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Truthful Promise

Hizbullah SG Speech on 30-11-2006

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Local Editor

In a televised speech on Al-Manar channel the Secretary General of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah invited all the Lebanese to participate in a peaceful and civilized open ended sit-in, starting at three o`clock tomorrow afternoon, Friday.

The following is the full speech:

Thanks and Praise be to God, Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, peace and prayers to the Prophet Muhammad, his infallible household, his chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers;

Peace, God`s mercy and blessings be upon you all;

Dear Lebanese citizens,

The current government has been in office for a year and a few months after it had presented a ministerial statement that was large, important, clear and specific.
It had also made important and sensitive promises to all the Lebanese. Yet, after all this time it proved unsuccessful and paralyzed, unable to deliver on the promises it had undertaken, or to provide any accomplishments worthwhile mentioning.

Conversely, we find the crises have begun to exacerbate on the political, social and economic levels, in addition to security, financial and different levels.
In our view, the real reason behind this government`s failure is due to being a one-party-government.

It is true that Amal Movement and Hizbullah were involved in this government, however, in actual fact they were not really allowed serious participation in government, which was merely a legal framework to pass decisions taken by leaderships outside the government, the leadership of `14th of March` forces.

Lebanon, with its diverse nature and fabric, cannot be administered through a single team or managed via a particular coalition, nor have its crises solved thus, especially in light of the difficult internal problems, more difficult regional ones and internationally most serious.

Therefore, we have and are now again calling for the formation of a National Unity government, because if we want to preserve Lebanon`s independence and its sovereignty, prevent Lebanon from falling under any foreign tutelage, to strengthen the foundations of security, stability and civil peace, to cooperate in addressing the suffocating social and economic crisis, to address the political crises through true representation of all Lebanese movements and groups, to give real participation in the country`s administration and to deal with various crises and face various existing challenges local, regional and international, then we must cooperate, join forces and unite efforts in this current stage.

This can only be achieved through a government of true national unity.
When we talk about a government of national unity, we are talking about integration, solidarity and cooperation and not about cancelling out, nor crossing off others, or about ruling unilaterally or singularly.

In all cases, we found that all political efforts through dialogue, negotiation and consultation collided with a wall of impasse, because the ruling team insists on ruling alone, against the true national interest, despite its inability and failure to achieve any accomplishment at any level.

This is why nothing remains for us, as national patriotic opposition forces seeking a legal and constitutional formula that addresses this crisis, but to take public action as pressure to achieve this goal.

If we want to be together to protect and reconstruct Lebanon, to bond in brotherhood, love, cooperation and goodwill among all the Lebanese, to secure the pillars of stability, address the political and economic and social crises, build Lebanon as a castle capable of withstanding all the coming harsh regional storms, then a government of national unity is certainly the way.

Hence and to this end, we are all invited, all the Lebanese from various regions, currents, arenas, ideas, beliefs, religions and backgrounds as the well as the various popular movements, to a civilized peaceful public action, to express our belief and vision and to peacefully push things, civilly and politically towards this choice.

I, in my capacity, and on behalf of Hizbullah, do invite all of you to attend and participate in the public gathering and the open-ended peaceful picketing, which begins next Friday afternoon in downtown Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, whose heart is big enough to encompass all of Lebanon and all the Lebanese.

Beirut the capital of Pan-Arabism and Arabs, whose heart is large enough to contain, as it used to, and always will, all the issues of our `Ummah` nation, Beirut which embraces its folks, sons and loved ones, who will come from all Lebanese regions, to be proud of them, to honor them and to reflect through them the nature of the democratic political life, the ability of the Lebanese to express their views even if they differed, to express their various political inclinations, even if they are conflicting.

Friday we gather in Beirut the capital of Lebanon and Arabism, the capital of the resistance and national unity to push our country towards this patriotic choice, this logical and safe choice, this national and noble choice.

We are invited to meet there, all of us, from all of Lebanon for the sake of Lebanon, for the honour and dignity of Lebanon, for upholding Lebanon, for the unity and future of Lebanon.

And Peace, God`s mercy and blessings be upon you all.


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