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“Israeli” Infrastructure Targeted by Iraqi Hackers

“Israeli” Infrastructure Targeted by Iraqi Hackers
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By Staff, ABNA

Iraq's Al-Tahereh cyber team carried out a large-scale attack on the infrastructure of the “Israeli” entity's transportation sector and shut down the regime's largest transportation company.

The media close to the Iraqi resistance groups reported that the fourth severe cyber-attack targeting the travel reservation base in the “Israeli” entity took place.

Egged Transportation Ltd, the largest “Israeli” transport company, was shut down by the cyber-attack and registration for new shipments was suspended.

Also, the possibility of paying with credit cards in the railway system of the “Israeli” regime was suspended until further notice.

This is the second large-scale cyberattack on “Israeli” websites and servers in recent weeks, and in a similar move, a cyber-attack on April 20 halted the website of Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

A few days earlier, Iraqi hackers had also attacked “Israeli” military bases and media outlets, including those of the official “Israeli” television network [Channel 9].

Some Israeli sources also acknowledged that widespread attacks on the regime's official and media websites occurred on an unprecedented scale. Channel 9 of the Zionist regime, Channel 11, and Channel 3 of three major Israeli media outlets became inaccessible.