Alahednews Alahednews UK Reaffirms Commitment to Palestinian Refugees, Pledges to Fund UNRWA The UK will continue to provide support for the UNRWA as well as Palestinian refugees in the region. Brexit Bill Approved in British Parliament, Sent to Lords British MPs gave the green light on Wednesday to a landmark Brexit bill after weeks of debate and a damaging government defeat. Corbyn: Relations with the US Not ‘Most Important’ British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn questioned the value of Britain’s ‘special relationship’ with the US, suggesting Washington is not actually London Mayor Slams Trump’s «Divisive Agenda» After Visit Cancellation US President cancels London visit to attend the opening of the new US embassy. Mogherini Says EU Will ’Survive’ Brexit, Remain Strong The EU will ’survive’ Britain’s Brexit departure and will remain strong, the bloc’s foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini said. UK Intelligence Agency Actively Plotted Social Disruption in Iran British intelligence agency was tasked with plotting social disruption in Iran. Johnson Heads to Russia: Europe’s Stability on Top British FM Boris Johnson will tell his Russian counterpart that there can be no ’business as usual’ until Moscow stops ’destabilizing’ Eur EU Seeks to End Brexit Transition No Later Than End-2020 The European Union wants a transition period after Brexit to end no later than Dec. 31, 2020. UK Backs UN Resolution Rejecting US Al-Quds Recognition UK joins 13 others at the UNSC rejecting Donald Trump’s move, which the US vetoed and condemned. UK’s Brand New £3.1bn Aircraft Carrier Has Sprung A Leak UK’s £3.1bn aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is reportedly taking on 200 liters of seawater every hour. Western Leaders Told to Stop ’Stoking the Flames of War’ in Yemen 350+ high-profile figures marked the 1,000th day of the Yemen war calling on leaders of France, the US and the UK to stop ’stoking the flames of wa UK Minister Urges Saudi Arabia to Stop Blocking Yemen Aid A British minister said Saudi Arabia has ’no excuse’ for blocking aid to Yemen. Brexit: EU Sets Sunday Deadline after ’No White Smoke’ on Deal The EU Commission stated that there was still ’no white smoke’ on a Brexit deal & set a limit of Sunday for PM May to return with an acceptable Theresa May Blasts Trump’s ‘Unhelpful’ Al-Quds Move The UK disagrees with US President Donald Trump’s ’unhelpful’ decision, British PM Theresa May said. British Police Foil Plot to Kill PM May Two men are in police custody after authorities foiled their plan to assassinate British PM Theresa May. ICC: ’Reasonable Basis’ for British War Crimes in Iraq The ICC’s chief prosecutor said there is a ’reasonable basis’ to believe that British soldiers committed war crimes in Iraq. What Will Brexit Divorce Bill Cover? A sizable Brexit ’divorce bill’ has reportedly been agreed by the British PM and the EU. UK’s May Urges End to Yemen Blockade Amid Humanitarian Crisis UK and Saudi Arabia agree that steps need to be taken as a matter of urgency in Yemen. UK’s May in Saudi Arabia after Iraq Stop UK PM arrived in Saudi Arabia and met the King and his son. May Heads to Saudi Arabia, Jordan: Brexit, Yemen, Daesh on Top of Talks UK PM arrives in the ME in bid to strengthen trading partners’ ties as Brexit approaches. UK’s Theresa May Pushes EU on Brexit Deal UK PM urged the EU to ’step forward together’ with Britain. UK Brexit Minister: London Might Not Get a Deal with EU UK Brexit minister David Davis said that the Brexit Divorce Bill with the EU was the most likely outcome of talks. UK Gov’t Criticized For Saudi Support Despite ‘Illegal Acts’ in Yemen The UK government is being criticized for supporting Saudi Arabia despite illegal acts in Yemen. British Gov’t Wins First Votes to Amend Key Brexit Bill The British government survived the first parliamentary challenges to its Brexit bill Tuesday evening. UK Parliament to Vote on Final Brexit Deal Brexit secretary announced that the British government will offer a final deal.