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‘Israeli’ Forces Withdraw from Al-Shifa Hospital Humiliated Having Not Found Any Weapons

‘Israeli’ Forces Withdraw from Al-Shifa Hospital Humiliated Having Not Found Any Weapons
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By Agencies

‘Israeli’ occupation forces withdrew from Al-Shifa Medical Complex. However, their tanks remain positioned in its vicinity, the Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, said late on Wednesday.

Abu Salmiya confirmed, yet again, that the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces "did not find any military gear or weapons in the hospital," emphasizing that the Hospital's management does not allow weapons on its premises.

He pointed to the futility of the ongoing communications with international organizations, which were unable to deter the occupation from committing yet another war crime in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Salmiya further revealed that the occupation detained two medical engineers and interrogated several medical staffers in the complex.

In detail, the two detained engineers are the only available experts at the hospital who are tasked with the management of the complex's electrical generators and oxygen supply systems, according to Munir al-Bursh, the Director General for the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

Al-Bursh revealed that the occupation sabotaged and destroyed crucial systems and assets in the complex, having failed to find their alleged spoils.

Meanwhile, Hamas held US President Joe Biden responsible for the raid. In response, Kirby told reporters, "We did not give an OK to their ["Israel's"] military operations around the hospital."

Further exposing ‘Israeli’ lies, Hamas confirmed that the ‘Israeli’ occupation’s claim that there are weapons in Al-Shifa Hospital is merely part "of the blatant lies and cheap propaganda, through which it tries to justify its crime with the aim of destroying the health sector in Gaza."

Hamas stressed that this propaganda is the same as that the ‘Israeli’ forces used to justify their storming of al-Rantisi Children's Hospital, "where the occupation plants weapons in the place and puts up an unsubstantiated charade that no one falls for anymore."

The resistance movement reminded everyone of the call it repeatedly made to the United Nations and international organizations to form an international committee to "look into the conditions of hospitals and thus, expose the lies of the occupation’s narrative and its false claims."

Hamas also highlighted "the extent of lies and deception promoted by the occupation to cover up its crimes against children, women, and defenseless civilians."

Earlier, a journalist trapped in Al-Shifa told AFP that the ‘Israeli’ military may have withdrawn from the hospital after numerous have been martyred and wounded.

Moreover, Gaza's governmental Media Office lambasted the occupation for its "systematic raids on hospitals."

The media office stressed that the occupation's military "committed a historical crime," as hundreds of occupation soldiers and numerous armored vehicles invaded the hospital.

Occupation soldiers physically assaulted numerous patients, injured individuals, displaced people, and medical staff in Al-Shifa. They also forced several individuals to strip down naked as they subjected them to verbal abuse.

They also forced medical teams to leave their workplaces in medical buildings, interrogating them under the threat of murder.