Alahednews Alahednews Bahrain Crackdown: Court Revokes Citizenships of 115, Sentences 53 of them to Life in Prison Continuing its crackdown against its dissidents, the Bahraini regime revoked the citizenship of 115 people and gave 53 of them life sentences. Al-Wefaq: FM Represents Himself Only & Not Bahrain, He Must Resign Al-Wefaq slammed the Bahraini FM saying he represents himself only and not the Bahraini people and urged him to resign his post. Bahrain Crackdown: Amnesty International Slams ’Unfair’ Trial of Civilians at Military Courts Amnesty International expressed concern over ’unfair’ trials for civilians at military courts in Bahrain. EU Parl. Human Rights Delegation Barred from Bahrain Bahraini authorities barred members of a delegation from the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights from entering the kingdom. Bahrain Crackdown: Cassation Military Court Upholds Death Penalty of 4 Citizens The Bahraini Military Court of Cassation on Wednesday morning upheld the death sentences issued against four Bahraini civilians convicted of the ’a ADHRB Calls for Sheikh Salman’s Release, Fears He Could Receive Death Sentence ADHRB calls for Sheikh Ali Salman’s release as it fears the opposition leader could receive the death sentence. Bahrain Crackdown: Court Sentences 24 Shiites to Jail, Revoking Citizenship Continuing its crackdown against Shia citizens, a Bahrain court sentenced 24 of them to prison and stripped them of their nationality after claiming t Bahrain Crackdown: Regime Forces Teargas Anti-F1 Championship Race Protesters Bahraini forces attacked protesters rallying against the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix as the Manama regime continues its heavy-handed crackdown on peaceful Bahrain Crackdown: Irish Human Rights Defender, Danish MP Refused Entry Irish human rights campaigner Brian Dooley and Danish MP Lars Aslan Rasmussen were held who for more than 12 hours in Bahrain International Airport. Bahrain Official Threatens Online Crackdown Bahraini interior minister threatened to crackdown on dissidents and activists who criticize the government online, HRW said on Friday. Bahrain Crackdown: Another Verdict Issued against Minor, Increasing his Prison Term to 13 Years Amid the continued crackdown against Shia dissents in the tiny kingdom,a Bahraini court sentenced Sayyed Nizar Al-Wadaie to 7 years in jail. Bahrain: An «Israeli» Tourism Destination-To-Be Could Bahrain be an up-and-coming ’Israeli’ tourism destination? Bahrain Crackdown: Mother of Death Row Inmate Appeals at UNHRC The mother of Bahraini death row inmate appealed to United Nations Human Rights Council to help save her son. Bahrain Crackdown: Bahraini Al-Wasat Newspaper Vacates Offices Bahrain’s Al-Wasat newspaper has vacated its offices one year after authorities suspended its publication. Bahrain Crackdown: Top Court Upholds Death Sentence against Opposition Activist Bahrain’s supreme court of appeals upheld a death sentence against an opposition activist Bahrain Crackdown: Friday Prayer Ban in Diraz Remains in Place A ban on Shiite Friday prayers in Diraz’sImam Sadiq Mosque remains in place. EU Reiterates Calls for Bahraini Activist’s Release The EU reiterated calls for Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab’s release. Bahrain Crackdown: Court Sentences Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab to 5 Years in Prison Bahrain sentenced prominent human rights activist Nabeel Rajab to five years in prison over tweets deemed critical of the Manama regime and the deadly UN Special Rapporteur: Manama Adopting Drastic Measures to Curb Dissent Michel Forst called on Manama to end its use of torture combat impunity and ensure that its anti-terrorism legislation conforms to international stand Bahrain Crackdown: Trial of Jailed Opposition Leader Adjourned Until Next Month The trial of jailed Bahraini opposition leader, Secretary General of the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Ali Salman was adjourned for a sixt Bahrain Opposition on Revolution’s Seventh Anniversary: People will Continue Struggle for Change Deputy SG of Bahrain’s opposition al-Wefaq National Islamic Society applauded the people’s strength & their unbreakable will for change. Bahrain Crackdown: Regime Deports Eight to Iraq after Stripping Them of Citizenship The Bahraini regime deported eight people to Iraq after they were convicted of damaging state security and stripped of citizenship, HRW said on Sunday Bahrain Crackdown: Ayatollah Qassim Back under House Arrest Following Surgery Bahrain’s highest religious authority Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim was returned to his home in Diraz where he remains under house arrest. HRW Slams Bahraini Regime for Deporting Citizens, Stripping Nationality HRW slammed once gain the Bahraini regime over deporting citizens after being arbitrarily stripped of their nationality. On the Road to Normalization, Bahraini Prince in «Israel»! ’Israeli’ communication minister Ayoub Kara revealed that he had met with a Bahraini prince visiting ’Israel’.