Alahednews Alahednews President Lahoud to Al-Ahed: Liberation One of the Most Beautiful Days in My Life President Lahoud to Al-Ahed: Lucky To Live In the Time of Resistance, Liberation One of the Most Beautiful Days in My Life From the Darkness of the Khiam Detention Center, She Resisted and Triumphed Rasmiya Jaber did not realize at the time what the darkness of the detention center had in store for her. 1/1/1990 is a date she remembers well. Pompeo’s Illusionary Speech and the Untrustworthy US The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s attitude on Iran rings a bell. A similar scenario was that of Jeffery Feltman’s towards Hezbollah in 200 Gaza: Crime Without Punishment It was the ’Israeli’ military that fired into thousands of Palestinian demonstrators as they marked the 70th anniversary of the Nakba! Trump Is Bananas and the US Will Pay the Price The Iranians, other than the growing despise towards Trump in their hearts, seem to care less. Iranian Media Weighs Trump’s Pullout: A Deal without the Troublemaker Iranian newspapers paid attention to Trump’s pulling out of the nuclear deal. The Strategic Dimensions of Hezbollah’s Electoral Battle Hezbollah set a fundamental goal for its electoral campaign regarding its external dimension. Western Media Frames and Filters: The Worthy and the Unworthy Victims Killing huge numbers of innocent civilians is called ’mass murder’, but only when mainstream media choses to call it so. Is the US Gearing Up for War with Iran? Emmanuel Macron’s three days in Washington this week were apparently more than enough to help him realize that Europe’s supposed goal of preserv Trump on Bin Salman: He Has Lice and Will Pay! When Trump carried the cardboards and laid them on Bin Salman’s lap, he explained to the world how to acquire the Saudis’ wealth that he is seek Even Stars Tell The Truth! Rocker Roger Waters denounced the ’White Helmets’ as a fake organization fronting for terrorist; the group seemed to have tried to lobby him. Saudi Arabia in Syria: Between the Loss of Investment and Being Let Down by Trump Following the tripartite aggression on Damascus, the idea that the Saudis and the Zionists were still betting on the dismantling of the Russia-Iran-Sy The Countdown As was the case in 2003, there is no proof today that a chemical attack even occurred in Syria’s Douma - let alone confirmation that Bashar al-Assa The Enemy Awaits the Iranian Response: When, Where and How Great? What was ’Israel’s’ objective behind its attack against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps at the T4 airport? Why was it at that particula Kefraya and al-Faoua: Victims of a Terrorist Siege and the Silence of the World The two islands have been isolated from the whole world for four years - surrounded by terrorists. A Sister in Life... A Companion in Martyrdom Amina al-Sadr inspire an entire generation of men and women! The Intellectual Pillar Of The Islamic Society: Al-Sadr’s 38th Martyrdom Anniversary The 38th martyrdom anniversary of Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr, the pillar of Islamic Dissemination. Guaranteeing ’Israel’s’ ’Ethnic Purity’ Massacring dozens of protesters in broad daylight also suggests that Tel Aviv is by no means indifferent when it comes to peaceful methods of resistan Hezbollah: An Outsider’s Inside View Based on eight years of research and hands-on experience, Brenda Heard offered a Western insight into the people behind the name Hezbollah. All You Need to Know: Nowruz and the Haft Seen The famous Nowruz is the occasion that not many people know what it really holds within its folds. US National Security Strategy 2017: Impacts on the Middle East Trump’s National Security Strategy of the US makes clear that ’America First’ is more than just a campaign slogan. Putin Emerges Triumphant Thanks in No Small Part to Western Demonization Russia’s elections can best be described as a supersized event, spanning eleven time zones across 17 mn square km of territory. Zaspkin Discusses Importance of 2018 Russian Presidential Elections Alexander Zaspkin said Russians are in front of a bright future and an important stage. The Fist of Zion With an average annual budget of USD 2 billion, the Mossad’s work is shrouded in mystery In Solidarity with Palestine: Occupation Unacceptable, Palestine is destined to Liberation There is no doubt that a very hard work needs to be done on different levels until this ultimate goal is achieved when the sun of freedom rises over e