Alahednews Alahednews Moscow & Washington Renew Deir Ezzor Understandings: Oil Race is Accelerating Conflicting stories come amid a new Russian-American consensus on Deir Ezzor... The Largest ’Israeli’ Maneuver: The Mission Has Failed! ’Israel’s’ claims that it is able to defeat Hezbollah in the next war received a slap from within. Glory to the Martyrs of September A martyr laying next to a martyr. That massacre has not yet been made into a movie... ‘Israeli’ Defeat ... Not Just a Failure Netanyahu didn’t stop with simply articulating the importance of Daesh in the ‘Israeli’ strategy to confront the axis of resistance, including Maariv: Assad Victorious, Daesh’s Era Over It can be said that al-Assad has emerged victorious from this ’conflict’ over his power. The ’Lust for Murder’ and the Morality of Sayyed ’To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.’ Ensuring The Existence of «Israel» in Hezbollah’s Crosshairs The problem facing ’Israel’ is that the more its military and technological capabilities develop, the more Hezbollah’s deterrent and defense From Tal Afar to the Fringes of Lebanon International & regional parties raised organized campaigns against the participation of the Iraqi PMUs in the battle to liberate Tal Afar. Countering Resistance on Behalf of ‘Israel’ The requested ‘Israeli’ and US amendments to Resolution 1701 are linked to the implementation mechanism that has been in place for 11 years. Western Media Discovers the «New» Hezbollah Western media molds everything in a way that is often reductive then generalizes and repeats it turning it into a constant reality for the recipients. Reports: UAE Runs 18 Secret Prisons in Yemen, Torture to the Extent of ’Roasting’ Prisoners! UAE Runs 18 Secret Prisons in Yemen, Torture to the Extent of ’Roasting’ Prisoners! From Arsal ... To Idlib The Lebanese were not the only ones following the battle for the Arsal outskirts in all its details. The July War ... As If It Was Yesterday The ’Israeli’ bombardment will touch everyone who has a problem with ’Israel’; a real and actual problem, in the form of resistance. «Israel’s» Options in Confronting the Resistance It is enough today for an observer in Tel Aviv to look at the scale of the changes after six years of open war in Syria and Iraq, and realize that Hez ’Popular Mobilization’ [Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi]: Where Others Failed Both western & gulf media ignored Iraqi PMU’s field achievements in confronting Daesh in favor of devoting a stereotypical image presenting them as Damascus & Its Allies on the Iraqi Border: The Joining of Arms Is Near All American red lines in Syria are no longer feasible. The decision by Damascus and its allies to reach the Iraqi border was implemented. Resistance Road: The Battle of Safe Communication from Tehran to Palestine In many aspects of the crises in Syria and Iraq, many of our people, just like the parties involved in the battle, avoid talking about the core dimens The "Crime" of Liberation The world was moving in a certain direction - and this region was at the heart of it - until a "crime" took place. Isa Qassim ... The Revolutionary Jursit The Diraz siege opened the doors towards the prospect of everything happening. This is How Hezbollah’s Videotape Unveiled the Mystery of the ’Shayetet Disaster’ After 20 years of uncertainty, the ‘Israeli’ army finally confirmed a fact that it had long evaded. Bin Salman in the Eyes of his Officers: ’This Kid Exhausted Us!’ Mohammed bin Salman devoted a small part of his media appearance, the evening before yesterday, to talk about the aggression against the Yemenis. Only in Palestine... Hunger Is a Revolutionary! ’Al-Ahed Translations: Hunger is an infidel, but only in Palestine, hunger is a revolutionary!’ Salman Ignites the Dispute Over the Throne: The Coup Is Approaching! Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken the biggest step in the process of curbing the powers of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. When the «Nasrallah» Fish Occupies the Shores of «Israel» & Its Consciousness The Nasrallah fish has a beautiful appearance, but it has a poison that cripples humans and can sometimes be fatal. The Lie About the Chemical Attack - The Deceptive Bombardment Practiced by Terrorists and Their Sponsors The charges that were being marketed by the terrorist groups and promoted by the media were rapidly unfolding, as they appeared to be mere baseless al