Alahednews Alahednews IMF: Middle East, North Africa Hit by Higher Commodity Prices The main reason for the region’s heightening inflation is the recent leap in oil prices, according to the IMF. US Brokering Talks to Transfer Islands from Egypt to Saudi Arabia with ‘Israeli’ Backing The deal withstood protests and legal challenges in Egypt but was never finalized. Kuwaiti Wheelchair Fencer Quits IWAS World Cup to Avoid “Israeli” Opponent For her withdrawal, al-Mutairi was hailed on social media as a “heroine”. Jordan King Places Half-brother under House Arrest Hamzah was placed under house arrest last year after being accused of trying to destabilize the monarchy. Brothers in Normalization, Distress: Zionist President Pays Condolences to UAE’s MBZ Herzog’s visit aimed at both offering condolences and congratulating MBZ on his new post. ‘Israeli’ Actions Threaten To Ignite ’Religious War’ In Region, Arab League Warns The AL warned about the consequences of the deliberate ’Israeli’ actions targeting the status quo at the al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound. Iran-Saudi Talks to Be Continued, Future High-level Meetings Expected Another future round of talks is expected to be held soon. UAE Cancels Participation in Flyover Due to ’Israeli’ Violence in Al-Aqsa Etihad Airways, also of the UAE, made a similar announcement. US Dispatching Lower-level Diplomats to Middle East After Blinken Fails to ’Defuse Tensions’ The lower-level American officials will meet with officials in occupied al-Quds, Ramallah, Amman and Cairo, according to the report. Jordanian Lawmakers Call for Expulsion of “Israeli” Amb. in Protest Against Al-Aqsa Mosque Violation Jordanian lawmakers call for expulsion of the “Israeli” entity’s ambassador in protest against “Israeli” violations in al-Aqsa. Jordan Urges Tel Aviv Regime to Cease Attempts to Change Status Quo around Al-Aqsa Jordan on Monday urged the Zionist regime to stop its attempts to ’change the historical and legal status quo around the al-Aqsa Mosque.’ US Bases in Region Host Undercover ‘Israeli’ Military Forces, Intelligence Agents - Report Senior officials of countries where ‘Israeli’ undercover experts have been present are aware of this presence but prefer to keep mum on this issue Young Jordanian Fencer Hailed After Refusing To Face ‘Israeli’ Opponent in World Championships Eyas al-Zamer was set to take part in the junior men’s foil contests of the international professional championship for young competitors. Four US Troops Injured As Drones Target Occupation Bases in Iraq, Syria Resistance forces remain bent on expelling all American forces from the region. Qatar World Cup Organizers Admit Workers Were Exploited Qatar provided no details of the abuses that involved subcontractors working on the Club World Cup and Arab Cup in 2021. Kuwait’s Cabinet Resigns Following Months of Confrontations with Parliament Sheikh Sabah’s consecutive governments have been struggling with political feuds with the new parliament. Jordan’s Estranged Prince Drops Royal Title Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the half-brother of Jordan’s king, relinquished his royal title on Sunday. UAE State Funds Were Used to Buy “Israeli” Spyware Mubadala Capital is a top-10 investor in the private equity fund that bought the maker of Pegasus. The Guardian: Migrant Workers in Qatar Forced to Pay Billions in Recruitment Fees Migrant laborers – including those on World Cup-related projects – are left with huge debts. Middle East at ’Breaking Point’ Over Food Prices - UN Fears are growing among aid agencies over the possible impact a disruption to wheat supplies will have on Yemen. Jordan King Hosts UAE, Egypt, Iraq Leaders Jordan’s King Abdullah II hosted leaders from Egypt, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates on Friday. UAE’s MBZ Refused to Meet US Top Commander Amid Growing Distrust The paper interpreted the snub as a sign that “concerns about America’s commitment had morphed into feelings of abandonment and anger.” Kuwait Calls for ‘Israeli’ Expulsion from IPU Kuwait’s National Assembly unanimously approved bills that outlaw any deals or normalization of ties with the Tel Aviv regime. UAE-flagged Ship with 30 Crew Members Sinks off Iran Coast Rescuers had saved 16 crew members, the captain said. Daesh Appoints New Leader The previous Al-Quraishi reportedly blew himself and his family up during a raid by US Special Forces in northwestern Syria last month.