Alahednews Alahednews Russia: US Likely Took Course to Demolish Iran Nuclear Deal Russia, as well as the European Union, remains committed to the Iran nuclear deal, despite the recent US waiver of sanctions against the country. Russia Says US Abusing UNSC to Interfere in Iran’s Internal Affairs By calling a UNSC meeting with the demand to support anti-government protesters in Iran, the US is trying to bend the UNSC mandate, Russia’s UN env Russia Reminds US of Its Own Ferguson, Occupy Crackdowns As the US said it will call an emergency UNSC meeting to discuss the unrest in Iran, Moscow considered the move hypocritical. Putin to Al-Assad: Russia will Help Defend Syrian Sovereignty Putin stressed to al-Assad that his country will continue to support Damascus’ efforts to defend its sovereignty. Russia Offers US to Seal Pact on Mutual Non-Interference in Each Other’s Affairs US Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, has been handed a proposal for Washington and Moscow to exchange guarantees of non-interference in each other Putin: Wednesday’s Blast in St. Petersburg Store A Terrorist Attack Russian President Putin said the blast in a St. Petersburg store was a terrorist attack. Moscow Shootout: 1 Killed, Several Hostages Taken in Russian Candy Factor Shooter kills 1 in Moscow factory building and takes several hostages. Russia Warns: Tens of Thousands of US Citizens may Die if Korean Conflict Breaks out The head of Russia’s Security Council warned that ’a full-scale military action on the Korean peninsula would kill tens of thousands of American Lavrov: Iran Nuke Deal Collapse Would Send Wrong Message to N Korea Lavrov warns collapse of Iran nuke deal would send wrong message to North Korea. NKorea Discussed in a Putin-Trump Call Putin and Trump discussed the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program in a phone call Thursday. Putin: US Has De Facto Left Missile Treaty, Russia Will Not Russia is not going to follow the US’ withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Russia to Keep Air, Naval Bases in Syria Russia will keep a naval and an air base in Syria capable of carrying out strikes against insurgents if required. Russia: FSB Foils Daesh-Linked Bomb Plot A Daesh-linked bomb plot targeting Russian March 2018 Presidential Election has been foiled. Putin Announces Run for Russia’s Re-Election in 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that he will seek another term in office in next year’s presidential election. Russia Urges US, Koreas to Avoid Further Escalation Russia urged the US, South Korea and North Korea to avoid escalations on the Korean Peninsula. Sochi Summit: Iran, Russia, Turkey Hold Syria Talks An all-Syrian congress which will see wide representation of the country’s opposition is to be held in Sochi, Putin said. Russia is Stronger than Europe: US State Dept. ’Military arrangement of forces in Europe favors Russia’, State Department’s director of policy planning Brian Hook said. In First, Putin Speaks with Ukraine’s Separatist Leaders Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken to the eastern Ukraine’s rebel leaders to discuss a prisoner swap. Lavrov: Putin Ready for Bilateral Meeting with Trump Russian FM Sergey Lavrov announced that President Putin is ready to meet with Donald Trump. Twitter Bans Adverts From Russia Today, Sputnik Twitter has banned advertisements from prominent Russian media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik. UN: Russia Decries ‘Inconsistencies’ In OPCW Syria Report Russia criticized a recent United Nations report blaming Syria for an April gas attack’ inside the Arab country, saying it is full of ’inconsist Russia Successfully Tests Ballistic Missiles from Land, Air & Sea Russia tested number of ballistic missiles it launched from ’land, air and sea’ amid the massive military drills. Moscow: US Actions towards Russian Diplomatic Compounds Violate Intl Norms The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the recent developments around the country’s diplomatic property in the US. Russia Vetoes UNSC Resolution on Renewing Syria CW Probe Moscow vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to renew the mandate for a UN mission investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Russian Embassy Slams US for Denying Access to Diplomatic Archives The Russian embassy slammed US officials for transferring the diplomatic archive without permitting Russian diplomats to enter the building and pack t