Alahednews Alahednews Egyptian Cabinet Expands Grounds for Withdrawing Citizenship Egypt’s Cabinet has proposed an amendment for the withdrawal of acquired citizenship. US Report Points to Egyptian Abuses, Anti-Democracy Actions A US report conveyed that Egypt is failing to protect free speech and its minorities. Report: Egypt Cuts Military Ties with N Korea Egypt’s defense minister announced that his country has cut military ties with North Korea. Egypt: Terrorists Attack Convoy in Sinai, Kill 18 Police Daesh terrorists ambushed a police convoy in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Monday, killing 18 police and wounding seven others. HRW Website Blocked in Egypt after Torture Report HRW said its website had been blocked in Egypt after it released a report on torture in prisons. HRW: Egypt President Allows ’Systematic Torture’ In Jails Human Rights Watch said Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi permitted ’systematic’ torture .in detention centers Egypt, Sudan Border Dispute Heats Up After Decades of Silence A dispute between Egypt and Sudan over the construction of an Ethiopian hydroelectric dam has re-ignited a 60-year-old dispute. Egypt: Bus, Pick-Up Truck Collide, At Least 14 Killed Egypt’s Health Ministry stated that 14 people were killed and 42 injured when a bus collided with a pick-up truck and then plunged from an overpass Trump Calls Egypt’s Sisi to Affirm Support The US President phoned his Egyptian counterpart to strengthen ties between both countries. «Israel», Egypt Officials Meet to Discuss Reopening Cairo Embassy An ’Israeli’ delegation met with the Egyptian leadership to discuss the reopening of the ’Israeli’ entity’s embassy in Cairo. Egypt Train Disaster: 41 Killed, 123 Injured Two trains collided in Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria killing at least 41 people and injuring 123 others. Egypt Shootout: Extremists behind Copt Attacks Killed Three extremists suspected of involvement in deadly attacks against the Coptic Christian minority were killed in a shootout. Egypt Military Campaign: 40 Militants Killed in Sinai More than 40 extremists had been killed in a military offensive in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Egypt: 7 Killed by Car Bomb in North Sinai Seven civilians were killed when a car bomb exploded near a military checkpoint in North Sinai. Egypt Forces Kill Eight Militants at Camp in South Egyptian security forces killed eight suspected extremist militants belonging to the Hasm Movement in what officials said was a training camp in a sou 30 ‘Highly Dangerous’ Militants Killed in Egypt’s Sinai The Egyptian military said it has killed 30 militants over four days in ground and air raids in the restive Sinai Peninsula. Egypt’s State-Run Media Says Attack Kills 1 Policeman An Egyptian policeman had been killed and 3 others injured in attack on police convoy in Cairo. Egypt: Police Trap, Kill Top Extremist Militants The Egyptian police announced that it has killed two leaders of the Hasam militia in a shootout after intercepting them as they relocated to a new hid Egypt to Deny Qataris Visa-Free Entry Egypt said it will end the visa-free entry to Qatari nationals. Two German Tourists Killed In Egypt Attack An Egyptian man stabbed two German tourists to death and wounded four others Friday at a popular seaside vacation spot on the Red Sea, after apparentl Gunmen Kill Five Egyptian Police South of Cairo Gunmen ambushed an Egyptian security checkpoint killing five policemen in south of Cairo. Egypt: 23 Soldiers Killed by Daesh Attack The Wahhabi Daesh claimed responsibility for the Sinai attack that killed 23. Egypt: 10 Soldiers Killed in Sinai Suicide Bomb At least ten Egyptian soldiers killed in a suicide bomb attack in Sinai. Egypt Hits Arms Convoy from Libya Egyptian warplanes struck a convoy of 12 vehicles about to be driven across the border from Libya carrying weapons and ammunition Egypt Court Overrules Transfer of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia An Egypt court voted against a previous verdict authorizing the transfer of two strategic Egyptian Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, something Presiden