Alahednews Alahednews These Are the Details of the Franco-Saudi Agreement for the Release of Hariri and His Family Al-Ahed Exclusive: These Are the Details of the Franco-Saudi Agreement for the Release of Hariri and His Family Why another Regional War Would Be Catastrophic for Saudi Arabia The countries behind the regime-change drive in Syria invested a lot in their pursuit of the ’New Middle East’. Hezbollah Martyr’s Day: Our Honor from God Is Martyrdom Why is Hezbollah Martyr’s Day commemorated on November 11 of every year? The Meslmanis... An Everlasting Example of ’We Won’t Abandon You O’ Hussein’ Haj Sami Meslmani didn’t spare a third of his sons, Ibrahim, to sacrifice him in the ongoing sacred defense battle. Syrian Gov’t Source: Daesh Annihilation Is Just a Matter of Time Daesh began to recede a lot on Syrian territory. The Winners & Losers of the Kurdish Independence Referendum The threat of full-scale war between Baghdad and the Kurds remains a very real prospect. Washington Isolated as Trump Goes after the JCPOA It is not surprising that Trump’s nonsensical anti-Iran rant was only applauded by Netanyahu & a few of his partners in the Persian Gulf. Can Russia’s New Role in the Middle East Help Ease Tensions between Tehran and Riyadh American logic blames the Russian military intervention in Syria for decimating the US foreign policy agenda in the ME. Netanyahu’s Existential Concern: The Survival Of ’Israel’ Is Doubtful Ten years ago, Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that the 2006 war brought back into question the issue of ’Israel’s’ existence after the June Decertifying ‘BARJAM’ and Destroying the Remains of US Credibility Iranian Street United on JCPOA despite some fears: We will survive and the US will bear the consequences From Now On, ‘Israel’ Must Be Ready for The Unpredictable! Although the ‘Israelis’ are always concerned about Sayyed Nasrallah’s speeches, his words this time revealed a way different significance... Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech: Tel Aviv Is Unable To Assess the Strategic Position Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech carried many surprises that the ’Israelis’ were expecting Ashura: When Millions Pour into the Streets Every Year Ashura: when millions pour into the streets every year Ashura... With a Taste of Victory It’s that day of the year, awaited by longing hearts and yearning souls... for the love of Hussein. Odd Developments on the Deir Ez-Zor Front The breaking of the 3-year-long Daesh siege over Deir ez-Zor has been followed by a series of strange developments. He Lost His Head For Thousands To Live In Peace! Al-Ahed Exclusive: As early as 6 am, the metro and bus stations of Tehran were choking with people who came to bid farewell to the Iranian martyr who The New «Israeli» Buffer Against Iran: An Independent Kurdish State This ‘secret’ relationship between the Kurds and the ’Israelis’ dates back to the mid-1960’s. Trump At The UN: The Born-again Hegemon In a little over a year, Trump has toned down his rhetoric and is no longer such a vocal critic of the UN. The Chay Khouneh: Serving Tea For The Love Of Imam Hussein Tehran readied to embrace the new Islamic Hijri year and commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein [AS]. Bahrain’s «Israelization»: Introductory Rehearsal to Opening Tel Aviv - Riyadh Road ’Israeli’ media insists on revealing the growing constructive ’Israeli’-Arab relationship. Iranian Political Analyst: US Biggest Loser of Wrecking N-deal Iranian Political Analyst: US biggest loser of wrecking nuclear deal, growing isolated Iran to pursue its peaceful N-program Sayyed al-Houthi Warns Saudi-led Coalition: Our Missiles Can Reach Abu Dhabi Sayyed Houthi said that his group’s ballistic missiles were capable of reaching the UAE, its capital, as well as any location inside Saudi Arabia. Saudi Crown Prince’s Secret Trip to Tel Aviv: Riyadh Moving Closer towards Normalization with ‘Israel’ New information uncovered the secret visit made recently by a Gulf delegation to the ’Israeli’ entity. Deir Ez-Zor: The Final Showdown Against Daesh The breaking of the Daesh stranglehold over Deir ez-Zor is a ’historic day’ for Syria. Iran’s Geopolitics & the Eurasian Strategic Triangle In July, the US slapped Iran with fresh sanctions, warning that Washington would ’not tolerate Iran’s provocative and destabilizing behavior’