Alahednews Alahednews Yemen, A Humanitarian Crisis Being Ignored By Western Media Yemen is in the midst of a tragic humanitarian crisis. The Guardian View on Yemen: A Catastrophe That Shames Britain The world’s worst humanitarian crisis is deteriorating as a Saudi blockade prevents desperately needed food, fuel and medicine from entering Yemen. Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American Riyadh’s aim is to drag the United States back into the Middle East, tilting the balance back to ’Israel’ and Saudi Arabia. Why did Saudi Arabia target billionaire media tycoons in its purge? On Nov. 5, Saudi authorities arrested dozens of the kingdom’s royal, political and business elite. Congress Votes to Say It Hasn’t Authorized War in Yemen, Yet War in Yemen Goes On The US Congress declared that it has not authorized the war in Yemen, but no action has been taken to stop the conflict. ‘An Open Secret’: Saudi Arabia and ’Israel’ Get Cozy In the Middle East, your enemy’s enemy is your friend. This Isn’t the First Time Saudi Arabia Has Threatened the Stability of Lebanon How on earth did Saad Hariri think he could ’shock’ Lebanon by resigning in the Saudi capital of Riyadh? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The Beginning of the End King Salman and MbS’s move could mark the beginning of the end for the kingdom. Letter from Yemen: Artist Speaks Out About His Country’s «Forgotten War» Ahmed Jahaf, an artist speaking out about his country’s ’forgotten war’. Only God Can Save Us: Yemen Blockade May Cause World’s Largest Famine In Decades The blockade on Yemen may cause the world’s largest famine in decades. Will Changes In Riyadh Lead To New Era In ‘Israel’-Saudi Relations? The Trump administration is expected to launch a new initiative, which includes normalization gestures from Arab states towards ‘Israel’. Saudi Purge: Senior Figures Tortured and Beaten One of the most famous is Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a former Saudi ambassador to Washington and confidant of former US President George W Bush. Saad Hariri’s Resignation as Prime Minister of Lebanon Is Not All It Seems When Saad Hariri’s jet touched down at Riyadh, the first thing he saw was a group of Saudi policemen surrounding the plane. Arbaeen: Millions Stage World’s Greatest Pilgrimage as Daesh is Finally Defeated Millions of Shia pilgrims are converging on the holy city of Karbala for the largest annual gathering of people anywhere on earth. UK Sales of Bombs & Missiles to Saudi Arabia Increase by 500% UK sales of bombs and missiles to Saudi Arabia increase by almost 500% since the start of Yemen war. The Guardian View on Saudi Arabia: A Slow-Motion Coup There are legitimate questions about whether you can sweep out the Augean stables if you don’t have clean hands Saudi Arabia’s Very Public, Very Risky Palace Intrigue Mohammad bin Salman’s purge Saturday of high-ranking leaders in the kingdom is another sign of the crown prince’s consolidation of power. Unearth the Shia Mass Graves in Nigeria Last week thousands of Orphaned children of the victims of Zaria Genocide asked ’Where are our parents?’ Hezbollah is Not a Threat to America ’Trumped’ up charges to get at Iran won’t work No, We Shouldn’t Feel «Proud» Of the Balfour Declaration Everything wrong with Theresa May’s ridiculous assertion that we should feel proud of the Balfour Declaration. Killing Yemen Softly Yemen has been embroiled in a devastating war that has resulted in ’the largest humanitarian crisis in the world’. US Sanctions against Hezbollah & Iran: Clear Evidence of US Foreign Policy Failure in the ME Over the past few days, Hezbollah has been the talk of the town in the media, especially the Western mainstream one. Iraq May Be Coming To the End of 40 Years of War People in Baghdad are beginning to sound more like victors rather than victims. Even the UK Courts Believe Our Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Are Wrong They have told us that UK aid to Yemen is nothing more than an insult, as long as we are arming Saudi Arabia. Bahrain’s Six Years of Dangerous Decline With depressing symmetry, Bahrain put four civilians on trial in a military court again this week.