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Sayyed Raisi’s Syria Visit and the Region’s New Era!

Sayyed Raisi’s Syria Visit and the Region’s New Era!
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By Mohammad Youssef

The Iranian president’s visit to Syria this week is a landmark in the strategic relation between the two allied countries.

The importance of Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi's visit is evident as it comes at a very sensitive timing, after years of a global war against Syria and the triumph the Arab country achieved against its enemies.

Tehran and Damascus have the right to celebrate their common victory against terrorism and world conspiracy, and to open new horizons in their cooperation to enhance the Axis of Resistance and thus usher in a new era in the region. And this exactly what happened.

This article is not a survey of all the agreements that were signed by the two countries, but the good spirit of cooperation that prevailed gave a bad omen to both the Americans and the ‘Israelis.’

Washington and ‘Tel Aviv’ will not receive the news of the Iranian-Syrian summit with ease.

Washington did its best and harbored hopes that the Syrian government would collapse thus opening the way for its plans in Syria and the region to prevail.

The ‘Israeli’ entity coordinated the efforts with the Takfiri terrorist groups and gave them support, military supplies and logistics. All those American-‘Israeli’ efforts have failed, and Damascus emerged victorious and willful to continue to adhere to its principles, and to renew its commitment to the great causes of the Ummah.

The ‘Israeli’ entity recently has intensified its military pressure against Syria by targeting its various airports and military establishments in an effort to sabotage the continuous Syrian coordination with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Syrian-Iranian summit came to prove that the kind of alliance that exists between the two countries is difficult to break or even change.

Iran has stood by Syria’s side during all the years of the Syrian crisis. It never at any time failed to deliver. Iran paid dearly while defending the Syrian territories and the Syrian leadership understands this very well and highly appreciates all the Iranian support, supplies and sacrifices.

Now, during Raisi’s visit, the two countries have signed new strategic agreements that would allow them to push their relationship ahead towards new horizons of cooperation.

As Tehran stood by Damascus side during the military war and threats, Iran nowadays renews its commitment to help in the country’s reconstruction challenge.

Moreover, Tehran expressed readiness and willingness to upgrade and improve the support on many levels as well, especially in technology and in railroads. Iran has world achievements on so many different levels and is ready to put its expertise at Syria’s disposal.

The kind of agreements that were ratified explains a lot about the genuine relationship that forms the strong bond between Iran and Syria.

Time will tell a lot about the ascending relationship between the two countries and future will unfold new results that will positively impact the whole region. This will mark a new beginning of more cooperation and coordination that will bring more benefits to the two countries and for the whole region and its peoples.