Alahednews Alahednews Assad Calls For Progress in Stalled Talks on Idlib Buffer Zone Assad called for progress in stalled talks on a so-called buffer zone around militant-held Idlib province in the country’s northwest. Nusra, ‘White Helmets’ Preparing for False-flag Chemical Attacks in Idlib - Zakharova Warns Terrorists of al-Nusra Front, in coordination with “White Helmets” terrorists are preparing to stage false-flag chemical attacks in Idlib. Zarif Meets Assad in Damascus Zarif met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad shortly after arriving in the capital Damascus at his invitation. Zarif Aims to Implement Tehran-Damascus Deals during Syria Visit Zarif said he plans to follow up on the implementation of previously reached agreements between Iran and Syria. Syria: 14 Health Centers Back Into Service in Eastern Ghouta 14 health centers have been rehabilitated in Eastern Ghouta so far. Lavrov Discusses with Guterres Solving Syrian Crisis Lavrov discussed in a phone call with Guterres on Monday the situations in the region and solving the crisis in Syria. Aleppo Terrorist Attack: Number of Martyrs Rises to 11 The number of martyrs in the terrorist attacks on Aleppo has risen to 11. Syria’s Assad Receives Iraq’s Security Adviser – Assert Bilateral Ties Development Syria’s Assad received Iraq’s al-Fayyad and discussed the development of bilateral ties in different fields. “Israel” Strikes Syria Again, Syrian Air Defenses Respond In a new blatant “Israeli” attack, ’Israel’ targeted one of the Syrian military positions towards Massyaf City in Hama northern countryside. Russia MoD: 235 Children Died in Syrian Refugee Camp Controlled by US Allies 235 children perish in ‘unbearable’ Syrian refugee camp controlled by US allies. Lavrov: Russia Regrets US Preconditions for Rebuilding Syria Moscow regrets Washington’s opinion that efforts to rebuild Syria should begin only after the political transition of power is over. Al-Assad to Venezuelan FM: Events in Your Country are Similar to what Syria Has Witnessed Al-Assad warned that the war in his country has much in common with the political crisis gripping Venezuela. Al-Moallem: Syria’s Right in Occupied Golan is Firm, All Options on Table Walid al-Moallem: Syria’s right in the occupied Syrian Golan is firm and can’t be disclaimed by time lapse. Pompeo: Turkey’s Military Action in Syria Will Have ’Devastating’ Consequences Pompeo warned Ankara in no uncertain terms that if Turkish forces took unilateral military action in Syria. UN at the Arab League: Any Resolution on Syria Must Guarantee Its Territorial Sovereignty, Integrity Guterres stressed the importance of guaranteeing the sovereignty and territorial integrity in any resolution on the conflict in Syria. France, Belgium Plan to Stage False Flag Chemical Attack In Idlib – Russia Warns For participation in filming of scenes depicting the effects of the use of poisonous substances, payments were set at $100 per person. Syria’s UN Envoy Condemns Trump’s Proclamation about Occupied Syrian Golan The US practices reflect a dangerous and unprecedented inclination towards hindering the international law and a contempt to the UN. Syrian Air Defenses Intercept ‘Israeli’ Air Aggression on Aleppo, Down a Number of Missiles Air defenses of the Syrian Army confronted an aerial ‘Israeli’ aggression which targeted some sites in Aleppo. Syria Requests Urgent UN Security Council Meeting on Golan Syria asked the UNSC to hold an urgent meeting on the US decision to recognize the Golan Heights as ‘Israeli’ territory. Trump Violating International Law on Golan Heights - HRW Human Rights Watch slammed Trump for violating international laws on the occupied Golan Heights in Syria. Syria: Trump’s Recognition of Syrian Golan as “Israeli” Is Blatant Attack on Sovereignty, Int’l Law Syria stressed its rejection of Trump’s resolution which recognizes the “Israeli” annexation of the Syrian Golan. World Condemns Trump’s Statement over Golan The Syrian government condemned on Friday Trump’s statement that it was time to recognize the ‘Israeli’ sovereignty over the Golan. Occupied Golan: People Denounce Trump’s Irresponsible Statements, Assert It Is Syrian Land People of the occupied Syrian Golan condemned US President Donald Trump’s statements regarding the Golan. Syria Blasts Trump, Vows to Recover «Israeli»-Occupied Golan Heights The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned Trump’s comments on the Golan Heights as “irresponsible”. Assad Praises Russian Role in Syria Conflict The Syrian President stressed the importance of coordination with Russia in the fight against terrorism.