Alahednews Alahednews Hezbollah Cementing Lebanon’s Deterrence against Enemies: 100k Fighters Announcement Based on Solid Facts The message was read carefully in the circles of the ‘Israeli’ enemy. The First and Final Surprise in Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech The content of this message is that insisting on pushing fools towards creating a civil war will be the final nail in the coffin of American influence What Business Does America Have on Syrian Lands! Wherever natural resources and oil exist, American troops arrive in a jiffy and settle down. International Standards for Judiciaries: Bitar and the Departure from the Norm There are many question marks surrounding Tarek Bitar’s discretion and double standards throughout the investigation. Martyrs of ’Lebanese Forces’ Ambush Laid to Rest, It’s Now the State’s Responsibility to Punish the Killers The judiciary should give its directives to arrest the perpetrators and bring them before the judiciary to sue them and enact justice. Fighting Injustice: A Common Cause for Ireland, Scotland and Palestine The Irish and Scottish are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the Palestinian Case. The Objectionable Discourse of Those Insisting on Sovereignty: ’Iranian Occupation’ & Overlooked Facts Those opposed to fuel coming from Iran claim that it passed through unofficial crossings. But is this the full story? Iraq Elects 2021: The People’s Decision in The Spotlight! The electoral programs are the main concern every party is looking to deliver and implement. Lebanon’s Friends vs. Enemies: Tangible Practices Say It All The US administration has always been the number one military supplier and political sponsor of the ‘Israeli’ enemy. Allies’ Interests Matter? When Morals Fall, Money Comes First and Business Is Business! When ambitions are so bold and the competition reaches the seal, morals fall blatantly and money comes first and business is business, even with the a Muslim Al-Muhsin: Another Innocent Victim Beheaded in the Saudi Kingdom of Blood The Saudi authorities neither identified were the incident took place, nor the weapon that was used by the alleged perpetrator. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister to Al-Ahed: US Scheme in The Region has Failed America looks at the region with “Israeli” eyes, but the final word was for Syria and its allies as well as for the axis of resistance. Negligence, Corruption & Power Abuse… Elements of the Littered Beirutshima Investigations But in the year since the explosion, procedural and systemic flaws in the domestic investigation have rendered it incapable of credibly delivering jus ONLY for the Love of Imam Hussein [AS]: The Poor Provide for the Rich The values of Imam Hussein [AS]’s revolution are values for all humanity. The Battle of Intense Bravery: A Significant Turning Point in Marib and Al-Bayda The operation took months to be completed, exactly starting on the beginning of the 5th anniversary of the war on Yemen. What is the Future of the US Army as Racism In Its Ranks Increase? A great deal of the US army’s overseas failures can be attributed to this abnormal, unhealthy phenomenon. Lebanon Requires Huge, Serious Steps on Every Level Following Government Formation Without a visionary plan that could install structural and radical measures, rescue plans would not be successful. Hezbollah Is A Greater Threat to the US than Ever Before! Still, Hezbollah has long understood something that the US and its allies haven’t: soft power. Nasrallah’s Timing There is greatness in choosing the right timing to revolt against a far-reaching siege – a choice made by the master of the resistance. Declining US, West Expanding NGOs in Lebanon Aid is used as a tool to enhance and spread Western hegemony in the targeted countries or groups. The Fuel, Sayyed Nasrallah’s Equation and the Ungrateful, Contingent People The challenges are not intended for internal parties but rather they confront regional and international parties. Weaker Than a Spider Web: The Loss of the “Epic” Intelligence On the morning of the escape, prison guards and members of the investigation team were in a state of shock. Hezbollah Continues to Dismay the US By Changing Every Threat into An Opportunity A new promising hope is looming, thanks to the US arrogance and shortsightedness. Syria and Lebanon’s Unbreakable Brotherhood: Against All Odds! Forty-eight hours were enough to put things back on track between the two neighbors. Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Bureau to Al-Ahed: Our Battle With the Occupation Won’t End Soon The public phone service, one of the achievements of the Second Strike of Dignity in 2019, was stopped until further notice.