Alahednews Alahednews Tunisia’s Mufti Tells Al-Ahed He Was Deceived by A Zionist Journalist After the news of Tunisian Mufti Othman Batikh giving an interview to a journalist working with Seventh ’Israeli’ Channel, he made clear to al-A Tunisia’s Mufti Publicly Normalizes Ties with ’Israel’ In another step towards normalizing ties with the ’Israeli’ entity, this time the General Mufti of Tunisia Othman Batikh made an interview with Tunisia Elections: Ennahda Claims Victory Tunisia’s Ennahda party claimed victory late on Sunday in the country’s first free municipal elections. Tunisia Votes: First Free Municipal Elections Since 2011 Tunisians head to the polls on Sunday for the first free municipal elections since the 2011 revolution. Tunisians Demonstrate In Solidarity With Palestine Tunisian cities demonstrated in solidarity with Palestine as part of that country’s Land Day commemorations. Tunisia: Violence Flares after Popular Rallies Marking Revolution’s Anniversary Thousands of Tunisians flooded into the center of the capital Tunis on Sunday to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the revolution that ousted presi 600+ Arrested In Tunisia after Three Nights of Widespread Unrest A third night of unrest has shaken Tunisia where authorities said more than 600 people have been arrested this week as anger at austerity measures boi Tunisia: Third Night of Unrest as Hundreds Arrested A third night of unrest has shaken parts of Tunisia where authorities said Thursday the number of arrests has risen above 500 as anger grows over aust Tunisia Unrest: 200+ Arrested as Opposition Urges More Protests Tunisia’s main opposition party called for protests to continue as more than 200 people were arrested and dozens hurt during clashes. Tunisian MPs Urge Gov’t to Reject AL Statement A group of Tunisian lawmakers have condemned a recent Arab League statement against Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran. Tunisia: 2015 State of Emergency Extended Tunisia extended for another 3 months a state of emergency introduced two years ago following a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the country. Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Policemen near Tunis Parliament Reports mentioned that a knife-wielding man attacked policemen Near Tunis Parliament. Tunis Says No Ties Found between Marseille Attacker, Terrorist Groups Tunisian PM said that there is no link between the Marseille Attacker and terrorist groups. Tunisia Postpones 1st Post-Revolt Municipal Polls Tunisia indefinitely postponed its first municipal elections since a 2011 uprising that toppled long-time dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. 4 Arrested In Tunisia Anti-Corruption Drive Four people have been arrested in Tunisia on suspicion of corruption and financing a wave of protests in the North African country, a senior official Tunisia Forces Fire Tear Gas in Showdown with Protesters Tunisian security forces fired tear gas on Monday to disperse hundreds of protesters trying to take over a gas pumping station, as weeks of unrest ove Tunisia Holding 1st Post-Revolt Local Polls On Dec. 17 Tunisia is to hold municipal polls on Dec. 17, the country’s first since its 2011 revolution, the electoral commission announced Monday. Tunisia President: Iran Sole Hope for Struggle against «Israel» Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi calls Iran the ’sole hope for struggle against ’Israel’. Germany, Tunisia Announce New Migrant Deal German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Friday that Tunisia agreed to take back 1,500 rejected Tunisian migrants from Germany, after a Tunisian nati Tunisia Hesitates Taking Its Extremists Back As a world exporter of terrorists, Tunisia is hesitant over what to do with returnees trained by Daesh. Tunisian Electoral Chief: Democratic Transition «Blocked» Tunisian Electoral Chief said democratic transition ’blocked’. Tunisia: 800 Returning Terrorists Jailed, Tracked Tunisia said Friday it jailed or closely monitored 800 terrorists who have returned from foreign battlefields in the past decade. Tunisia Warns of Returning Extremists Tunisia’s security forces called on the government Sunday to take ’exceptional measures’ to combat the return of extremists fighting for terrorist Tunisian President Confirms US Drones Are on Libyan Border Tunisia’s President Beji Caid Essebsi confirmed that the US is operating spy drones over the Tunisian border with Libya, in an admission likely to ca Tunisians Protest Economic Illness Hundreds of people in northwestern Tunisia staged a protest rally against the deterioration of living standards, widespread poverty, and growing unemp