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“Israeli” Worries of Arab Openness to Syria

“Israeli” Worries of Arab Openness to Syria
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By Ali Hassan

Damascus, Syria – Contrary to what the “Israeli” entity wishes, Arab efforts are increasing to restore relations with Damascus as one of the main members of the Arab League. The last of these endeavors is the Arab meeting that was held in Amman at the level of foreign ministers and includes the host country in addition to Gulf Cooperation Council countries as well as Egypt, Iraq and Syria. The participants in the meeting aim to find a peaceful solution in Syria and end the war that has lasted for more than twelve years.

Hebrew media is following Arab-Syria rapprochement with concern

Regarding “Israeli” concerns about the return of Syria to its Arab surroundings, political analyst Ibrahim Al-Ahmad told al-Ahed News that there is a consensus among Zionist experts and “Israeli” media about the danger inherent in the return of Arabs to Syria. In this context, the “Israeli” Maariv newspaper described the Arab return to Damascus as establishing a new Middle East. It further considered that Assad's participation in the summit to be held in Saudi Arabia may constitute a radical change in the regional position. However, “Israel” Hayom considered that “Saudi Arabia's invitation to Assad to participate in the summit reflects a change in the Saudi position and siding with China at the expense of the United States”.

Al-Ahmad explained that “Israeli” media does not differentiate between the Arab rapprochement – especially the Gulf – with Damascus and the Arab rapprochement with Tehran, as “Israeli” experts and analysts consider that the two paths lead in the same direction and lead to the same results, which is weakening the “Israeli” entity and ending its dream of establishing an Arab-Zionist alliance to confront the Axis of Resistance; this is according to Haaretz’s Arab affairs analyst Zvi Bar'el. The political analyst considered that the Arab return to Damascus and Tehran reflects the futility of these countries’ alliance with the “Israeli” entity; as their alliance with the entity only led to gratuitous problems with an important neighbor such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and did not achieve the coup required to break the thorn of the Axis of Resistance, which did not weaken but rather grew stronger.

An “Israeli” move to stop the path of Arab normalization with Damascus

In the context of what Tel Aviv and the United States are preparing to obstruct Syria's return to its Arab position, military expert Ali Khaddour told al-Ahed News that the “Israeli” entity, in coordination with Washington, is moving towards renewing its attacks on Syria after it was interrupted for a period of time, the latest of which was the aggression on Homs governorate on Tuesday shutting down Aleppo airport.

The military expert explained that the enemy is trying – through these raids and sabotage approach – to send a message to Arab countries that are increasing the pace of their diplomatic moves towards Damascus that it is still able to cooperate with it to strike the Axis of Resistance. On the other hand, the “Israeli” entity with the US continue their pressure to thwart the return of Syria to its Arab surroundings through the declared American position rejecting normalization with Damascus and fanning the fire of Arab-Arab division to obstruct this path.

Khaddour stressed that the coming period carries with it many changes that will not serve the “Israeli” entity and its continuity in the region.