Alahednews Alahednews Syria Accuses US Coalition of Deliberately Destroying its Oil Wells The international coalition led by the United States has deliberately bombed oil wells in Syria, so that the government would not be able to use them. Syrian Army Command: Damascus, Damascus Countryside Entirely Safe Syria’s Army Command announced Damascus and Damascus countryside entirely safe areas. Report: Syrian Army Finds Tanks, Arms Hidden by Terrorists North of Damascus The Syrian Army has uncovered several hidden tanks and heavy vehicles. Syrian Army Command: New Areas in Homs, Hama Countryside Liberated In cooperation with the allied forces, the Syrian army cleared a sprawling area of 1200 square klm in Homs northern & Hama southern countryside Report: Syrian Militant Reveals How US Weapons Made Their Way to Al-Qaeda A report revealed how weapons supplied by the US to militants its backed reached al-Qaeda. Astana-9: Talks on Syria Enter Second Day The ninth round of Astana talks on Syria continued on Tuesday after an opposition delegation arrived in capital Astana in the early hours. Astana-9: Revising Decisions Reached at Previous Syria Talks on Agenda The ninth round of the negotiations on Syrian crisis settlement in the Kazakh capital of Astana will focus on reviewing and giving an impetus to decis «Israeli»-Made Weapons among Arms Handed Over By Militants in Damascus ’Israeli’-made landmines were found among weapons handed over by militants in southern Damascus. Russia ’Not Supplying S-300 Systems to Syria’ Russia is neither supplying S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Syria, nor negotiating a potential delivery to Damascus Syrian Army Cmd.: Ready to Confront Any Aggression, Attempts to Support Terrorism Futile The General Command of the Syrian Army said the army managed to intercept and destroy a large part of the ’Israeli’ missiles launched consecutiv Syrian Air Defenses Intercept Two ’Israeli’ Missiles, Destroy Them in Al-Keswa The Syrian air defenses Tuesday night intercepted two ’Israeli’ missiles and destroyed them in al-Keswah area in Damascus Countryside US ‘Freezes Funding’ for White Helmets after Douma Chemical Attack Allegations Fall Apart The US State Department’s support for the White Helmets operating in Syria is ’under active review,’ a CBS News report said. Syria: Army Uncovers Cargo of ’Israeli’-Made Arms Smuggled to Terrorists In late April, several Syrian military bases were struck by missiles in the Hama and Aleppo provinces, with some media suggesting that the Zionist ent Lavrov: Militants Being Trained in US-Controlled Area Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the training of militants in the areas near the town of al-Tanf. 5 Humanitarian Cases Evacuated From Syria’s Besieged Al-Foua’a and Kefraya A number SARC ambulances transporting people with critical conditions from the terrorist-besieged towns of Kefraya and al-Foua’a arrived in Aleppo. Al-Assad: Escalating Aggression on Syria Will Enhance Its People’s Resolve to Eliminate Terrorism Al-Assad: Escalating Aggression on Syria Will Enhance Its People’s Resolve to Eliminate Terrorism Missiles Attack on Military Positions in Syria’s Hama, Aleppo Countryside A Syrian military source announced that a new aggression targeted military positions in the countryside of Hama and Aleppo provinces with rockets at a Syria Conflict: Russia, Iran & Turkey Hold Joint Press Conference in Moscow The Russian, Turkish and Iranian FMs held talks in Moscow on the situation in Syria. Witnesses to Douma ’Chemical Attack’ Stress Western Claims Are Fake The 17 eyewitnesses brought by Syrian and Russian missions to the OPCW HQ confirmed that there was not any use of toxic materials in Douma and the all UK, German-Made Chemical Weapons Depot Discovered in Syria’s Douma Syrian Army Forces discovered a depot of German and UK-manufactured chemical weapons left by terrorists in the town of Douma, a Syrian official report Syria, Russia Bring 17 Eyewitnesses of Douma’s Fabricated ’Chemical’ Play Syrian and Russian missions to the [OPCW] brought 17 eyewitnesses to the organization’s HQ in The Hague to prove that the alleged chemical attack i Syria UN Envoy: Sovereign Right on the Occupied Golan Non-Negotiable Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN said that Syria sovereign right on the occupied Syrian Golan, until the line of June 4th, 1967, is non-n OPCW Finds No Chemical Weapons at Syrian Facilities Bombed by US Last week, the fact-finding mission of the OPCW visited a site in the Damascus suburb of Douma to collect samples in connection with the alleged April Brussels II: Syria Conference Day 2 Opens With Emphasis on Political Solution Day 2 of Brussels II conference opened with emphasis on political solution for the conflict in Syria. Al-Assad Receives Jaberi Ansari: Tripartite Aggression Won’t Stop the War on Terrorism Jaberi Ansari briefed al-Assad on the political efforts exerted by Iran to help end the war on Syria, discussing the latest developments regarding the