Alahednews Alahednews The Chay Khouneh: Serving Tea For The Love Of Imam Hussein Tehran readied to embrace the new Islamic Hijri year and commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein [AS]. Bahrain’s «Israelization»: Introductory Rehearsal to Opening Tel Aviv - Riyadh Road ’Israeli’ media insists on revealing the growing constructive ’Israeli’-Arab relationship. Iranian Political Analyst: US Biggest Loser of Wrecking N-deal Iranian Political Analyst: US biggest loser of wrecking nuclear deal, growing isolated Iran to pursue its peaceful N-program Sayyed al-Houthi Warns Saudi-led Coalition: Our Missiles Can Reach Abu Dhabi Sayyed Houthi said that his group’s ballistic missiles were capable of reaching the UAE, its capital, as well as any location inside Saudi Arabia. Saudi Crown Prince’s Secret Trip to Tel Aviv: Riyadh Moving Closer towards Normalization with ‘Israel’ New information uncovered the secret visit made recently by a Gulf delegation to the ’Israeli’ entity. Deir Ez-Zor: The Final Showdown Against Daesh The breaking of the Daesh stranglehold over Deir ez-Zor is a ’historic day’ for Syria. Iran’s Geopolitics & the Eurasian Strategic Triangle In July, the US slapped Iran with fresh sanctions, warning that Washington would ’not tolerate Iran’s provocative and destabilizing behavior’ Al-Ahed Reveals the Final Draft of the Reduction of Tensions Deal in Syria’s Homs Exclusive: Al-Ahed obtained the final draft of the agreement for the reduction of tensions in Syria’s Homs province. A Job That No «Israeli» Wants Hezbollah’s successes in delivering powerful, unexpected and precise blows against the invading army threw Tel Aviv off-balance. The Pentagon’s Biological Bomb The Pentagon has reportedly dished out over one billion US dollars on more than 400 labs worldwide. Shamkhani to Al-Ahed: Hezbollah’s Recent Victories Herald the Approaching End of the ’Zionist Daesh’ Ali Shamkhani: The Islamic resistance in 2006 ridiculed the myth of the ‘invincible Zionist army’. The Mossad Sounds the Alarm: What’s Coming Is Even Worse ’Israeli’ Mossad chief warned that ’the region is not changing in our interest’. The Longest Military Campaign inside Saudi Arabia Goes Largely Unnoticed By the World For months, everything on the streets of Saudi Arabia’s northeastern town of Awamiyah has been indiscriminately and ruthlessly shot at. Only in Saudi Arabia... Coward Regime Kills Children of Besieged #Awamia, Media only Tells Lies It only happens there, in the Saudi Kingdom of terror, that the regime forces invade a town populated with minorities, raze their homes, and even kill Al-Mekdad: Syria Ready to Provide All Support for LA, «Israel» Supreme Beneficiary of Syria’s Destruction Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that coordination between Syria and the Lebanese national resistance is ever-present. From the Islamic Resistance in Arsal to Father Jacques Hamel... A Homage of Brotherhood and Loyalty A tribute from Hezbollah fighters in Arsal to unjustly slain Father Jacque Hamel. Awamia Declares State of Emergency, But Who Really Cares? Once upon a thought, the Saudi regime decided to raze the historical neighborhood of Awamia... The Absence of ’Political Unity’ Among Arabs & Islamic Holy Sites in Al-Quds Most Arab regimes remained conspicuously silent, failing to produce public displays of solidarity with the Palestinian cause... From the Liberated Arsal Outskirts: Good, Accurate Planning, Objective Accomplished [Photos] At the junction that separates Arsal from the dirt road leading to the outskirts, lies a scene that only the most honorable people crafted. «Israeli» Energy Projects & The Fuel For Regional Instability The real game changer was the discovery of the Leviathan field in the Mediterranean. ‘Israeli’ Aqsa Policies in Palestinian Eyes: Escalation Always 1st Option, The Enemy Will Pay a Heavy Price! ’Israeli’ Aqsa Policies: Palestinian voices stressed that their first option ever will remain escalation against this cruel entity, adding that The First Face-to-Face Between Putin & Trump The fact that the Putin-Trump meeting lasted nearly two and a half hours is an indication of how much the two presidents had to discuss. The Gulf Crisis and the 13-Point Wish List Two things were easy to predict when it came to the 13-point ultimatum issued to Qatar by the Saudi-led bloc of countries. Jaberi Ansari: Saudi Started a Dangerous Game, Will Drown Because of It Jaberi Ansari said the IRGC missile operation against Daesh has in Deir al-Zour was a clear message from Iran in confronting terrorists. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Hezbollah Mothers It is not the first event of its kind that the association holds, but it sure is the first that I have attended.