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Nasrallah: Beware of US financial plans that attempt to link economic aide with political concessions

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source: Kods Time, 22-09-2005

summary: Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah called on the Lebanese to face a new challenge called the US custody on Lebanon.
During a festival commemorating the birth of Imam Mahdi, the awaited savior, Sayyed Nasrallah warned from attempts to hinge the economic assistance on political concessions, referring to the US international conference on aiding Lebanon. He said that what happened in New York is worrying but he preferred not to pass judgments and wait for the return of the Prime Minister Saniora to clear things up.‏
Frankly all the Lebanese must face a real challenge that is the US custody on Lebanon. The US custody on Lebanon!‏

Everybody is called to face this custody and those who want to assist Lebanon are welcome.‏
But those who want to make use of this assistance to divide the Lebanese, to set them apart and to disrupt Lebanon are not welcome.‏
We also add our voice to the government and demand the world to help Lebanon.‏
Previously we proposed the following: in the framework of helping Lebanon, if this world could help Lebanon gets compensations for the "Israeli" aggressions starting 1948 and till today.‏

That would be enough for us in Lebanon. We do not seek charity from anyone. We want our country to be compensated for the continuous "Israeli" aggressions on Lebanon.‏
Anyway we have to be cautious. We should not allow anybody to help us in order to enslave us .We should not sell our country, its sovereignty, independence, security, existence, entity and its dignity in order to gain charities from here and there.‏
The poisonous charities from here and there!‏
This is a reality that we need to face.‏

So they ban other countries form interfering in Lebanon`s internal affairs. But they allow themselves starting from America`s President, to the secretary of state, and the ambassador in Lebanon to interfere in our own issues .We the Lebanese are mature long time ago We do not need custody from anyone.‏

We want to be the masters of our own destiny. We are capable of building our country and to exit our country from all problems.‏
The Lebanese who were able to inflict a historic defeat to tyrant "Israel" have also determination, will, knowledge, and capability to enable them to surpass any ordeal and to reject custody.‏

There is another issue and I want to focus on a certain detail.‏
What has been said lately is worrying we do not want to rush things.‏
We are waiting for the return of Prime Minister Fouad Saniora to inform the Lebanese government -just like institutional governments do to inform it of the proceedings of the conference in the United States:‏

What went on, what was discussed, what are the conditions staged upon Lebanon.‏
After everything turns clear, if the results are reassuring then we welcome any international help to Lebanon but if they were distrustful and worrying. Then the Lebanese who are keen to preserve their sovereignty, independence and dignity are to face this by the appropriate means.‏