Alahednews Alahednews NKorea Prepares Grand Military Parade on Eve of Olympics North Korea is preparing a lavish display of its military strength in a parade on the eve of next month’s Winter Olympics in the South North Korea: Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet Spasm of a Lunatic North Korea’s state-run media has labelled Donald Trump’s tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than leader Kim Jong Un’s the ’spasm Koreas: Tension Eased ahead of Winter Olympics All eyes are on the two Koreas as the approaching Winter Olympics provides a perfect opportunity for the two unfriendly neighbors to engage in some fe Koreas to Start Talks on Olympics, Reunification The two Koreas are preparing to hold their first round of formal talks in almost two years at a border village on next month’s Winter Olympics. Koreas: North Accepts South’s Offer of Talks On January 9 North Korea accepted Seoul’s offer to hold talks next Tuesday to discuss Pyongyang’s participation in the Winter Olympics and other matters of m Kim Jong-un Orders Opening Border Hotline between Two Koreas North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un ordered a border hotline between the two Koreas be opened at 06:30 GMT to discuss inter-Korean dialogue. S Korea Offers North to Sit Down at Negotiating Table Seoul is proposing to hold high-level talks on January 9 with Pyongyang at the demilitarized zone between the two countries. Kim to US: North Korea will Mass-Produce Nukes, Nuclear button always on my Table North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has declared his county a nuclear power in possession of technology capable of striking the US mainland should there b North Korea UN Envoy Demands US Prove WannaCry Claims North Korean ambassador to UN demanded the US to prove its WannaCry ransomware attack claims. North Korea Preparing To Launch Satellite North Korea is preparing to launch a satellite, a Seoul newspaper reported on Tuesday. Lavrov: US’ Anti-JCPOA Actions Wrong Message to NKorea US measures against Iran’s nuclear agreement send a destructive message to the Korean Peninsula crisis, according to Russian FM Sergey Lavrov. N Korea: It’s a Pipe Dream that We’ll Give up Nukes Rejecting the UN sanctions targeting it as an act of war, North Korea said it is a ’pipe dream’ for the United States to think it will give up i NKorea Rejects Bio-Weapons Rumors, Accuses US of Fabricating Pretext for Attack Pyongyang rejects biological weapons rumors accusing the US of fabricating a pretext for attack. Tension Escalates: Chinese Live-fire Drills near N Korea China’s navy began four-day live-fire drills off the coast of North Korea as Pyongyang warned that Washington’s actions are pushing the region t NKorean Leader Vows to ’Win Victory in the Showdown’ with US North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un vowed to ’win victory in the showdown’ against the US. N Korea Slams «Mentally Deranged Dotard» Trump over Al-Quds Decision North Korea has lambasted US president Donald Trump for recognizing Occupied al-Quds as the ’Israeli’ entity’s capital. US, SKorea Launch Large-Scale Air Drills Amid Nuclear Tension Joint air force drills between the US and South Korea kicked off despite dire warnings from Pyongyang. N Korea Open To Talks If Recognized As Nuclear Power North Korea is ready to sit at the negotiating table for peace talks if it is recognized as a nuclear power. NK Releases Photos of Ballistic Missile, US Threatens to «Utterly Destroy» It The United States warned North Korea’s leadership it would be ’utterly destroyed’ if war were to break out. NK Launches New Ballistic Missile, Capable of Targeting whole US North Korea fired a ballistic missile early Wednesday, the first such launch in two months and just a week after the US slapped fresh sanctions on the Tokyo, Seoul Alarmed by Radio Signals from N Korea Japan and South Korea have detected radio info which might indicate that the North is getting ready for a new missile test. Cuba, NKorea Reject ‘Unilateral, Arbitrary’ US Pressure Havana and Pyongyang agreed to strengthen ties to withstand Washington’s ’unilateral and arbitrary’ demands. NKorea Slams Trump for Insulting Leader North Korea’s state media on Wednesday slammed US President Donald Trump for insulting leader Kim Jong-Un, saying he deserved the death. N Korea Won’t Think Twice About «Pressing Button» If US Strikes A Defector and former diplomat warned the US that in case it attacked N Korea, Pyongyang will not hesitate to strike back. NK Slams ‘Incurably Mentally Deranged’ Trump North Korea slammed US President Donald Trump as ’incurably mentally deranged’.