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As-Safir Newspaper: Nasrallah-Jumblatt... Proceedings of the "Renewed Alliance" Dinner

As-Safir Newspaper: Nasrallah-Jumblatt... Proceedings of the
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As-Safir, 12-10-2009

Awaiting the Lebanese to translate the Syrian-Saudi summit, Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) leader MP Walid Jumblatt resumed their relationship "normalization" meetings soon after the summit concluded.

The lengthy meeting they held began from where their first left off, which was dedicated at the time as ‘ice-breaking' and ‘heart- cleansing' meeting.

This second meeting went in-depth into a strategy reading pertained to the domestic and regional situations. We can say that it establishes for a strong future relationship between the two men and the two parties. 

Among the foundational signs towards the future is Taymour Jumblatt's first time participation in such meetings, during which the participants noted Taymour's kind of personal warmth he holds towards Sayyed Nasrallah.

According to certain sources Walid Jumblatt addressed his son during the meeting, saying: "Hadi Nasrallah (Hizbullah Secretary General's son) fell martyr during his resistance of the ‘Israeli' occupation, just as your grandfather (Kamal Jumblatt) fell martyr on the road to Palestine."

"As-Safir" learned that the meeting, which was attended by MP Akram Shehayeb and Hizbullah liaison and coordination official, Hajj Wafik Safa, lasted more than three hours, was "cordial and warm" to the extent that those acquainted with its atmosphere considered it "Forms the beginning of the return to the golden phase that prevailed in the relationship between Nasrallah and Jumblatt in the "good old days."

Discussions covered traditional domestic details and beyond to vital regional situation issues and the prospects of the future relationship with Syria and certain Lebanese forces.

Based on available information it can be concluded from the debate that Jumblatt's departure from ‘March 14' camp and its choices is virtually complete. Presentation of this truth and its various dimensions out into the open awaits two things: government formation and Saad Hariri's visit to Damascus, after which Jumblatt is expected to become free in both word and deed to express his convictions.

During the dinner sitting, MP Jumblatt presented Sayyed Nasrallah with three gifts: a book titled "On the road to Mukhtarah", written by Izzat Safi (from the first generations in the PSP) on the biography of Martyr Kamal Jumblatt (MP Jumblatt's father). His second gift was also a book by the American diplomat Dennis Ross, entitled "Myths, Illusions and Peace" deals with his experience as a negotiator in the region; Dennis Ross is the one known for his theory on separating the tracks (in the "Israeli"-Arab conflict-negotiations).

Jumblatt also presented Nasrallah with the "Kamal Jumblatt Medallion" in recognition of the resistance martyrs against the "Israeli" occupation, at their forefront martyr Hadi Nasrallah.

At agenda level with respect to the government, the two sides stressed the need to expedite government formation and exchange of concessions. The two sides agreed to each contribute, from their own position and relations with their own allies, to push toward speeding up government formation.

On another level, Jumblatt stressed that he is seriously considering "Israel's" threats to Lebanon from time to time and the joint US-"Israeli" exercises, as much as that acts as a signal to the possibility of targeting Iran at any given moment. Both parties agreed on the necessity to remain alert to these risks and to facing them.

Regarding the field file and what is happening on the ground between the PSP and Hizbullah, Jumblatt and Nasrallah addressed in detail the steps taken so far in eliminating any residues of the May 7 events. Safa and Shehayeb provided detailed explanations in this regard. All at the gathering reached the conclusion that the reconciliation file is almost complete in various areas of shared coexistence as well as universities and schools, where a level mixing takes place. What remains is the need to put finishing touches to the Shuweifat reconciliation, expected to be completed soon.

During the discussion of this file, Jumblatt turned to Sayyed Nasrallah saying: "Just as we (PSP & Hizbullah) aborted the Druze-Shiaa sedition, we ought not allow a chance for a Sunni-Shiaa sedition", an opinion the Secretary-General of Hizbullah echoed.

Jumblatt said to "As-Safir" Newspaper, the importance of his second meeting with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is that it has achieved an advanced step in trust rebuilding between him and the Secretary General of Hizbullah, following the crisis of the past years, pointing out that discussions of domestic and regional issues were characterized by positivity.

As for his son's participation in the meeting, Jumblatt said: "I want Taymour to follow the path of Mukhtara as drawn by Kamal Jumblatt, who brought the Mukhtara out from the narrow Lebanese horizon to the wider Arab horizon, with Palestine constituting a focal point in it."

He added: "I wanted for Taymour to meet Sayyed Nasrallah who is a key symbol among the symbols of struggle and resistance, thus he will have complemented his first two public appearances at the Victory Festival and at the commemoration of absenting Imam Moussa Sadr.
This allows him the interaction with the national, pan-Arabic, struggling and Islamic line in commitment with walking in his grandfather's footsteps.
When the time comes, Taymour knows that Mukhtara road remains the path of Arabism and Palestine.