Alahednews Alahednews UK Gov’t Criticized For Saudi Support Despite ‘Illegal Acts’ in Yemen The UK government is being criticized for supporting Saudi Arabia despite illegal acts in Yemen. British Gov’t Wins First Votes to Amend Key Brexit Bill The British government survived the first parliamentary challenges to its Brexit bill Tuesday evening. UK Parliament to Vote on Final Brexit Deal Brexit secretary announced that the British government will offer a final deal. British PM Not to Tolerate MPs Blocking Brexit British PM warned pro-EU MPs that she ’will not tolerate’ efforts to block Brexit through parliamentary maneuvers UK: Patel out of Office over Secret ’Israel’ Trip Theresa May faces a ’make-or-break’ month after chaos in her Cabinet saw her lose a second top minister in a week. Fallon Quits As Defense Secretary, UK Gov’t Says His Resignations Is Just the Start The UK fears that Michael Fallon’s resignation as Defense Secretary might just be the start. BoE: Brexit to Cost 75k+ Jobs in Financial Services Bank of England said that Brexit ’could cost up to 75,000 jobs in financial services’. Bahrain Crackdown: UK MPs Condemn Jailing Relatives of Rights Activist 15 organizations and 27 MPs urged the UK government to demand the release of 3 Bahrainis who have been detained in the island state. 5 Months in the Job, Brexit Minister Resigns The Brexit department has lost its third minister in four months after Baroness Anelay stepped down from the front bench on Friday. UK Defense Secretary Accused of «Putting Arms Sales Ahead of Human Rights» Campaigners accused Michael Fallon of putting UK-Saudi arms sales ahead of human rights. UK Sales of Arms to Saudi Arabia Hit £1.1bn in 2017 British sales of military equipment to Saudi Arabia topped £1.1bn in the first half of this year, with government data showing a spike in sales since Johnson: 100 Billion Euros Too Much for UK to Pay to EU for Brexit UK Foreign Secretary comments on the Brexit negotiations, relations with Moscow and the Iran nuclear deal. Tony Blair Regrets Siding with ‘Israel’, Bush over Hamas Boycott in 2006 Former British PM Tony Blair said he was wrong to give in to ‘Israeli’ pressure to boycott Hamas after it won the Palestinian elections in 2006. Theresa May Calls Trump, Reaffirms Commitment to Iran Nuke Deal British Prime Minister Theresa May reaffirmed London’s commitment to the Iran nuclear agreement. To Deal or Not To Deal? May Warns Britons to Prepare For No-Deal Brexit UK PM warned the British public to prepare for crashing out of the EU with no deal. British Lawyers Accuse UK-backed Bahrain Watchdogs over Torture Inquiry British lawyers accuse UK-backed watchdogs of violating international law. UK’s Queen Accused of Horse Trading with Bahrain on Human Rights The British monarch’s gift horse comes as the UK is facing criticism for ’lending cover’ to the Gulf state as it pursues a ’disastrous’ Tory MPs Call for Boris Johnson to Be Sacked over «Dead Bodies» Comments MPs in the UK called for the sacking of Boris Johnson over his Libya remarks. Sheffield Stabbings: Roads Cordoned Off after Two ’Linked’ Attacks in City Center Five people were injured following two connected stabbings in the English Sheffield city center, police said. Corbyn Slams Saudi War In Yemen, «Israeli» Oppression Labor leader denounces Saudi war in Yemen in party conference in Brighton. Brexit: May, Tusk to Hold Downing Street Talks British PM Theresa May is preparing to meet with the president of the European Council Donald Tusk as she tries to break the deadlock in negotiations May Sets out Transition Plan in Bid to Unlock Brexit Talks UK PM set out a plan to retain full access to the EU’s single market for two years after Brexit. UK Arms Firms Gained £6bn from Saudi during Yemen Conflict UK weapons companies had made £600m profit from Saudi Arabia since it started bombing Yemen. UK Earns Millions Training Forces from Saudi Arabia & Allies The British government earns millions by training Middle Eastern states’ police forces. London Subway Station Blast: Trump’s Comment Angers UK, Daesh Claims Attack The US President’s suggestion that London police could have done more to prevent the attack was criticized by the UK PM.