Alahednews Alahednews NKorea Slams Trump for Insulting Leader North Korea’s state media on Wednesday slammed US President Donald Trump for insulting leader Kim Jong-Un, saying he deserved the death. N Korea Won’t Think Twice About «Pressing Button» If US Strikes A Defector and former diplomat warned the US that in case it attacked N Korea, Pyongyang will not hesitate to strike back. NK Slams ‘Incurably Mentally Deranged’ Trump North Korea slammed US President Donald Trump as ’incurably mentally deranged’. N Korea Unveils Plan to Accelerate Space Satellite Program Pyongyang plans to send more satellites into space over the next five years. NKorea Advises US to Take Hydrogen Bomb Test Warning ‘Literally’ A senior North Korean Diplomat warned that the US could indeed witness a hydrogen test bomb over the pacific. Pyongyang Accuses Japan of Plotting ‘Reinvasion of Korea’ North Korea accused Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his fellow ’reactionaries’ of laying the ’groundwork for the reinvasion of the Kor Japan: NKorea’s Nuclear Threat Now At ’Critical, Imminent Level’ The threat from North Korea’s developing nuclear and weapons program has reached a ’critical and imminent level’, Japan’s defense minister North Korea: US Will Have To Accept Our Nuclear Status Washington will have to put up with Pyongyang’s nuclear status, a senior official from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said. NKorea’s UN Official: Nuclear War ’May Break out Any Moment’ North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador warned the UN General Assembly that the crisis on the Korean Peninsula ’has reached the touch-and-go point. US, SKorea Start Major Navy Drill The US & South Korea on Monday launched a joint naval exercise in a fresh show of force against North Korea over its growing missile & nuclear develop NKorea Preparing Missile Launch ahead of US-SKorea Drill N. Korea is believed to be preparing to launch a ballistic missile ahead of an upcoming joint naval drill by the US and South Korea. North Korea Vows to Finish Nuclear «Sword of Justice» North Korea pledges to complete its nuclear stockpile which it views as a ’sword of justice’. N Korea: US Already «Lit Fuse of War», Nuke Arms Not Negotiable North Korea’s FM said the US has already ’lit the fuse of war’. US Bombers Overfly Korean Peninsula in Show of Force Two US supersonic bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula in a nighttime joint aviation drill with South Korea and Japan. NKorea Says ’Terrorist’ CIA Tried to Assassinate Kim Jong-un with CW North Korea said the US tried to assassinate its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, earlier this year. N Korea’s Kim: Nuke Program ‘Powerful Deterrent’ against US Threats North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un defended Pyongyang’s nuclear program as a ’powerful deterrent’ against US threats. North Korea Is Preparing for a Long-Range Missile Test A Russian official said that North Korea is preparing to test a long-range missile. US Warship Approaches Korean Peninsula for Drills with South Korea The US and South Korea are preparing for a joint military drill. Think Tank: US-N Korea War «Real Possibility» A think tank said that a US-North Korea war is ’real possibility’ as the risk of military option grows. Top N Korean Diplomat on US Relations Arrives in Moscow for Talks A senior North Korean diplomat arrives in Moscow for talks. New US Sanctions against NKorea Banks New US sanctions will punish eight North Korean banks and 26 bank workers living abroad, the Trump administration announced Tuesday. After US Bomber Flyby, N Korean Jets Are Ready for Combat North Korea is sending military jets to the east of the country in the wake of US strategic bombers flying over the area last week. North Korea: Trump Has Declared War on Us North Korea said Donald Trump had declared war. NKorea Rally Provokes Trump Tweets US President Donald Trump re-dialed up the rhetoric against NKorea over the weekend, warning the country’s FM that he & his leader won’t be arou 3.4 Magnitude Earthquake Detected In North Korea A magnitude 3.4 earthquake, at a depth of 0 kilometers, has been recorded near the Kilju area in the North Hamgyeong Province of North Korea.