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"Israel’s" stooges hiding in lobby groups in Britain

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Speak out against the slaughter in Gaza
Source: Redress Information & Analysis, 04-01-2009
Redress Information & Analysis calls on its readers to expose "Israel's" stooges in the various lobby groups in Britain, Europe and the United States, and to fight back against pro-"Israel" bias in the media.
On 27 December 2008 the "Israeli" air force launched a murderous campaign against the people of the Gaza Strip, many of whom are refugees from its previous campaigns of ethnic cleansing. This culminated in a ground aggression on 3 January 2009.
To date, 430 Palestinians had been murdered and some 2,200 others wounded.
These figures are only illustrative: by the time you see the video below, they would have increased even more.
Meanwhile, "Israel's" stooges in the media and governments of Britain, the European Union and the United States are either silent or fighting a rear-guard action to justify "Israel's" slaughter of Palestinians.
Among "Israel's" stooges are, in Britain, "Labour Friends of ‘Israel'", "Conservative Friends of ‘Israel'" and "Liberal Democratic Friends of ‘Israel'", and in the United States, the American "Israel" Public Affairs Committee and the Anti-Defamation League.
The images displayed in the video below are intended to give you a taste of what it is like to be a neighbour of the racist, Jews-only state of "Israel".
After you have watched the video, please ask yourself:
If the images you have just watched were of your family, relatives or friends, or if the destruction was of your home and neighbourhood, would you forgive those who are inflicting death and destruction on your loved ones and on your home?
Given that the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves "Israelis" support the killing of Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular, what are the chances of peace or coexistence with "Israelis"?
Could the Europeans or the Jews forgive the Nazis for their atrocities? If the answer is no, then why should we forgive the racist "Israeli" murderers and their European and American stooges?
How long will Europe and the United States allow "Israel" and its elaborate network of stooges in the "Friends of ‘Israel'" lobby groups to morally blackmail them into silence over "Israel's" crimes by abusing the memory of the Holocaust?
If you are a justice- and peace-loving person, then we ask you to do the following:
Find out if your local Congressman, Member of Parliament or other political representative is a member of an "Israeli" lobby group and EXPOSE THEM AND CHALLENGE THEM PUBLICLY. Let all those they claim to represent know who they really are and what they stand for. Are they American or "Israeli"? Are they British or "Israeli"? EXPOSE THEM AND CHALLENGE THEM on the internet and in every public forum that is available to you.
Keep a close eye on your national and local media when they report on the "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict. Make a note of the correspondents and reporters who act as "Israel's" propagandists, those who parrot the "Israeli" public relations line and those who let "Israeli" spokesmen go unchallenged. Complain to the organization they work for, whether the BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera International or some other medium. Keep complaining until your message gets through.
As the Irish orator, philosopher and politician Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Do not let evil triumph.