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40 Years of Hezbollah


The Palestinian ‘Work & See’ Equation Pushes Most ‘Israelis’ to Exodus, Sets Palestine on Track of Liberation

The Palestinian ‘Work & See’ Equation Pushes Most ‘Israelis’ to Exodus, Sets Palestine on Track of Liberation
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By Mohammad Youssef

The so-called ‘Flag March’ organized by the Zionist settlers in the occupied holy city of al-Quds under the protection of the ‘Israeli’ occupation army did not achieve its goals.

The ‘Israelis’ wanted to show their sovereignty over the holy city. They sent thousands of settlers holding the flags of their Zionist entity to show their hegemony and control. Nonetheless, the only thing this parade proved was the deterioration of the ‘Israeli’ entity and the determination of the Palestinian people to hold to their historical right in their land.

The Palestinian people confrontation of the parade was able to send a strong message that there is always an opposite reaction and complete readiness by the Palestinian people to defend their land and protect their sacred right.

Scores of Palestinians were wounded in the confrontations against the ‘Israeli’ enemy soldiers and the settlers, many others, especially the youths were kidnapped by the Zionists.

The ‘Israelis’ have resorted to a new tactic by exposing their criminal attacks on cameras.

Because they know they have an international, namely western and particularly American cover, they think they have immunity to do what they like to preserve their tight grip over the place.

However, the Palestinian resistance forces, with their deep and continuous organized coordination, have shown a greater level of seriousness and prudent responsibility. The harmony among the different resistance factions has caused a real sabotage to the ‘Israeli’ plans.

‘Israel’ that has always wanted to prove to the world and to the Arab people its might and its capability to conquer them in no time, is striving now to prove its capability to hold and consolidate its authority over the different quarters of the city of al-Quds.

This is very telling actually about the continuation of the dwindling and descending ‘Israeli’ capabilities.

In the literature of the struggle against the ‘Israeli’ occupation, there had been a time when the Palestinians and Arabs fought against what used to be called the Bigger ‘Israel’, this used to signify the ‘Israeli’ intentions and plans to occupy the lands from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Iraq.

This expansionist plan of the ‘Israeli’ entity has totally failed and collapsed, thanks to the continuous Arab, particularly Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, namely Hezbollah.

When the ‘Israelis’ failed to achieve their plan of the Bigger ‘Israel’, they turned to an alternative which is the Greater ‘Israel’. Again the ‘Israeli’ leaders have experienced the bitterest taste of defeat. With resolve and determination of the Arab people and their support to the resistance forces, we can simply and proudly say that the Axis of Resistance, which stretches from Palestine to Lebanon and Syria reaching to Iraq, Iran and Yemen, made this second goal a complete failure to the Tel Aviv regime.

There had never been a time in the ‘Israeli’ entity’s history that it was in a position of strategic confusion than the present time. The situation now to ‘Israel’ is dim grim, it is a time of strategic uncertainty. The majority of the ‘Israelis’ have lost faith in their government and army. They have a deep sense of insecurity that cannot be treated easily. They are questioning the basics, and the use about their presence in Palestine. Thus is mounting and it is going to grow bigger and bigger till it becomes a big crisis that will push most of them to an exodus.

This will surely happen, the time is ticking in the Palestinian rhythm. The result will not be anything else but a total victory. It is an equation of wait and see. But the Palestinians, due to their habit of creativity, have turned it to an equation of work and see. That is why we will not wait long before we see, the liberation of Palestine from river to sea.