Alahednews Alahednews Fuel Crisis Pushing towards another Humanitarian Disaster: Yemen’s Hospitals, People Struggling to Survive A senior health official at the Saudi-German Hospital warned on Thursday of grave consequences of fuel crisis. From Lebanon with Love: Hand in Hand to Rescue and Relief Because a hand fights best when it is made a fist, humans are always there to back their peers. Inside Yemen’s IDPs Camp in Khamir Exclusive photos from inside the IDPs camp in the Yemeni city of Khamir. How Mike Pompeo Managed The Arrest Of Julian Assange The journey to bring down Assange began after the appointment of Mike Pompeo as director of the CIA. Sana’a Bids Sawan Victims Farewell: Bodies Are Buried but the Crime Will Never Be It is impossible to bury Saudi crimes forever, particularly this crime. The Wounded of Jihad: From the Birth of Al-Abbas (PBUH) This story goes way back in time. It is deeply rooted in the heart of humanity and what defines it. Not 10, not 100, nor 1000 years. Hiroshima, Vietnam and the Revolutionary Guard Who could have thought that the concept of a political fiasco can be elevated to such new levels? Michael Springmann to Al-Ahed: Trump Had Absolutely No Right to Give the Golan to ‘Israel’ The following is the full interview with former head of the American visa bureau in Saudi Arabia, Michael Springmann Former US Diplomat: Trump Cares about Money More than He Cares about People or Civil Rights Michael Springmann spoke about Saudi monarchy’s first sweep of arrests especially two US citizens and his country’s silence on arresting them. What You’d Say if Someone Invites You to Their Birthday? Martyr Child Asked Shortly before Yemen School Massacre ‘What do you say when somebody tells you it’s their birthday’ was part of the hard last lesson written on the white board. Trump and the Chronic Cheating Syndrome: Golf Says It All “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” Bahram Qassemi to Al-Ahed: US Government Sanctions Delaying Aid to Flood Victims The Islamic Republic of Iran has been hit a wave of floods starting from mid-March. Saving Venezuela The passenger aircraft landed in Damascus, while the heavy transport plane flew via the Russian military’s Khmeimim air base outpost. About The Yemeni Cholera Medic Who Died Of the Disease: No Other Case Has Died Ever Since ’Every week dies one cholera case here, but no case has died ever since he [staff member] died.’ The Plight of the Internally Displaced Yemenis in Sanaa The plight of Hudaydah’s IDPs in Sana’a reveals extent of the civilians’ sufferings caught up in besieged Al Duraihimi district. Publisher of Politics First: Hezbollah Defends Lebanon against «Israel», Protected Christians in Syria UK PM Theresa May ’must stand before the House of Commons and explain herself’. Trump and Kushner’s Bribe of the Century Trump’s deal: nothing good for the Palestinians If UK Trained Child Soldiers in the Saudi-led Coalition, then Theresa May must Stand before the House of Commons UK Expert to Al-Ahed: If UK Trained Child Soldiers in the Saudi-led Coalition, then Theresa May must Stand before the House of Commons Syrian Golan Representative to Al-Ahed: Armed Resistance in Face of Trump’s Decision “The only option left to Syrians to take back their land was “resistance, resistance, and resistance”.” Only The Resistance Can Thwart The Annexation Of The Golan To The Enemy Entity The axis of resistance must move effectively in order to thwart the fateful annexation decision. Survivors of First Saudi Massacre in Yemen Feel Forgotten after Four Years of War ’So we then started to support Ansarullah fighters in fighting the Saudi aggression.’ Tel Aviv In The Crosshairs Of Resistance Rockets For The Second Time Tel Aviv In The Crosshairs Of Resistance Rockets For The Second Time … How Will The Enemy Respond? Yemen Gov’t Spox: US Responsible for Saudi War on Yemen, We’re Part of Resistance Axis Al-Ahed News interviews Yemeni government spokesman Dhaifullah Al Shami. Downing of US-made MQ-1 over Yemen: A Clear Message to the US, UK and ‘Israel’ ’It’s a clear message to US, ‘Israel’, and UK’: Ansarullah official speaks on downing US MQ-1 Predator Drone over Sana’a Trump Gifts Netanyahu’s Re-Election Campaign with Syria’s Golan Heights Trump’s endorsement of Tel Aviv’s claim to the Golan is essentially an empty gesture.