Alahednews Alahednews With Sharp Words & Stealth Strikes, «Israel» Sends Message to Hezbollah ’Israel’ fears Iran would help Hezbollah upgrade its arsenal establish a permanent military presence in Syria. Germany’s Heckler & Koch to Stop Selling Guns to ‘Israel’ Known as Germany’s deadliest weapons manufacturer, Heckler & Koch will no longer be selling guns to the Zionist entity, according to the company «Israel» Says It Downed UAV over Syria Border ’Israel’ said it had downed an Iranian-made drone over a demilitarized zone along the Syrian border. US Opens First Permanent Military Base in ‘Israel’ The US inaugurated a permanent military base in the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories. Egypt’s Sisi Meets with Bibi in New York As part of normalizing ties with the Zionist entity, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met with ‘Israeli’ PM Benjamin Netanyahu in NY, in t «Israel» Tense As Hezbollah Gains New Strength Lebanese view Hezbollah as a savior who just saved them from a life at the hands of Daesh. How Hezbollah Came To Dominate Information Warfare! Hezbollah had laid the groundwork for the effective use of information warfare. Bibi to Press Trump on Quitting Iran Deal, But Military Leadership Divided ’Israeli’ PM is pressing on US President to scrap the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran. «Israeli» War Minister: Anyone Over 18 Must Enlist ’Israel’s’ War minister said that anyone over 18 must serve in the ’Israeli’ Occupation Forces. ‘Israel’ Scores another Failure Facing the Axis of Resistance With successive victories scored in Syria against the terrorist plots, and Iran and Hezbollah’s growing strength, ‘Israel’ is recording yet an Senior Lawyer Close to Netanyahu Questioned On Tax Evasion The so-called ‘Israel’ Tax Authority is investigating a senior lawyer close to the Zionist Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s family, Gulf Arab Figure Visited Tel Aviv Last Week, ‘Israeli’ Minister Confesses A Gulf Arab political figure visited the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian lands last week, an ‘Israeli’ cabinet minister said. HRW Blasts «Israeli» Banks for Settlement Expansion HRW said that ’Israeli’ banks are contributing to the proliferation of the occupied W Bank settlements. Middle East Monitor: Bahrain-‘Israel’ Ties Go Back to 1994 The latest comments by Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu about relationships with a number of Arab countries highlight the links between Bahrain and ‘Is Sara Netanyahu May Face Indictment: AG ‘Israeli’ attorney-general is considering indicting the wife of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Sara, on suspicion of using state funds for personal servi Hezbollah Tactics Surpass Most Recent IOF Drill Hezbollah is fighting a different war from the scenario the ’Israeli’ troops are fighting. How does ‘Israel’ Remember the Heroic Ansariyeh Operation?* Twenty years have passed since the Shayetet disaster in Lebanon, or the Ansariyeh Operation... Bibi: «Israel’s» Cooperation with Arabs Has Never Been Greater The ’Israeli’ PM said the cooperation with Arab countries is greater than it has ever been before. Ynet: Hezbollah’s Future Is Still Bright Hezbollah seems to be tiptoeing towards becoming the Middle East’s second strongest army, Yoav Zitun wrote for ynetnews. «Israel’s» Submarine Affair: Former Shayetet 13 Cmdr. Questioned Former Shayetet 13 commander Shai Brosh is due to be questioned in the ’Israeli’ submarine affair. Sara Netanyahu to Be Indicted for Fraud in Pocketing $110,000 in Goods Wife of Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Sara, is expected to be indicted, pending a hearing, on charges of fraudulently receiving items worth $111,851. «Israel» to Hold Drill Simulating Next War with Hezbollah «Israel» is to launch war games simulating next confrontation with Hezbollah. Lessons Learned From Hezbollah Hezbollah grew many-fold in size and strength, and continued to be an implacable enemy of ’Israel’. «Israel» Approves Budget for New West Bank Settlement ’Israel’ approved a $16 million budget for new illegal settlements in the West Bank. «Israel’s» Submarine Affair: Ex-Senior Bibi Official, Ex-Navy Chief Detained for Questioning ’Israel’ Police detained questioning six suspects in ’Israel’s’ ongoing ’submarine affair’.