Alahednews Alahednews Haaretz: Suicide Rate High Among “Israeli” Lone Soldiers Lone soldier suicide in the “Israeli” entity has been soaring over the past few years. NYT: “Israel” Carried Out Airstrikes in Iraq Senior US officials revealed “Israel” carried out several strikes on Iraq in recent days. US, “Israeli” Military Drill Simulates Ship Hijacking Amid Tensions The US and “Israel” conducted a joint exercise simulating the retaking of a hijacked ship. Bibi Willing to Go Head-to-Head With Trump Over ’Deal of the Century’ The White House said that the administration will likely release its plan after the “Israeli” election in September. IOF Injure 67 Palestinians at Gaza Separation Fence “Israeli” Occupation Forces injured 67 Palestinians at the Gaza separation fence. Two US Congresswomen Barred from Visiting Occupied Palestine for Backing BDS “Israel” barred two American congresswomen from traveling to the occupied Palestinian territories. WP: Netanyahu Considers Barring Entrance of US Reps Omar, Tlaib “Israel” might ban the entrance of congresswomen Omar and Tlaib into the occupied Palestinian territories. «Israel» to Build Additional Wall with Gaza to Prevent Infiltrations “Israel” will begin building an additional wall along the northern part of the Gaza border fence. “Israeli” Elections: Right-wing Bloc Kicks off Campaign under New Name Netanyahu Slammed as a ’weak’ PM who provides ’zero leadership.’ Likud Party Official Confirms Bibi Open to Partner with Gantz, But Not Lapid Gantz and Lapid joined forces ahead of general election in April, earning 35 seats in the Knesset. Katz Says Rapprochement with Arab World Is «Top Priority» “Israeli” officials stress the need for improvement in relationships between Tel Aviv and the Arab states. Tel Aviv Wakes Up to Yasser Arafat St. As Part of Activists’ Campaign A group of activists changed the name of the streets in “Israel” as a protest to the current government. «Israel» to Participate in US-Led Naval Mission in Strait of Hormuz “Israel” to participate in a US-led naval operation protecting ships in the Strait of Hormuz. UN Slams «Israel» Arms Sales to Myanmar in Rohingya Genocide Report UN slams “Israeli” arms sale to Myanmar calling the international community to impose targeted sanctions. Netanyahu Rejects Lieberman’s Push, Says No to ‘Unity Government’ “My commitment is clear: There will be no unity government.” «Israel» Advanced Plans for 2,304 Settler Units 838 settler units of the 2,304 that “Israel” plans to build were given final approval. Poll: Most «Israelis» Oppose A Bibi-Led Unity Gov’t A majority of the “Israeli” public opposes a unity government led by Netanyahu. Likud Pledges Not to Replace Bibi after September Elections All 40 members listed on Likud’s party list signed pledging allegiance to Netanyahu. Gantz Retracts Unity Gov’t Statement As Parties Submit Final Electoral Lists Gantz won’t rule out forming with Bibi’s party a unity government. Lapid: We Expect the US Administration to Stay out of “Israeli” Politics Lapid stated that while he believes whoever wins the September elections will have a positive relationship with the White House, they expect the US to «Israel» Summons another Palestinian Child for Interrogation “Israeli” police summoned another child for interrogation in al-Quds. Lieberman Pushing for «Unity Gov’t» Ahead of «Israeli» Elections Lieberman is recommending for a “unity government” that seeks to put an end to ’religious coercion’. Bibi Seeking to Expand Palestinian Construction in W Bank Netanyahu is said to be seeking unanimous consent to get approval to expand Palestinian construction in area C of West Bank. “Israeli” Elections: Likud, Blue and White on Neck-Neck Fight “Israeli” elections are on course for another neck-and-neck fight between the Likud party and the centrist Blue and White party. Ehud Olmert Cancels Visit to Switzerland After Country Vows To Arrest Him Olmert canceled a planned visit in Switzerland after he was warned that he is liable to be arrested in the Alpine country for war crimes he committed.