Alahednews Alahednews UK Arms Firms Gained £6bn from Saudi during Yemen Conflict UK weapons companies had made £600m profit from Saudi Arabia since it started bombing Yemen. UK Earns Millions Training Forces from Saudi Arabia & Allies The British government earns millions by training Middle Eastern states’ police forces. London Subway Station Blast: Trump’s Comment Angers UK, Daesh Claims Attack The US President’s suggestion that London police could have done more to prevent the attack was criticized by the UK PM. London Subway Station Blast: Injuries Reported, Incident Treated as Terrorism Injuries had been reported after an explosion struck at London’s Parsons Green Tube. Grenfell Tower Fire: Inquiry Opens, Survivors’ Confidence Low An inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire disaster opened on Thursday with a minute’s silence to remember victims. UK Has Sold £3.6 Billion Worth of Arms to Saudi since Beginning of Yemen Conflict Campaign groups are highlighting the UK’s role in selling £3.6 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the devastating conflict in Yemen began Leaked Brexit Paper Aims to Slash Immigration from EU The UK plans to slash EU immigration after Brexit. UK Navy Tests Anti-Supersonic Missiles Air Defense System The British Royal Navy carried out the first tests of its new generation air missile defense system. UK Sends More Troops to Iraq The British Defense Minister Michael Fallon announced that his country will send a small contingent of expert troops to Iraq. Theresa May Won’t Quit British Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted she is ’not a quitter’ and vowed to lead the Conservatives into the next general election. UK Urges China to Be Tougher on NKorea amid Nuke Threat The UK PM called China a key player in the situation on the Korean Peninsula, urging it to put more pressure on Pyongyang to stop nuclear threats. Buckingham Palace Attack: Knifeman Detained, 2 Officers Hurt A man had been arrested in London on suspicious of terrorist-related knife attack near Buckingham Palace. May Rejects 9/11 Survivors’ Appeal to Release Saudi Terror Report UK PM Theresa May rejects appeal from 9/11 survivors to release suppressed Saudi Arabia terror report. UK Airport Explosion: Firefighter Battle Blaze in Hangar Explosion near UK’s Southend Airport as firefighters rush to the scene. UK Suggests Post-Brexit ’Temporary Customs Union’ With EU The UK set out the ’ambitious new customs arrangement’ it wants to secure with the EU after Brexit. Terrorist Attacks Will Threaten UK for Decades Extremist terror will threaten the UK for decades, the former head of Britain’s MI5 warned as the methods of radicalization and attack continue to Daesh Cell «Training British Militants» Preparing Terror Attacks in UK A secretive Daesh unit in Syria is believed to be training suicide bombers to blow themselves up in Europe. «Chaos» at Heathrow as British Airways Systems Crash «Again» British Airways systems crashed again causing ’total chaos’ at Heathrow airport. Brexit: UK Heading Towards a Disaster The UK is heading towards a Brexit disaster unless Finance Minister Philip Hammond achieves a soft exit from the European Union. UK: May’s Spox Says Free Movement with EU to End in 2019 Free movement of people between the UK & the EU will end in March 2019 when Britain leaves the bloc, PM Theresa May’s spokesman said on Monday. UK: Brexit Transition Could Last Until 2022 Britain will try to keep as many aspects of its EU membership in place as possible during a transition period of up to three years after Brexit, finan Hezbollah Flags Waved, «Israeli» Flags Burnt at London Embassy Protest A demonstration in the UK directed anger at ’Israel’ over new security measures implemented at al-Aqsa. Index on Censorship: UK Foreign Office Report Heaps Praise on Bahrain Index on Censorship said the UK’s annual report falls short of being passionate about human rights. UK OKs Arms Sale to 20 Countries on Its Rights Abusers List Campaigners said the UK government had approved arms sales to 20 countries on its own list of human rights abusers. Daesh Losses in Syria, Iraq Not Reducing Terror Threat in UK The threat of Daesh-linked terror attacks in the UK continues to rise despite heavy military losses for the group in Iraq and Syria.