Alahednews Alahednews US Green Berets Deployed to Assist Saudi War on Yemen A team of elite US soldiers called the Green Berets were deployed in secret last year to the Saudi-Yemen border to participate in the war against the MBS on the Palestinians: ’They Should ’Shut Up’ or Make Peace’ MBS said in a closed-door meeting that Palestinians should accept peace negotiations or shut up and stop complaining. Cinema Opening in Saudi Arabia Coincided with 47th Beheading in 2018 Saudi Arabia opens its first cinema coinciding with the kingdom’s 47th beheading. MBS Ratifies «Israeli» Settlements, Soon to Recognize Quds as «Capital» A Saudi acknowledgement of WB settlements is soon to be followed by a recognition of al-Quds as the ’capital’ of ’Israel’. MBS in France, Seeks «Strategic Partner» Saudi Crown Prince is in Paris as part of his global tour. Saudi Arabia Plans to Cut Off Qatar from Mainland Saudi Arabia is to cut Qatar off from the mainland by building a new maritime channel along the border. Saudi Arabia, «Israel» Have «Common Enemy, Economic Coop» Saudi Crown Prince MBS seems to be thawing relations with ’Israel’. MBS Kills Children in Yemen, Parties in Hollywood The Rock had dinner with a notorious human rights abuser this week! MBS Recognizes «Israelis» Right to Have Own Land The Saudi Crown Prince recognized the right of ’Israelis’ to have their own land. Washington Gov., Seattle Mayor Decline to Meet Saudi Crown Prince US politicians did not scramble to rearrange their schedules in order to meet MBS. MBS Warns of Possible War With Iran Saudi Crown Prince warns of possible war with Iran in 10-15 years. MBS Meets Zionist-American Leaders Prince to Meet US Jewish Leaders for Talks on Iran, Mideast Peace and anti-Semitism West Encouraged Saudis to Spread Wahhabism in Cold War to Stop Soviets Western nations urged Saudi Arabia to invest in the endorsement of Wahhabism during the Cold War era. Amnesty Denounces Western Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Allies in Yemen War Amnesty slammed Western arms trades to the Saudi-led coalition amidst its aggression on Yemen. US Approves $1 bn in Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia The United States formally approved weapons sales to Saudi Arabia totaling more than $1 billion, despite growing pressure from rights groups to halt a Saudi Prince Alwaleed Reached Secret Agreement with Gov’t Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal reached an agreement with the government for his release. MBS Says «Only Death» Can Stop Him Ruling ’Only death’ can stop MBS from ruling over the kingdom. Saudi Crackdown: Court Sentences Three More Rights Defenders To Up To Six Years in Prison Three more human rights defenders have been sentenced to imprisonment in Saudi Arabia MBS Is Hiding His Mother to Prevent Her from Opposing His Power Grab Saudi crown prince MBS has hidden his mother from seeing his father, King Salman, as he has worked to consolidate his power Saudi Crown Prince MBS to Visit WH on March 20 US President Donald Trump will host Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on March 20, the White House announced Monday. Saudi Leading Flood of Arms Imports to ME A study showed that weapons imports to the Middle East and Asia have soared over the past five years, with Saudi Arabia leading the steep rise amid it NYT: Saudis Used Coercion, Abuse to Seize Billions New revelations of the Saudi torture against Ritz Calton’s hostages were revealed. Saudi Arabia, UK Hail Multibillion-Dollar Alliance Saudi Arabia and UK hail multi billion-dollar alliance amid protests and political pressure. MBS Slams Turkey As Part of Triangle of Evil MBS described Turkey as a part of a ’triangle of evil’ with Iran and Egyptian extremist groups. Saudi Arabia’s MBS to Visit Egypt in First Public Foreign Trip Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to visit Egypt in first public foreign trip.