Alahednews Alahednews Saudi Arabia Lifting Social Media Ban, But Will Censor Calls Saudi Arabia is lifting the ban on calls made via online apps but it will censor them. Saudi Arabia Arrests Two Rights Activists Two prominent Saudi human rights defenders were arrested last weekend, campaigners said Tuesday, amid an ongoing crackdown on dissenters in the sand k Saudi Arabia May Raise Petrol Prices By 80% This Year Saudi Arabia is considering raising domestic prices for gasoline and jet fuel by around 80% this year. Rights Groups Denounce Dissent Crackdown in Saudi Arabia Rights group slammed a ’coordinated crackdown on dissent’ by Saudi authorities. Saudi Warplane Crashes in Southern Yemen, Pilot Killed A Saudi pilot had been killed after his warplane crashed for unknown reasons. Saudi Arabia May Have Sponsored 9/11 ’Dry Run’ New evidence in a lawsuit, which holds Saudi Arabia responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks, showed that the Riyadh regime may have funded a Saudi Crackdown: 20 Arrested amid Talk of King’s Abdication As part of the continuous crackdown against civilians in the Saudi kingdom, Saudi security forces have reportedly arrested nearly 20 people. Trump Urges Saudi King to Find Solution to Standoff with Qatar US President Donald Trump called on Saudi King Salman and ’all the parties in the Qatar dispute’ to find a diplomatic solution to the regional s Millions of Muslim Performing Annual Hajj Pilgrimage in Holy Mecca Over two million Muslims from all over the world are performing the multi-stage Hajj pilgrimage at Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Report: Saudi, UAE Weapons End Up With Terrorist Groups A report said Saudi Arabia and the UAE supplied weapons to terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. Saudi Arabia’s «War on Terror» Is Now Targeting Saudi Citizens Saudi security forces had been arbitrarily shooting at or arresting Awamiya residents. Saudi Arabia Will Be Infuriated by Recommence of Qatar-Iran Ties Saudi Arabia will be enraged by Qatar’s decision to resume ties with Iran. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Spends $100m on Moroccan Summer Holiday Saudi Arabia’s King Salman reportedly spent $100m on his annual summer holiday to Morocco. UAE Ambassador: Whole of Saudi Arabia is Cuckoo! The United Arab Emirate’s envoy to the US reportedly ridiculed Saudi Arabia’s leadership in a number of leaked emails. First Qatari Pilgrims Enter Saudi Arabia by Land Qatari pilgrims began arriving in Saudi Arabia to attend the annual Hajj pilgrimage. US Criticizes Saudi, Bahrain For Lack Of Religious Freedom US President Donald Trump’s administration said Daesh remains the biggest threat to religious freedom around the world. Confidential UN Report Accuses Saudi of Murdering Yemeni Kids A UN report accused the Saudi-led coalition of killing hundreds of Yemeni children. Trump Silent on Imminent Unjust Saudi Executions Rights groups urged the US President to intervene on cases they say hinge on coerced confessions and flawed trials. Saudi Crackdown: Al-Mosawara Neighborhood Totally Destroyed The Saudi regime completed the demolition of al-Mosawara neighborhood in the Shia town of Awamia. Qatar Row: Saudi TV Justifies Shooting Down of Qatari Airliners Al-Arabiya video shows missile attack on Qatar Airways jet. Hajj 2017: 31 Pilgrims Die In Saudi Arabia in One Day At least 31 people died in one day during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia: New Details of Dissident Princes’ Abductions New details emerged about the abductions of 3 dissident Saudi princes. Saudi Crown Prince Wants to End Yemen War: Leaks Newly-leaked emails written by two former top US officials show that Saudi crown prince and defense minister Mohammed bin Salman ’wants out’ of Death Sentences of Shia Point to Limits of Saudi Reforms The planned execution of 14 Shia protesters shows Saudi regime remains unchanged. HRW: Saudi Forces Seal Off Eastern #Awamiya HRW said Saudi regime forces had sealed off Awamiya.