Alahednews Alahednews Sayyed Abbas In Mleeta .. A Lifelike Model That Takes Us Back to The Time of The Martyrs of The Resistance The work was carried out in cooperation with a specialized Iranian technical company Cupid’s Zionist Arrows Missing Maduro The objective behind the insistent campaign to destroy the foundations of Venezuela and starve its citizens goes beyond wanting to turn it into anothe The Bahraini Revolution in the Words of its Elite With every anniversary of an uprising against oppression, a person recalls a glimpse of hope that the winds of change are blowing again. Bahrain’s February 14: The Day of Roses and Blood Every year on a day like this, people celebrate love. However, in a nation named Bahrain, people celebrate the young but still growing love of their d Warsaw Summit To Advance War with Iran and Not Peace in The Middle East’ The summit will undoubtedly attempt to advance the rapprochement between Tel Aviv and Riyadh It Is the Era of Imad Mughniyeh, The Master of Love & Martyrdom You can only truly know Imad Mughniyeh from the testimonies of those who knew him. Zionist ‘Israel’ Is Stealing Lebanese Land…Again Zionist ‘Israel’ violates Lebanese airspace on “a daily basis” and still occupies internationally recognized Lebanese land. Bin Salman Al-Tikriti Uday enjoyed taking his friends on helicopter rides. It is said that he had one thrown out at a low altitude just for the fun of it. The Islamic Revolution In The Service Of The Palestinian Cause ’Israel’ is an invader. It must leave as soon as possible. Mir-Salim: Iran’s Defense System One of Best Achievements We must be thankful to see Iran’s successful defense system which allowed Iran to stand in the face of aggression during the imposed war. Memories Of The Days Of Struggle & Revolution Imam Khomeini’s reception was historic. Millions of people lined up from Maharabad Airport to Freedom Square and Revolution Street until the Paradis Flowers in Rifle Muzzles; a Peaceful Revolution of Love Iranian author: Imam Khomeini, women and peaceful protests are the essence of the revolution For The Sake Of the People, For The Sake Of the Revolution Former Minister Dr. Marandi:  40 years after revolution, Iran enjoys high status Iran’s Syria Amb.: Hand of Evil Extended to Iran & Syria Has Been Cut Iran’s Ambassador in Damascus tells al-Ahed: The hand of evil that extended to Iran and Syria has been cut US’ Policy of Interventionism in Latin America Hits Venezuela US has intervened successfully to change governments in Latin America a total of at least 41 times. Can Nicolas Maduro Ensure the Survival of Venezuela’s Socialist Government? “You are not going to see a speech tomorrow or in ten days from now, declaring out of the blue that Maduro is stepping down. That just doesn’t see The Political Tussles That Will Shape 2019 2018 will not go down in history as the year of subtle diplomacy, conflict resolution and fair play. The Enemy’s Main Threat In 2019: Hezbollah’s Precision Missiles The report notes that ’in early 2018, Iran intensified efforts to strengthen its military capability in Syria and provide Hezbollah with advanced m The Farewell Visit, Hours before the Execution... A tribute to Bahrain’s three young ’Dawn Martyrs’ who were executed by the regime forces two years ago. The FBI Abducts Journalist Marzieh Hashemi Marzieh Hashemi has been detained and imprisoned in the United States for unspecified reasons Behind the «Israeli» Acknowledgment of Syria Strike What lies behind the rare “Israeli” acknowledgment of striking Syria? Eisenkot’s Legacy in Confronting Lebanon: Restraint & the Growing Capabilities of the Resistance Gadi Eisenkot’s retirement from his post coincides with major strategic and practical developments surrounding the Zionist entity. Iran’s Basij Cmdr.: When Americans Fail, They Resort to Foolish Spectacles The Head of Iran’s Volunteer Basij Forces to al-Ahed: When the Americans Fail, They Resort to Foolish Spectacles «ISrael» IS «ISIS» They rely on subhuman unethical rules of engagement with anyone opposing their tyranny. Yemen Talks: Saudis Disrupting Prisoners’ Deal The Saudi coalition and its mercenaries are attempting to disrupt the prisoner exchange deal, which was agreed to during the Sweden consultations.