Alahednews Alahednews Kohavi Reveals His Expensive Plans for IOF Kohavi set out the framework for his multi-year plan to improve the IOF. Haaretz Tells of “Israeli”-Saudi Relations: Intelligence, Cyber, Economy and Iran on Top of Partnership  Out of context and away from all the internal debate inside the apartheid entity, Haaretz daily chose to shed light on the Saudi kingdom. ‘Israeli’ Military Sales Top $7.5B In 2018 ‘Israeli’ military exports exceeded $7.5 billion in 2018. Even a Video Clip Intimidates «Israel»! An “Israeli” group canceled its visit to Bahrain after being intimidated by a video posted by an opposition group. Netanyahu Claims He Is ‘Not Afraid of Threats nor Deterred by Media’ Netanyahu claimed he will “safeguard” democracy and refuse to be deterred by the ‘Israeli’ media. Because Friends Are Always There For You: Several Arab Leaders Congratulated Netanyahu on Elections Win! Since friends are always there for each other, many Arab and Muslim leaders congratulated Netanyahu on his election win. US Publishes First Map Claiming Golan an ‘Israeli’ Territory Emphasizing the grave mistake in further violating the Syrian sovereignty, the map of the claimed ‘Israeli’ occupation lands was recently released Lieberman Will Support Netanyahu for PM Lieberman said he sees no need for unity government, and does not intend to back down on Haredi draft bill. «Israeli» Group: IOF Covered Up Settler’s «Unjustified» Killing of Palestinian The IOF covered up an “Israeli” settler’s “unjustified” killing of a Palestinian in the West Bank. Emirati and ‘Israeli’ Officials Handshake during Joint Drills in Greece An Emirati commander shook hands with an ‘Israeli’ delegation taking part in joint drill that were carried out in Greece. Bibi Hints «Israel» Carried Out Latest Syria Strike Netanyahu seemed to be hinting that “Israel” was responsible for the airstrike. ‘Israeli’ Parties in Talks to Form New Government Netanyahu said he would seek to serve as the prime minister of all ‘Israelis’. «Israeli» Spacecraft Crashes in Attempt to Land on Moon “Israeli” spacecraft Beresheet crashes in attempt to land on moon. How Is the «Israeli» Gov’t Formed? Infographic >>> Summarized step-by-step formation of the “Israeli” government. Lieberman Demands ‘Liquidation of Hamas’ For Supporting Netanyahu Lieberman announced he will back Netanyahu’s Likud Party only after he vows to end a ceasefire with Hamas. ‘Israeli’ Elections: Final Results Show Likud Gains Seat, Blue and White At 35 ‘Israeli’ Central Elections Committee released the latest results for the Zionist entity’s April 9 Knesset elections. Blue & White: We Accept People’s Decision, Will Fight Bibi from Opposition Blue & White leaders vowed to turn the “Israeli” parliament into a “battlefield”. Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’ To Be Unveiled Only after Netanyahu Forms His Coalition Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’ To Be Unveiled Only after Netanyahu Forms His Coalition With 97% of Votes Counted, Bibi Set to Form a Right Wing Cabinet Benjamin Netanyahu heading into his 5th consecutive term as “Israeli” Prime Minister. ‘Israeli’ Elections: Netanyahu’s Corruption Charges again Into Spotlight amid Likely Win The string of corruption scandals that overshadowed the tail-end of Netanyahu’s last term will be once again thrown into spotlight. «Israeli» Elections: Bibi, Gantz Both Claim Victory in Polls Netanyahu and Gantz both claimed victory after the “Israeli” entity’s general elections as exit polls showed the two were neck and neck. «Israelis» Go to Polls to Decide on Bibi’s Record Reign “Israelis” began voting in an election that could hand Netanyahu a record 5th term or see him dethroned. Netanyahu Calls ‘Crisis’ Likud Party Meeting Less Than 24-Hours before Election Netanyahu convened what he called a “crisis meeting” with members of his Likud party on Sunday morning. South Africa Downgrades ‘Israel’ Ties, Won’t Bring Ambassador Back Sisulu said South Africa will not send a new ambassador to ‘Israel’ after its last envoy ended his term and went home last year. Last Pre-Election Poll Puts Likud, Blue and White Even Netanyahu’s Likud party and Beny Gantz’s Blue and White were neck-and-neck in a poll released Friday evening.