Alahednews Alahednews Pro-Palestine Flotilla Departs Copenhagen to «Break the Siege» on Gaza Four ships with the FFC are heading to the Gaza Strip in an effort to ’break the siege’ of the enclave. Palestine Demands Arab Boycott of States Moving Embassies to Al-Quds Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat called on Arab nations to sever ties with countries that move their embassies to the occupied holy city of al-Quds. ’Israeli’ Warplanes Bomb Different positions North Gaza ’Israeli’ fighter planes bombed several locations in northern Gaza, just days after the Zionist apartheid regime massacres over 60 people there. World Condemns US Embassy Move, ’Israeli’ Massacre Both friends and foes of the US criticized Washington’s relocation of its embassy in the occupied territories from Tel Aviv to al-Quds. Nakba 70: Palestine Marks Catastrophe after ’Israeli’ Bloodshed in Gaza One day after the Zionist brutal massacre in Gaza, Palestinians are marking the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day. Occupied Palestine: Baby Dies from Tear Gas Inhalation at Gaza Protest A Palestinian baby girl died as a result of inhaling tear gas during clashes along the occupied Gaza border, the health ministry in the enclave announ Great Return March: 59 Palestinians Martyred, 2700+ Injured According to Gaza health officials, at least 59 Palestinians were martyred and over 2,700 wounded by ’Israeli’ snipers who were positioned along Great Return March: 28 Palestinians Martyred, 1693 Injured in Gaza Protests Health officials in Gaza confirmed the martyrdom of 28 Palestinians and the injury of 1693 others by ’Israeli’ fire. Palestine Reacts to US Embassy Move with Massive Return Day Rallies Palestinians are preparing for the biggest Great Return March rallies en masse. Great Return March: 1 Palestinian Martyred, 170 Injured in Gaza One Palestinian protester had been martyred and 170 other injured by ’Israeli’ forces in Gaza. Great Return March: Hamas Leader Says Hundreds of Thousands to Storm Occupied Border Hamas Resistance Movement’s Leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar hinted at the possibility that thousands of Palestinians could storm the occupied Friday of Palestine’s Workers: ’Israeli’ Raids Injure 431 Palestinians in Gaza The Palestinian Health Minister Ashraf Al-Qidra announced that 431 Palestinians were injured in the sixth round of ‘March of Return’ protests in Great Return March: Palestinian Teen Martyred After Being Wounded by «Israeli» Fire on Gaza Border A Palestinian teen has been martyred after being shot the previous day by ’Israeli’ troops along the Gaza borders. Great Return March: 31 Hurt as Palestinians March on Border for 5th Week 31 Palestinians had been hurt in Gaza, as demonstrators march for the 5th week. Watch the World’s Youngest Reporter from Nabi Saleh, Occupied Palestine! Watch the World’s Youngest Reporter from Nabi Saleh, Occupied Palestine! Palestine Urges UN Probe into ’Israeli’ Murders in Gaza Palestine’s ambassador to the UN called on the Security Council to form an independent commission tasked with looking into the Zionist entity’s Friday of Detainees & Martyrs: Palestinians Hold New Mass Protest, ’Israel’ Warns Palestinians in Gaza are holding another mass demonstration against ’Israeli’ occupation forces for the fourth week in a row dubbed this time Great March Return: Confrontations with ’Israeli’ Soldiers in Third Friday of Border Protests Thousands of Palestinian protesters gathering at the Gaza border fence confronted Zionist soldiers at two locations. UNICEF Concerned Over Violence Against Children in Gaza The UNICEF expressed concerns over the violence against children in the besieged Gaza Strip. Video of Ahed Tamimi’s Interrogation Shows Intimidation, Harassment Ahed Tamimi’s family released a video of their daughter being interrogated by ’Israeli’ officers. US Blocks UN Demand of Gaza Bloodshed Probe For the second week in a row, the US has been blocking a UNSC statement demanding an investigation into the ’Israeli’ recent murders of the Gaza Gaza’s Great Return March: 9 Martyred, Including Journalist, 1000 Injured While the Palestinians were participating in the peaceful protests outside the occupied borders, ’Israeli’ occupation forces martyred at least 9 Friday of Burning Tires: Dozens of Palestinians Injured, Protesters Storm Rafah Border Palestinians are continuing their unarmed protest as part of the Great March Return movement, with a total of at least 40 being injured, and one marty Great Return March: Palestinians Gathering at Fence for Second Week of Anti-’Israel’ Mass Protest For the second week, Palestinian protesters are gathering at Gaza’s fence for the largest anti-occupation rally since last Friday, when the ’Isr ’Israeli’ Airstrike on Gaza Border Martyrs Palestinian A Palestinian was martyred by a Zionist air strike on the Gaza border early Thursday, the Palestinian health ministry reported, as tensions increased