Alahednews Alahednews Syrian Army Totally Liberates Vital Airbase in Idlib Syria officially announced it has totally liberated the strategic military airbase of Abu al-Duhur in the northwestern province of Idlib. Syria: Turkish Troops Enter Afrin after Days of Airstrikes Turkish ground troops stormed Syrian territories on Sunday under the pretext of pushing an offensive against Kurdish militants there. Lavrov: US Trying To Create Alternative Gov’t on Syrian Land The US is working to create alternative government systems on Syrian territory which goes against its promises to respect the country’s territorial Turkey Launches Afrin Op «De Facto» in Syria with Cross-Border Shelling Turkey’s defense minister said that the operation has ‘de facto started’ with cross-border shelling. Syria Threatens to «Destroy» Turkish Warplanes Syria threatened to destroy any Turkish warplanes used to assault the country. Syria: US Military Presence Act of Aggression on Our Sovereignty Syria’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that a US military presence in Syria was illegitimate. Tillerson Considers That US Military ‘Must Stay In Syria’ US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that it is crucial for the US to maintain an open-ended military and diplomatic presence in Syria Syria FM: US Militia Formation Violates Sovereignty, Int’l Law Syrian FM said the US announcement of forming armed militia in the north-east violates int’l law and the country’s sovereignty. President Assad: Syria’s Victories over Terrorism Decisive Factor in Foiling Western Plots Syria’s President received Russian President’s Special Envoy and an accompanying delegation. Syria Denounces France Allegations, Categorically Denies Targeting Hospitals, Civilians Syria denounces the French Foreign Ministry’s adoption of allegations of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization Syrian Conflict: US May Have Been Involved In Raids on Russia in Syria The US may have been involved in raids on Russia in Syria. Daesh Atrocities: Two Mass Graves Found in Raqqa Two mass graves containing dozens of bodies of civilians and Syrian Army men martyred by the terrorist Daesh have been found in the west of Raqqa prov Putin Signs Law to Ratify Russia-Syria Agreement to Expand Naval Base in Tartus Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed the deal on the expansion of the Russian naval facility in the Syrian port city of Tartus. Syrian Urges Surrender of Militants Encircled Near Lebanon Border The Syrian army units and their allies gave a 72-hour deadline to militants encircled in a strategic border area near Lebanon and the ‘Israeli’-o US Lets Terrorists Train, Mount Attacks from Its Syrian Bases The US is hosting training camps for terrorist groups in Syria, including former Daesh fighters who fled from Raqqa Shoigu: Russia Starts Forming Permanent Groups in Syria’s Tartus, Hmeimim Bases Russia started forming a permanent group in Syria’s Tartus and Hmeimim, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during a conference call. Russian Lower House Ratifies Deal to Expand Naval Base in Syria’s Tartus Russian lawmakers approved an agreement to expand the Tartus naval refueling facility in Syria into a fully-fledged naval base capable of harboring nu Al-Assad: US-Backed Kurdish Militants ‘Traitors’ To Syria Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said all US-backed Kurdish militants are ’traitors’ to the Syrian nation. Trump Has No Say on Who Rules Syria after Al-Assad’s Victories The Syrian Army’s combat victories confirmed President Bashar al-Assad’s hold on power Putin Visits Syria, Orders Withdrawal of Russian Troops Putin visited the Hmeymim base in Syria’s Latakia for the first time since the launch of the anti-terrorist operation at al-Assad’s request. Al-Assad Advisor: Trump’s Decision on Al-Quds Came after Consent of Reactionary Arab States Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that Trump’s decision to recognize al-Quds came after consent of some reactionary Arab states. Syrian Air Defense Intercepts 3 ’Israeli’ Missiles near Damascus In a new blatant aggression against the Syrian sovereignty, ’Israel’ launched air strikes at a Syrian military research facility. Syria Says Army Intercepts ‘Israeli’ Missiles near Damascus Syrian air defenses intercepted at least two ‘Israeli’ missiles fired at a government military position in Damascus. Lavrov: US Forces Should Leave Syria after Daesh Defeat Russian FM considered that all foreign forces present in Syria without the Damascus gov’t’s authorization have to withdraw. Al-Jaafari: Statement of the Riyadh 2 Is Totally Rejected Syria’s Bashar al-Jaafari said that the statement of the Riyadh 2 is totally rejected.