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Nasrallah pledges Al Quds homecoming

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source: 30-10-2005

On Al Quds Day, a day of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians, where people all over the world rally and arrange marches the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, the current Secretary General of the Lebanese anti-occupation group Hizbullah, addressed the Lebanese people, and voiced the determination for the Arab and the Muslim world to free Palestine and its historical capital Al Quds.

During a military parade and among thousands of Lebanese, Nasrallah delivered a message to the world, stressing that anti-"Israeli" occupation resistance was never and won`t be intimidated by the western powers' pressure and recent escalation in violence and political turmoil in the Arab state .‏‏

Nasrallah's remarks came few days after the release of a report by Terje Roed-Larsen on the implementation of resolution 1559, adopted by the Security Council last year, in which he called for "the disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese political groups, the extension of government control throughout all of Lebanon and the full restoration and strict respect for the sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and political independence of Lebanon, most notably through the establishment of normal diplomatic relations and the demarcation of borders between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Lebanese Republic".‏‏
Nasrallah stressed that his group will stand by Syria.

 He blasted the United Nations for what he described as political incitement against Damascus over the killing of Rafiq Al Hariri, reported Reuters.‏‏

"We say clearly that we stand by Syria, leadership and people, in the face of its targeting by the Americans and Zionists and attempts to punish it politically for standing by Lebanon and its resistance," Nasrallah told a massive rally in Beirut`s southern suburb.‏‏
Stressing unity with Syrian and Palestinian people, Mr. Nasrallah said: "For 25 years, Syrian, Lebanon and Palestinian people have endured the burdens of the struggle against the Zionist enemy, with the help of some of the honorable Arabic and Islamic world."‏‏

He rebuked the international community for bias and no credibility: "The international community doesn`t care about the interests of Palestinians, nor Lebanese, nor Arabs. The international community strives for the interests of America and "Israel" only."‏‏
"The international community blesses the "Israeli" aggression, killing and deportation of Palestinian people, or at their best they turn a blind eye to these acts. While they rally to condemn the Palestinian who is defending his people and they call him a terrorist."‏‏
Commenting on Larsen's calls for disarming Hizbullah, Nasrallah said: "Larsen asks us to surrender weapons we use to defend ourselves and our homes, and ignores 200 nuclear heads owned by "Israel" in violation to all International Laws and Resolutions."‏‏
Nasrallah, moreover, slammed both Larsen and Mehlis` reports, questioning the UN's sudden interest in Lebanon`s well being. And wondered how the reports were read through the "Israeli" Media before they were issued.‏‏

"The strange thing is that when the Security Counsel issued 1559 resolution, it appointed a watch and follow up mechanism, while all other resolutions regarding "Israel's" aggressions Like 194, 242, 338 and 425 were completely ignored." Regarding Mehlis` report, Mr. Nasrallah said: "What we are witnessing today is the using of the Mehlis report to punish Syria for a crime that it has not been convicted of as a punishment for its political and strategic options,"‏‏

"As soon as the report was released, it was used by the Americans to punish Syria even before the report has proved anything. We, the Lebanese people, refuse to stand against Syria and we will not consider it our enemy like the "Israelis" wish.‏‏
"We declare that we stand by Syrian people and leadership."‏‏
"On Al Quds day, we renew our pledge to Al Quds, to the people of Al Quds, to the cause of Al Quds that it is going to stay in our minds and hearts and remain to be our cause, our battle and our target," Mr. Nasrallah concluded.‏‏

Nasrallah's speech should be a source of confidence for the Lebanese people, as well as an urge to the West to step up efforts and try and protect Lebanon`s sovereignty and independence, with the acknowledgement that Lebanon will never accept Resolution 1559 unless the "Israeli" aggression is put to an end, stated Lebanon's Daily Star.‏‏