Alahednews Alahednews France, UK to Announce New Migrant Treaty French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May will announce a new treaty on how to handle migrants hoping to head to Britain France Reveals 500+ Nationals Fighting with Extremists in ME Minister of Armed Forces revealed that over 500 extremist militants are fighting in the Levant. Macron to Trump: All Must Respect Iran Nuclear Deal French President told his American counterpart that all the signatories to the Iran nuclear deal should respect the terms of the agreement. Macron Urges European Unity to Face Rising China France’s President pleaded for European unity in the face of China’s growing economic power. Macron to Visit China as Beijing Shifts Focus from UK to France French president Emmanuel Macron will make his first official visit to China on Monday for talks. French President Warns EU Could Split After Brexit French President called European leaders to unite warning that EU could split after Brexit. Macron: ‘Israeli’, US Rhetoric on Iran ‘Would Lead Us to War’ French President criticized ‘Israel’, the US, and Saudi Arabia for encouraging the Iranian anti-regime protests, saying the three countries could Hundreds of Cars Burnt in France, 500+ Arrested During ‘Traditional’ New Year Unrest New Year’s Eve celebrations in France turned out to be a frantic spell for police and emergency service personnel who faced mass disorder across th France: Two Daesh-Linked Terror Suspects Arrested Two Daesh-linked terror suspects had been arrested in France. Macron Urges Saudi King to Lift Yemen Blockade French President Emanuel Macron reportedly asked Saudi King Salman to remove the long-running blockade on Yemen. Macron: US Has «Marginalized Itself» in «Israeli»-Palestinian Conflict France’s President Slammed the US saying it has marginalized itself in the ’Israeli’-Palestinian conflict. Macron: Al-Assad Will Remain in Power in Syria Macron said the reality in Syria is that al-Assad will continue to stay in power because his opponents have lost ’the war on the ground.’ French Police Officer Kills Three before Committing Suicide A French police officer shot three people dead before turning his gun on himself. Macron: France Disagrees with Saudi Stance on Iran French President Emmanuel Macron made clear that his viewpoints on Iran do not conform with the Saudi hardline stance vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic. France Ends State of Emergency The French President declared the country’s state of emergency will end on 1 November, almost two years after the 2015 Paris attacks. France Approves Restrictive Anti-terrorism Law The French parliament has approved a new controversial anti-terrorism law. France Foils Plot to Attack Politicians, Mosques: 10 Suspects Arrested As fears mount over attacks all over the globe, ten people were arrested in France on Tuesday over a suspected plot to target mosques and politicians. Hollande Slams Trump’s ’Double Fault’ over Iran Deal Former French president Francois Hollande on Tuesday slammed US President Donald Trump’s hardline stance on Iran’s nuclear deal. Rouhani Tells Macron JCPOA is not Re-negotiable Rouhani: Any measure against Iran’s nuclear deal is violating a multilateral agreement and the deal is not re-negotiable. France’s Audrey Azoulay Wins Vote to be next UNESCO Chief UNESCO’s executive board on Friday chose former French Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay to be the UN cultural agency’s next leader. France not To Recognize Catalan Declaration European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau said Monday that France will not recognize Catalonia if the Spanish region unilaterally declares independen France’s Macron under Fire for New Slur against Workers France’s President is slammed for smearing workers. French MPs to Vote on Anti-Terror Law French lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a tough new counter-terrorism law designed to end the country’s two-year state of emergency. France: Unions and Youth Protest against Labor Reforms French trade unionists blocked access on Monday to several fuel depots in protest against an overhaul of employment laws, seeking to test the governme France: 4 US Tourists Attacked with Acid in Marseille Four young female US tourists were attacked with acid Sunday in the French city of Marseille by a woman who has been arrested.