Alahednews Alahednews UN Team to Collect Evidence of Daesh Crimes in Iraq The UN approved the creation of an investigative team to collect evidence on Daesh crimes in Iraq. Battle for Anbar: Iraqi Forces Begin Op. to Retake Hawija from Daesh Iraqi forces begin operation to retake Hawija from Daesh. Battle for Anbar: Iraqi Forces Recapture Village from Daesh Iraqi army soldiers, backed by allied fighters from Popular Mobilization Units, restored a village in the country’s beleaguered western province of Offensive to Recapture Iraq’s Anbar Begins Iraqi forces on Tuesday started a new military offensive to recapture two areas in Anbar province from Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the Takfiri ‘IS Iraq’s Maliki Warns Against «Second ‘Israel’» in Kurdistan Iraqi VP said it is ’unacceptable’ to have the country’s build up based on religion or race as in ’Israel’. Kurdistan Referendum: Iraq to Use Force If Vote Turns Violent Iraq is prepared to intervene militarily if the Kurdish region’s planned independence referendum results in violence, PM Haider al-Abadi said. Twin Terror Attacks Martyr More Than 70 People in Iraq, Daesh Claims More than 70 people were martyred in twin gun and car bomb attacks striking southern Iraq. Iraqi Parliament Votes to Remove Kirkuk Governor from Office Iraq’s parliament voted to remove the governor of Kirkuk from office. Iraqi PM: Kurdish Referendum on Independence Unconstitutional Iraqi PM considered the planned Kurdish referendum on independence is ’unconstitutional,’ warning that the Kurds are ’illegally’ exporting Qatar Row: Iraqi FM Talks to Qatari Counterpart Iraqi FM Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed with his Qatari counterpart an ongoing dispute between Qatar and a number of other Arab countries. US Confirms Killing 61 More Civilians in Iraq, Syria The US-led coalition participating in fighting Daesh ‘ISIS/ISIL’ confirmed another 61 ’unintentional civilian deaths’ caused by its strikes Iraq Declares Tal Afar, Nineveh Province Free Of Daesh Iraq’s PM Haider al-Abadi said the northern city of Tal Afar and the entire Nineveh province are purged of Daesh ’ISIS/ISIL’ terrorist. Iraqi Leaders Hail Hezbollah’s Victory In Qalamoun Iraq’s political leadership praised the victory achieved by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon against Daesh terrorists in Qalamoun. Iraq: Air Force Kills Dozens of Daesh Terrorists in Anbar The Iraqi Air Force killed at least 94 Daesh ‘ISIS/ISIL’ terrorists during extensive operations carried out in the western Anbar province. Iraq Liberates Tal Afar from Daesh In a new victory scored against the Takfiri Daesh, Iraqi forces have retaken almost all of Tal Afar, the stronghold of Daesh in the country’s north Battle for Tal Afar: Iraqi Forces Recapture City Center Iraqi troops said they have retaken the center of Tal Afar from Daesh. Battle for Tal Afar: 300+ Daesh Terrorists Slain, 31 Districts Retaken, Official Says 300+Daesh [ISIS/ISIL] terrorists were killed and tens of districts liberated in the operation to liberate Tal Afar. Battle for Tal Afar: Iraqi Army Retakes 3rd Neighborhood of Daesh-Held District Iraq’s military retook the 3rd neighborhood of Tal Afar district from Daesh. Battle for Tal Afar: Up to 2,000 Daesh Terrorists Surrounded Commander in Iraqi PMU said that the number of Daesh terrorists in Tal Afar, surrounded by Iraqi forces, does not exceed 2,000 members. Battle for Tal Afar: Iraq Launches Offensive to Liberate City from Daesh Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi announced ground operation to liberate the northern city of Tal Afar, telling Daesh terrorists ’surrender, or die’. Suicide Attacker Kills Seven Soldiers North Iraq Seven Iraqi soldiers lost their lives on Wednesday when a suicide attacker tried to infiltrate a security headquarters near the northern city of Baiji Iraq Launches Op to Liberate Tal Afar from Daesh Occupation Iraq has begun an operation to liberate the northern city of Tal Afar from Daesh. PMU Senior Official Accuses US of Secret Interaction with Daesh Iraqi PMU announced it is in possession of evidence showing that US aircraft made flights to Daesh-controlled territory. Iraqi Cmdr.: US Accountable For Fatal Raid on Hashd Al-Sha’abi An Iraqi PMU commander held the US-led coalition accountable for a recent deadly attack on its forces near the Syrian border. US Forces Attack Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Base, Martyr 30 The US forces attacked an Iraqi military base affiliated to the country’s PMU, martyring over 30 troops and injuring many more.