Alahednews Alahednews Tel Aviv’s Syria Gambit The outcome of the latest ’Israeli’ attack on Syrian military outposts near Damascus is not exactly what the leadership in Tel Aviv was hoping f Alastair Crooke to Al-Ahed: Syria Survived War, West Trying to Establish Damascus-Hostile Statelets (Part II) Al-Ahed News’ exclusive interview with Alastair Crooke (Part II) Alastair Crooke to Al-Ahed: CIA, Mossad Stirred Up Iran Protests (Part I) Al-Ahed News’ exclusive interview with Alastair Crooke (Part I) Member of Syrian People’s Council to Al-Ahed: US Scheme to Divide Syria Won’t Succeed Exclusive: Member of People’s Council in Syria, Sherif Shehadeh, to Al-Ahed news: US Scheme to Divide Syria Won’t Succeed The Bitcoin Revolution By the end of 2017, there were over one thousand different crypto currencies in circulation. Project of the Saudi Opposition Karamah Movement The Statement of the Saudi opposition, Karamah Movement’s statement. Al-Nimr Hit The Project for Dismantling Qatif and Returned to Haunt Them Two years were not enough for the Saudi regime to turn the page on the Sheikh who shook the halls of power with his words. The American Strategy for the End of the World States in the Middle East should not be hedging their bets on peace and stability. Neither East Nor West: A One Palestinian Palestine The colonialization of Palestine and its occupation by ’Israel’ is not based on make up stories to tell the new generations. The Roaring Mountain that Gave Birth to a Mouse This unholy alliance, which is hoping to redefine the concept of ‘resistance’ in the Arab psyche, is spurred on by the White House. Trump’s Al-Quds Move is a Natural Progression of US Policies Unconditional American support for this ’Israeli’ narrative,have insured the aggressive expansion of the Zionist entity over the last 7 decades. Imam Khamenei’s Representative: 100s of Iranian Missiles to Hit ‘Israel’ If it Targets Resistance If the Zionists targeted the front of resistance, then hundreds of Iranian missiles will target ‘Israel’. Who Is Muhammad bin Zayed? All of the cables referring to MBZ were marked ’secret’ or ’confidential’, and none left any doubt as to who the crown prince regards as h All Roads Lead to Tel Aviv ’Israel’ and the Arab monarchies in the Gulf have become a lot less shy about openly discussing their pursuit of rapprochement. The Demise of the Daesh «State» ... And The Growing Threats on «Israel» It is no coincidence that the elimination of ’Daesh’ in Syria and Iraq coincided with alarm bells among the enemy leaders in Tel Aviv. These Are the Details of the Franco-Saudi Agreement for the Release of Hariri and His Family Al-Ahed Exclusive: These Are the Details of the Franco-Saudi Agreement for the Release of Hariri and His Family Why another Regional War Would Be Catastrophic for Saudi Arabia The countries behind the regime-change drive in Syria invested a lot in their pursuit of the ’New Middle East’. Hezbollah Martyr’s Day: Our Honor from God Is Martyrdom Why is Hezbollah Martyr’s Day commemorated on November 11 of every year? The Meslmanis... An Everlasting Example of ’We Won’t Abandon You O’ Hussein’ Haj Sami Meslmani didn’t spare a third of his sons, Ibrahim, to sacrifice him in the ongoing sacred defense battle. Syrian Gov’t Source: Daesh Annihilation Is Just a Matter of Time Daesh began to recede a lot on Syrian territory. The Winners & Losers of the Kurdish Independence Referendum The threat of full-scale war between Baghdad and the Kurds remains a very real prospect. Washington Isolated as Trump Goes after the JCPOA It is not surprising that Trump’s nonsensical anti-Iran rant was only applauded by Netanyahu & a few of his partners in the Persian Gulf. Can Russia’s New Role in the Middle East Help Ease Tensions between Tehran and Riyadh American logic blames the Russian military intervention in Syria for decimating the US foreign policy agenda in the ME. Netanyahu’s Existential Concern: The Survival Of ’Israel’ Is Doubtful Ten years ago, Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that the 2006 war brought back into question the issue of ’Israel’s’ existence after the June Decertifying ‘BARJAM’ and Destroying the Remains of US Credibility Iranian Street United on JCPOA despite some fears: We will survive and the US will bear the consequences