Alahednews Alahednews Afghanistan: Daesh Bomb Attack Kills at Least 20 in Kabul A bomb explosion claimed by Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] claimed the lives of at least 20 people and injured 25 Kabul Explosion: At least 40 Martyred in Bomb Attack on Afghan Voices News Agency At least 40 were martyred and 30 wounded in a bomb attack on the Afghan Voice news agency in Kabul. Afghanistan: Suicide Attack Outside Kabul Wedding Hall, Multiple Casualties A suicide attacker blew himself up outside a wedding hall in Kabul killing at least seven people. Afghanistan TV Station Attack: Gunmen Kill 2 in Kabul, Daesh Claims Responsibility Daesh terrorists claimed the attack on a private TV station in Kabul, killing to people. Daesh Seeks to Stir Up Sectarian Violence in Afghanistan Afghan Shiites are under attack as Daesh seeks to stir up sectarian violence. Afghanistan: 72 Martyred As Bombings Hit Two Mosques in Kabul, Ghor At least 72 people, including women and children, were martyred and scores of others injured in two terrorist bomb attacks that targeted two Shia mosq Afghanistan: Dozens Reported Dead Near Army Base in Car Bomb Attack At least 40 servicemen were killed in an attack targeting a military base in Afghanistan’s Kandahar, local media reported on Thursday. Suicide Bombers, Gunmen Kill 32 in Attack on Afghan Police Trainees 32 people had been killed in an attack on an Afghan police training center. Shia in Afghanistan Fear Further Attacks Ahead of Ashura The Afghan capital city of Kabul braced Saturday for further possible terrorist attacks ahead of Ashura. Afghan Mosque Bomb: Six Martyred, 16 Injured near Kabul An assailant detonated an explosive device outside a Shia mosque in the Afghan capital, Kabul, martyring at least six people. US Missile Causes ‘Several Casualties’ During Mattis’ Afghan Visit A ’tragic malfunction’ during a US air strike resulted in a number of civilian casualties, as US War Secretary James Mattis visited Kabul. Mattis Was Target of Taliban Rocket Attack on Kabul Int’l Airport Rockets landed in and around Kabul International Airport shortly after US War Secretary James Mattis arrived. Officials: Attacks in Afghanistan Kill 5 Police Officers Officials in Afghanistan say that 5 police men had been killed in attacks in 2 neighborhoods. Afghanistan: Pakistan Must Stop Harboring Terrorists Afghan President Ashraf Ghani publicly proclaimed that he will no longer tolerate his country’s neighbor Pakistan acting as a shelter for terrorist US Sends 3K+ New Troops to Afghanistan, Pentagon Says US War Secretary James Mattis confirmed that over 3,000 new US troops will be headed to Afghanistan. Afghanistan: Deadly Explosion Heard Near US Embassy, Five Killed A bomb attack struck near the US Embassy in the center of the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing five people. Afghanistan: Bombing Kills 13 in Helmand, Taliban Claims At least 13 people were killed and several more injured in a bombing attack claimed by Taliban on a convoy of troops in Afghanistan’s Helmand provi Kabul Mosque Attack: 14 Martyred as Gunmen Storm Afghan Worshipers 14 Worshipers had been martyred after gunmen attacked a Shia mosque in Kabul. Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills, Injures Civilians in S Afghanistan A Taliban suicide bomber killed five civilians and wounded 25 others in southern Afghanistan. Afghanistan: Trump Willing To Prolong Military Presence, Taliban Vows to Kill US Troops Trump unveiled the US’ new strategy to prolong military presence in Afghanistan, as the Taliban warned that the country would become ’a graveyar Russia: US Must Withdraw from Afghanistan after Failure A Russian official said that the US failed in its Afghanistan campaign and must withdraw its forces. Mirzaolang Massacre: Wahhabis Slaughter, the World Watches Silently!! Militants of Wahhabi ideology massacred dozens of civilians, mostly Shia Hazaras in a remote area of Afghanistan. Afghanistan: 235 Taliban Hostages Released, 60 Civilians Martyred The Taliban terror group released 235 people held hostage following a brutal attack on that martyred 60 Shia civilians. Afghanistan: Taliban, Daesh Jointly Massacred 50 Civilians The Taliban and Daesh jointly massacred dozens of Afghan civilians, mostly Shia Hazaras. Afghanistan: At Least 15 Border Policemen Killed in Taliban Attack The Taliban terrorist group attacked an Afghan Border Police outpost in the province of Zabul on Thursday evening, killing at least 15 policemen and i