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Al-Ahed Telegram

person Marwah

May Allah bless

Salaam, this is a great site for us Hezbollah lovers in the West. I adore the moqawama in a unanimous way. im hoping to somehow work for them in the future when i finish my university studies next year. Please if anybody knows how i can contribut let me know.' it would be a major honour to have any affiliation with the resistance party. I ADORE THE RESISTANCE GROUP FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, and have never been ashamed to express this adoration in a nation that is a signatory to the labelling of the party as terrorists. i care not what they will call me, because i have oathed within myself my heart and soul in alleigance to this party till my last breath. Labbayka Ya Nasrullah

Dear Marwa, We so much appreciate your enthusiasm and beliefs, and thank you for your kind words, looking forward to seeing more of your contribution through comments on the Website. Local Editor

place Australia
access_time 7 years ago

person Syed Moazzam Hassan jafri

Middleast uprising

Finally the Arab world is waking up just like Iran and Lebanon,and we hope Pakistan also wakes up.We support u Hizbollah for fighting America,Israel,and puppet regimes everywhere in the world. Alahuma sale ala muhammad wa ale muhamad.

Thank you Sayed Moazzam for your comment and participation, we hope to see more of your comments on the articles also Best Local Editor

place Pakistan
access_time 7 years ago

person Taufiq Haddad


Assalamu'alaikum Alhamdulillah, finally, I found this website in English. It become one way to me to know about muqawwamah and Hizbullah... We are so many owe to you to be a followers Ahlil Bayt as..u are a model of the house of martyrdom Regards, Taufiq Haddad

Dear Mr. Tawfiq, Thank you for your participation on our website, we have started posting the resistance operations starting with the year 1993. you can check them here Also, we llok forward to see more of your participation BEst Local Editor

place Indonesia
access_time 7 years ago

person MOhammad Yassen

Islamic Resistance in all our hearts!

Islamic Resistance is in all our hearts! VIVA Islamic Resistance

Dear Mr. Mohammad, Thank you for your participation, looking forward to seeing your comments also on our articles. Best Local Editor

place Mozambique
access_time 7 years ago

person Vitor Warwar


Keep up the good work. Peace.

Dear Mr Vitor, Thank you for your words, we also look forward to seeing your comments on the articles as it matters to us to read your opinion and participation on what we write Best Local Editor

place USA
access_time 7 years ago

person maryam ekinovic

Allahu akbar

Esselamu aleikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam,i`m happy that i found this page,i am supporter of Hezbollah since i heard first time you are in this world. I`m proud of seeing the results of what people who are really afraid of Allah are doing. You are really followers of Sunna of Muhammed a.s. and say truth and fighting against Israelis. I have dream that my 3 boys and my husband will one day fight with you against the enemy. you all are in our duuas. Allahumme salli ala Muhammed we ala ali Muhammed. Kul yewm ashura kul ard karbala

Dear Mrs. Maryam, Thank you so much for your participation, we really appreciate what you wrote and look forward to see more of your participation on our website. It is the path of Allah and Ahlul Bet that we should follow until the last drop oof our blood. Than you for your prayers and Duaas Best Local Editor

place Denmark
access_time 7 years ago

person REHAN



Dear Rihan, Thank you for your kind words and hope to see more of your participation in this website Best

place Pakistan
access_time 7 years ago

person Bo Korpman

My Future Plans

Hezbollah is the best of ever! I am going to join it when i get older!!!

place Vatican City
access_time 7 years ago

person Jaafar Abderrahim


May Allah bless Hizbullah, its leaders and all the heroic soldiers who are willing to bring the greatest sacrifice in order to defend their beloved country and the integrity of all Arabs and Muslims.

Thank you Mr. jaafar for your kind words, we are looking forward to see more participation from you in the guest book and comments on articles! It is people like you who make their voice heard through words of great meaning you write! Thanks again Administrator

place Netherlands
access_time 7 years ago

person M. Farooq

Pakistani people are with you

Pakistani people are with you.

place Pakistan
access_time 7 years ago

person Liam Dalquen

Long Live Hezbollah

Thank you for all the great things you have achieved. I love Hezbollah, Keep up the good work and don't ever give up, the zionist will die soon.

place Canada
access_time 7 years ago

person Muhammmet Habiboğlu


First; I must tell that Hizbullah wants Union. I see Hizbullah in Lebanon want brotherhood and not Fitnah. We remember Sayyed Abbas Musawi, Sehikh Ragheb Harb,Hajj Imad,Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's son shahid. Those are sincere and clear resistance Alhamdulillah. We pray for you dua from Turkey.

Thank you for your participation. Local Editor

place Turkey
access_time 7 years ago



I salute to the brave souls who together; are known as ‘HIZBULLAH’. You people are the ray of hope for us. May Allah bless you all and protect you against all evil designs of the enemy. LONG LIVE HIZBULLAH - LONG LIVE SYED HASSAN NASARULLAH...!!

place Pakistan
access_time 7 years ago

person Mohammad Yassin

Allah Maak ya Sayyed Nasrallah

Puisse Allah te guider et t'éclairer dans la voie de Jihad fi-Sabilellah. Je penses à toi souvent mais pas assez. J'ai revé de toi pendant le Ramadan, on s'est dit Salam et il y avait une fraternelle amitié entre nous, bien que malheureusement je ne t'es pas encore rencontré, et meme que je suis Sunnite je te respecte beaucoup pour ta bravoure et celle de tes soldats. Alliez résistance Sallah et Zakah et aidez nos frères à se marier au Liban, puissiez vous heriter la vraie connaissance et que les saintes huriat soient l'heritage de nos nobles martyrs. Sinceres salutations, un de tes freres en Islam

Merci pour votre participation, espérant avoire plus de ses contributions dans les commentaires du site Avec nos remerciements Editeur Local

place Palastine
access_time 7 years ago