Alahednews Alahednews Syrian Army Finds US, ‘Israeli’-made Weapons near Damascus Militant groups fighting in Syria left many weapons caches behind as they were retreating from the Syrian army. Assad Advisor: Everything Related To Constitution a Sovereign Matter Decided By Syrians Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that Syria will liberate every inch of its territory from terrorism or occupation. Daesh in Last Stand to Defend Dying «Caliphate» Daesh lost all of its proto-state except a tiny patch in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border. Assad: US to Sell Groups Relying on it, Enemies Have Failed Al-Assad said that holding elections of local councils on time proves the strength of the Syrian people and state. US-Controlled Militants Gain Majority of UN Goods to Syria US-controlled militants gained a significant portion of goods sent by UN and SARC to the Rukban refugee camp. “Israeli” Aggression on Syria: Shells, Missiles Hit Quneitra The “Israeli” enemy targeted Tal al-Douhor in Jabata al-Khashab, Tal al-Deria and Talet Khaled with a number of shells. Trump Says Daesh Will Be 100% Defeated in Syria Next Week Trump said Daesh will lose all the territory it once controlled in Iraq and Syria by next week. Syria: Nusra Terrorists Spotted Moving Chlorine Barrels to Khan Shaykhun Al-Nusra terrorists were transporting barrels with chlorine to Khan Shaykhun, using cars of the White Helmets. At Least 8 Arab States Back Syria’s Return to Arab League At least eight Arab states back Syria’s return to the Arab League. Erdogan Highlights Turkey’s Contacts with Syrian Government Ankara and Damascus broke off diplomatic relations in 2012 after the outbreak of the armed conflict in Syria. Syria, Iran Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreements Syria and Iran signed on Monday 11 agreements, memos of understanding and executive programs to enhance inter-cooperation. Syria: First Lady Asma Al-Assad Undergoes Operation over Cancer The wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has undergone a ’successful’ operation as part of treatment for early-stage breast cancer, the Syri Erdogan Expects ‘Near’ Creation of Syria ‘Security Zone’ Erdogan said on Friday Turkey expected a ’security zone’ to be created in Syria in a few months Trump ’Handed Daesh Propaganda Victory’ With Syria Troop Withdrawal Trump “handed Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] a propaganda victory” that could bolster its efforts to radicalize pe Al-Jaafari: Return of Golan to Syria Sovereignty is Firm, Non-Negotiable Right Al-Jaafari affirmed that the restoration of the Syrian Golan is a non-negotiable firm right for Syria. Syrian Delegation Meets with Emirati Investors A delegation of investors from Syria met with their Emirati counterparts to discuss investment opportunities. «Israeli» Intel. Minister: We’re in Open Confrontation with Iran in Syria “Israeli” Intelligence Minister Katz said policy for attacking Syria targets has changed and is intensifying. Syria Confronts “Israeli” Attack, Prevents it from Achieving Objectives “Israel” launched land and air strikes and through successive waves of guided missiles Blackwater Planning Comeback. First Stop: Syria Blackwater is back in the headlines now. US Soldiers Killed in Syria Blast A number of US soldiers were killed in an explosion while conducting a patrol in Syria Wednesday, the US military said. Syria: Kurds Reject Turkish ‘Safe Zone’ Agreed With Trump Senior political Kurdish leader Aldar Khalil said Syrian Kurds rejected the US-proposed ’security zone’ under Turkey’s control in northern Sy Iran’s Qassemi: US Presence in Syria Had Been a Mistake since the Beginning Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi stressed that the presence of US troops in Syria had been an unjustified mistake since the beginning Erdogan, Trump Consider Setting Up ’Security Zone’ In Syria Erdogan and Trump discussed the situation in northern Syria over the phone amid rising tensions over the fate of Kurdish fighters in the war-torn coun France Says Syria War not Over, Doesn’t Oppose Assad’s New Presidency French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian reaffirmed France’s commitment to a political settlement in Syria, and hinted that Paris does not oppose “Israeli” Warplanes Strike Damascus with Missiles, Syrian Air Defense Intercept Most of them “Israeli” warplanes fired a number of missiles toward the Damascus area, triggering Syrian air defense that shot down most of them.