Alahednews Alahednews China, US Call A Ceasefire in Trade Dispute After weeks of tensions, China and the United States have finally reached a ceasefire. China Test-Fires First Commercial OS-X Chongqing Liangjiang Rocket A private Chinese firm on Thursday carried out the nation’s first launch of a commercial rocket that can put payload into the low-Earth orbit China Sends New Bombers around Taiwan in another Show of Force China flew bombers and fighter jets around Taiwan on Thursday in a new show of force that the defense ministry said was directed at ’independence f China ’Ready To Deal with Any Fallout from US Trade Row’ China is well prepared to handle any negative effects from its trade dispute with the United States, according to the Commerce Ministry. China Ready to Pay ’Any Cost’ in Trade War - Commerce Ministry China will take unilateralism and trade protectionismon until the end at any cost, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement. China Calls New US Tariff Policy ’Step in Wrong Direction’ The new US proposal to slap tariffs on certain Chinese products is yet another Washington’s ’step in a wrong direction,’ according to Chinese China Vows ’Proportional’ Retaliation in Response to Any New US Tariffs Beijing said it will not hesitate to take further countermeasures in case Washington decides to impose a new round of tariff hikes against Chinese goo China to Make America ‘Pay a Price’ over Tariffs China prepared a list of retaliatory tariffs on United States exports to China worth billions of dollars in response to US President Donald Trump’s China Hits Back At Trump, Announces Retaliatory Tariffs on $3bn of US Goods Beijing announced a series of measures that it plans to implement as a response to US President Donald Trump’s new import tariffs. China’s Xi Gets Second Term with a Powerful Ally as VP China’s parliament unanimously handed President Xi Jinping a second term Saturday and elevated his right-hand man to the vice presidency Beijing Holds Successful Missile Defense Test as Tensions with Korea Rise China announced Tuesday it successfully conducted a test of a ground-based missile defense system amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. China Slams US Security Strategy as «Cold War Mentality» China slammed US President Donald Trump’s first National Security Strategy saying it is a ’Cold War mentality’. China to Deploy Troops to Fight Alongside Syria Gov’t China is planning to send troops to Syria to aid the Syrian Army against terrorists. China Reappoints Xi Jinping as Top Leader Chinese President Xi Jinping was formally reappointed by the country’s Communist Party as its chairman and the head of the Politburo Standing Commi China’s Current Leader Named Most Powerful since Mao after Changing Constitution Xi Jinping has been consecrated as China’s most powerful leader after a new body of political thought carrying his name was added to the Communist Xi Consolidates Power as New China Leadership Line-up Revealed Chinese President is expected to fill the ruling Communist Party’s apex of decision-making with trusted allies. N Korean Firms in China Ordered to Close by January China ordered North Korean companies to shut down by January in compliance with the UN sanctions. China Urges UN to Take ’Necessary Measures’ on NKorea Chinese FM Wang Yi said Thursday that China would support the UN taking further measures against North Korea following its recent nuclear test. China: We’ll Not Allow War , Chaos As Tensions Escalate on Korean Peninsula China stated it will not allow war or chaos on the Korean Peninsula. China Affirms Alliance with Pakistan after Trump Accusations China affirmed its alliance with Pakistan as US accusations violated Pakistani sovereignty. Typhoon Hato: Twelve Killed as Storm Sweeps S China 12 people had been killed as typhoon Hato swept across south China. China Ready to ’Punish Anyone’ Who Will Destabilize Korean Peninsula Beijing will respond if the US and South Korea strike first and try to overthrow the North Korean regime. Xi to Trump: Show Restraint on N Korea, Crisis Must Have Peaceful Resolution The Chinese President discussed the North Korean tense situation with the US President over the phone. Deadly Earthquake Strikes SW China A deadly earthquake killed 13 people in China’s southwestern province. China’s Muslims Banned from Using Their Own Language in Schools China’s Uighur population are ethnically distinct from the country’s majority Han population.