salami slammed Saudi Arabia as “the heart of evil” in the Middle East region and the entire world as well. Netanyahu: Arab Countries Concerned How to Fight Iran Netanyahu said ‘Israeli’-Palestinian problem cannot be solved unless we stop ‘Iranian aggression.’ Netanyahu Held Secret Talks with Moroccan FM in New York Netanyahu held a secret meeting with Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita in New York last September. ‘Israel’ Simulates Conditions of War with Hezbollah in New Drills “This is a challenge the [‘Israeli’ military] must train for.” Netanyahu: “Israel” and Arabs Discuss Common Interests of War with Iran The promise of a major conflict in the Middle East was floated by Netanyahu during his trip to Warsaw «Israel» Spying on Iran from US Military Base in Afghanistan “Israel” is operating from US military base in Afghanistan to spy on Iran. Walla! News: ’Israeli’ Front Is Exposed To Hezbollah’s Missiles Because of the War of Authorities The chief complaints officer in the occupation army Brigadier General Yitzhak Brick wrote a report criticizing the readiness of “Israeli” ground Netanyahu Admits: “Israel” Shelled Quneitra  Blatantly, “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday confirmed that Tel Aviv has hit positions in Quneitra, along the Occupied Golan «Israel» Relaunches «Virtual Embassy» in Gulf The Tel Aviv regime re-launched its “virtual embassy” amid growing “Israeli”-Gulf Arab ties. Half of “Israelis” Don’t Want Netanyahu as PM, Latest Poll Shows 47 percent of ’Israelis’ do not want to see Netanyahu as prime minister for a fifth term. DEBKA: Neither “Israel” Nor US Has the Capacity to Counter Iran’s Hoveyzah Missile DEBKAfile’s military sources claimed that the Islamic Republic made rapid strides towards developing a medium-range missile for attacking the Zionis «Israel» Begins Construction of New Gaza Barrier The “Israeli” entity began the construction of a new barrier in the Gaza Strip. To Counter Hezbollah Threat, «Israel» Takes UN Ambassadors on Border Tunnel Tour Dozens of UN ambassadors toured a tunnel site near Metula. Attorney General Won’t Postpone Netanyahu’s Indictment Decision until After Election Mendelblit said that no legal reason exists to prevent him from reaching a decision on recommending to indict Netanyahu before the April 9 election. Main Challenger to Bibi: Lengthy Rule Leads to Corruption Ex-IOF Gantz accused Netanyahu that lengthy rule leads to corruption. Amnesty Urges Digital Tourism Companies to Boycott WB Settlements Amnesty urges digital tourism company to boycott illegal West Bank settlements. Bibi Claims «Israel» Foils Iranian Cyber-Attacks «on Daily Basis» Netanyahu claimed that the “Israeli” entity foils Iranian cyber-attacks “on a daily basis”. Rivlin Claims Iran Will «Worsen Its Attacks on ‘Israel’s’ North» Rivlin claimed Iran will step up its attacks on the north of “Israel” in retaliation for IAF strikes. Bibi to Eject Foreign Observers in Flashpoint Al-Khalil Bibi said he would eject foreign observers in the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil. Bibi Would Hardly Escape Bribery Indictment Former “Israel” Police Chief Roni Alsheich said Sunday it is difficult for him to envision a scenario in which Netanyahu is not indicted for bribe Rivlin to Macron: «Israel» to Strike Hezbollah Facilities in «Heart of Beirut» “Israel” could be forced to strike Hezbollah’s rocket-building operations “in the heart of Beirut”. Bibi Singles Out «Israeli» TV Channels as Propaganda Platforms Netanyahu slammed “Israeli” TV channels spreading ’false leaks’ to the public. Terrified “Israel”: We could Face three-front War in 2019  Again, it’s the war scenarios that govern the entity’s military and political circles. Bibi’s Lawyers to Meet Attorney-General, to Ask for Delay in Decision Netanyahu’s lawyers will meet with Attorney-General will ask him to postpone his decision on the corruption cases. New «Israeli» Military Chief Pledges to Lead «Lethal» Army The new “Israeli” military chief vowed to lead a “lethal, efficient and innovative army”.