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JP: ‘Israel’ Is on Its Knees, Bibi Dragged it into Existential Threat

JP: ‘Israel’ Is on Its Knees, Bibi Dragged it into Existential Threat
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By Staff

Under the title, “Sinwar and Nasrallah can relax: Netanyahu wants a complete victory, but not over them”, the “Jerusalem Post” daily lamented the fact that Ten million “Israelis” wake up disturbed at night as their “country” is on its knees.

According to the daily “For the first time, ‘Israel’s’ enemies succeeded in occupying bases and cities in the south and forced the ‘Israeli’ government to evacuate a large area of land in the north.”

It further mentioned that “The havoc that Netanyahu has wreaked on ‘Israel’ in all areas is incomprehensible and unprecedented.”

“He has dismantled the social fabric, the unity of the ‘country’, the ‘Israeli’ brotherhood. He has ruined the economy. He has not lifted a finger to stop the breakdown of academia. It has led to the weakening of ‘Israel's’ growth engines such as the hi-tech and technology industries,” the daily cautioned.

Slamming the entity’s PM, the famous “Israeli” daily mentioned listed that “He has turned ‘Israel’ into a leper colony. He destroyed the deterrence. He is listed as the supreme responsible minister [prime minister] in all the greatest disasters that have befallen us, from the fire in the 'Carmel' through the ‘Meron’ tragedy to October 7, but he is not willing to accept responsibility, he is not willing to draw conclusions, he is not willing to implement what he recommended at the time to Ehud Olmert.”

“He clings to the reins of power, and he drags the entire ‘country’ down to the abyss. He is surrounded by a crowd of fearful dwarves, devoid of spines or courage, who collaborate in all of this. History will judge them too,” the “Jerusalem Post” wrote.

Wondering “So, what's the problem with absolute victory?” it answered that “No problem, except for the fact that there is no such thing. It doesn't exist. Illusion. Delusion. A vain spell. An organized farce. You don't need to be a military historian to know that.”

“What Netanyahu did with his ‘absolute victory’ slogan is to build expectations, to make empty promises and to create a false presentation of the situation. He climbed a tree from which he cannot descend. This is not the first time. He's been doing this his whole career. But this time it's deadly. it's dangerous. It's existential,” the daily said.