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“Israel” Pulls Golani out of Gaza Quagmire

“Israel” Pulls Golani out of Gaza Quagmire
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By Staff, Agencies

The “Israeli” occupation forces' Golani Briagde's 13th Battalion has withdrawn from the Gaza Strip after suffering substantial losses in its ranks, which culminated in a well-drawn ambush in the al-Shujaiya neighborhood.

Seven Golani troops, including two high-ranking officers, were killed on December 12, when Resistance fighters ambushed occupation forces in the al-Shujaiya.

Nine days following the historic ambush that crushed soldiers and officers from Golani's 51st and 13th Battalion, the “Israeli” occupation army has decided to pull out the battered 13th Battalion from the Gaza Strip, in order to “regroup and rest”.

The Golani Brigade is one of “Israel’s” military most special forces, consisting of eight battalions – four tank battalions, two infantry battalions, one paratrooper battalion, one artillery battalion, in addition to supply and maintenance operations.

The Brigade was formed in February 1948 during the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine. It has participated in all of “Israel’s” major wars against Arab countries.

In 2014, the Golani suffered heavy losses in al-Shujaiya neighborhood.

Meanwhile, “Israeli” Channel 13, has shown the celebrations of “Israeli” army soldiers who had just pulled out from Gaza, rejoicing that they have escaped the battle, while thousands of their colleagues are still fighting an unwinnable war.