Alahednews Alahednews Yedioth Ahronot: 3 to 4 Thousand Missiles Will Fall on ’Israel’ Daily in the Coming War Yedioth Ahronot Publishes ’The Most Dangerous Scenario’: 3 to 4 Thousand Missiles Will Fall on ’Israel’ Daily in the Coming War The Prince Changes Everything... However! MBS faces the most sensitive historical tasks which require special and exceptional specifications to move the society... Al-Quds Is Arab At 5PM! While the young man’s body fuses with the land of Al-Quds, the soldiers tie his hands behind his back, take the flag from him, and drag him to the Oh Arabs, Stay On the Streets Al-Ahed Translations: In this crucial confrontation the Arab people are fighting, it is natural that Lebanon is at the forefront. Either America or Al-Quds Today, the moment when someone amongst us Arabs proclaims the full submission to America under the banner of ’peace’ is nothing more than subord The Death of Ali Abdullah Saleh: Sana’a Turns the Chapter & Marks the End of ’the First Man’ Al-Ahed Translations: Many questions & scenarios surfaced after the killing of the ’man of all stages’. The Story of Hariri’s Arrest: From the Airport to the Ritz Carlton Al-Akhbar learned from sources close to the prime minister that he was placed under house arrest. The Boring Al-Sabhan What does Saudi’s Al-Sabhan want from Lebanon? For some time now, he has been threatening to use the ’I will show you’ style. Saudi Insanity Threatens Lebanon Insanity seems to dominate Saudi Arabia’s policy towards Lebanon. Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces: We Will Quit the Nuclear Deal Once Sanctions are Re-Imposed Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces warned that in case sanctions are brought back, staying in the nuclear deal will be in vain. ’Israel’ and the ’Days of Great Anxiety’ ’Israel’ today needs US military bases on the occupied land of Palestine & American protection bases kilometers from its northern & southern bor Soleimani In Baghdad: A Message Of Support For Abadi In Confronting Erbil Qasem Soleimani delivered a special message to the Iraqi PM from the Iranian leader. ’Israel’ Regards the Electronic Warfare as an Essential Part of Its ’Soft Power’ Against the Arabs Resorting to soft war is not a new technique for the occupation entity. What Secrets Does The Hezbollah Leader Know That No One Else Does? Al-Ahed Translations: When Sayyed Nasrallah advises the Jews to leave occupied Palestine immediately, do we say that the war is imminent? Moscow & Washington Renew Deir Ezzor Understandings: Oil Race is Accelerating Conflicting stories come amid a new Russian-American consensus on Deir Ezzor... The Largest ’Israeli’ Maneuver: The Mission Has Failed! ’Israel’s’ claims that it is able to defeat Hezbollah in the next war received a slap from within. Glory to the Martyrs of September A martyr laying next to a martyr. That massacre has not yet been made into a movie... ‘Israeli’ Defeat ... Not Just a Failure Netanyahu didn’t stop with simply articulating the importance of Daesh in the ‘Israeli’ strategy to confront the axis of resistance, including Maariv: Assad Victorious, Daesh’s Era Over It can be said that al-Assad has emerged victorious from this ’conflict’ over his power. The ’Lust for Murder’ and the Morality of Sayyed ’To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.’ Ensuring The Existence of «Israel» in Hezbollah’s Crosshairs The problem facing ’Israel’ is that the more its military and technological capabilities develop, the more Hezbollah’s deterrent and defense From Tal Afar to the Fringes of Lebanon International & regional parties raised organized campaigns against the participation of the Iraqi PMUs in the battle to liberate Tal Afar. Countering Resistance on Behalf of ‘Israel’ The requested ‘Israeli’ and US amendments to Resolution 1701 are linked to the implementation mechanism that has been in place for 11 years. Western Media Discovers the «New» Hezbollah Western media molds everything in a way that is often reductive then generalizes and repeats it turning it into a constant reality for the recipients. Reports: UAE Runs 18 Secret Prisons in Yemen, Torture to the Extent of ’Roasting’ Prisoners! UAE Runs 18 Secret Prisons in Yemen, Torture to the Extent of ’Roasting’ Prisoners!