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Hizbullah SG Speech on 11-11-2007

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Sayyed Nasrallah: The Resistance is ready to defend all of Lebanon and make the historic victory which will change the face of the region

The Secretary General of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, appealed to President Emile Lahoud to take a step according to his responsibility as dictated by law and the Constitution at this sensitive stage, in order to prevent reaching a vacuum at the Presidency post.

This is the full text of the speech given by the Secretary General of Hizbullah in the central celebration held by al-Shahid Foundation in the compound of Prince of Martyrs (pbuh) in Roueis on 11-11-2007.

On this day, we pay tribute on this occasion which is cherished to all our hearts, the anniversary of the Day of the Martyr as announced on the eleventh of November 1982, when it was launched by a great and wonderful incident. Since then, this occasion has become one for all martyrs.

On the 11th of November, 1982, a young man from a South Lebanese family stormed with his explosives loaded car and completely destroyed the "Israeli" military occupation command headquarters in the South Lebanese city of Tyre.

That martyrdom hero was martyr Ahmad Qasir, and that was the quality operation that was unique and foundational at the same time.

First: The operation took place four months after the start of the "Israeli" invasion of In 1982, Lebanon was an expression of the will of the Lebanese people's resistance and rejection of "Israeli" hegemony and occupation.

It also came at a time when a great sense of despair and frustration prevailed over the Lebanese.
It took place under a wide spread "Israeli" occupation, which reached Beirut, Mount Lebanon and the Western Bekaa, against a backdrop of multinational forces that came to protect the occupation, in addition to a cooperative political regime and some collaborating Lebanese political forces.

At that time, it was said that Lebanon had entered 'the "Israeli" era' and that it will not come out of it again. Yet, only within days the resistance started and did not stop; in the streets of Beirut, the suburbs, Khalde district, the mountains, the south and the Bekaa.

Every area the occupation soldiers' feet landed there was resistance that cleansed and purified the land by their sweat, blood and tears.

That operation came as a title and an early warning that the people of Lebanon will not accept the situation imposed by the entire world which backed the occupation and its 1982 invasion. It was also an expression by the Lebanese saying they will not yield to such a reality and will resist it with their fervent youth. So, Ahmad Qasir was such title of this fervor.

Second: This operation was the first martyrdom operation of this format in the history of the Arab-"Israeli" conflict and fighting the enemy. Therefore, it was rightly said that Ahmed Qasir was the herald of the martyrs' era. Hence, Prince Ahmad Qasir was rightly described as the prince of martyrs, since a prince precedes a procession rather than follow behind.

Ahmad Qasir paved the way for all into the martyrdom arena. He was the first to be followed later by the greats and the dear but he remains the first, the opener and the Prince.

Numerous are the martyrs that followed him, from various cadres within the resistance of Hizbullah, and the resistance of various frameworks, from the men and women of Lebanon, who presented wonderful models of what it is to stand up to the enemy, through limitless giving and sacrifice.

Third: That operation was the first to have killed a large number of enemy officers and soldiers in one stroke. When Ahmed stormed the "Israeli" military chief's headquarters and completely destroyed it, the enemy itself admitted to the death of more than one hundred "Israeli" officers and soldiers within one minute.

Manahem Begin, the "Israeli" Prime Minister then, announced a three day mourning period in the usurper entity. Sharon came and stood upon the ruins and remains of his officers and soldiers shedding tears, his face covered with disappointment and dissatisfaction.

This magnitude of this operation is still the first in the history of the Arabs and the history of the Arab-"Israeli" conflict concerning the high level of military achievement and the high number of enemy soldiers and officers killed. It is still the first, the strongest and the hardest hitting.

Fourth: At that time, the resistance did not disclose the name of the martyr to protect the identity of his family who were still living in the south under "Israeli" occupation. His identity remained undisclosed until after the occupation withdrew in defeat from Tyre region, when his name was announced.

This complete secrecy has been the mark of the resistance since its beginning. Here, lies some of its strength showing its care for the martyrs' families, its public and community to keep them out of harms way.

Fifth: At that time, the Islamic Resistance did not declare responsibility for the martyrdom operation, the biggest on of its caliber ever carried in the history of resistance against the occupation forces, in Lebanon to say the least. Even though, this operation was a real source of pride and excellent media material for the resistance media sector.

Yet, the Islamic Resistance kept silent on the operation, its martyr and his name in order to preserve its existence and the secrecy of its workings, because the important thing is that the resistance continues.

Preserving the resistance networks guaranteed the continuation of the resistance.
Since its beginning, the goal was to confront and expel the occupation, and not enter a media competition against other resistance groups.

Sixth: That quality operation and the tremendous shock it caused formed an early omen of the Zionists' defeat in Lebanon.

Their debacle began on 11-11-1982, and quickly rematerialsed in 1984 and 1985. The resistance continued and there was the year 2000 victory, and the large scale "Israeli" withdrawal.

We live in the era whose prevalent conditions allowed for such quality operation, and which may be considered a forerunner and model in Jihad and resistance.

11-11-1982 was also a date that witnessed the departure of a lover of God, for Ahmad Qasir was not merely a resistance fighter who used a weapon or blew his car and body up to defeat his enemy, but like all the martyrs Ahmed Qasir summed-up a wide range of concepts, values, morals and visions. Regarding these points, he was first and foremost a lover of God.

11-11 was the highest form of worship, a sublime form, the highest and most sophisticated level of giving through martyrdom. Therefore, Hizbullah chose 11 of November the Day of the Martyr as the day for all its martyrs.

On this day, we pay tribute to all the martyrs ... from Sayyed Abbas, Lord of Islamic Resistance Martyrs, the leader, teacher and companion along the path, who is dear to the martyrs... to Sheikh of the martyrs Ragheb Harb, worshiper, struggler, resistance activist, fine example and a model of the martyred religious martyrs of the martyrdom the martyrs of Hizbullah combatants... to civilian martyrs and to all martyrs...

We commemorate them in the one-day...

We bow before the martyrs of the different resistance fields and the martyrs of other Lebanese resistance group. We also bow to the martyrs of the Lebanese army and to every martyr killed in Lebanon defending this country, this land and this people.

We also bow before the souls of the martyrs of the resistance in Palestine, the resistance in Iraq and the resistance extending along our entire Arab and Muslim worlds.

We bow before all those who stood in an unwavering defiance against submission to occupation, who rejected humiliation and shame, as they sought a life of dignity and pride for their nation, peoples and countries.

The second part of this talk is about the martyrs and the martyrs' families.

Our martyrs represent these abstract values. They are not just carrying weapons, nervously flocking here or out of an emotional surge there.

They are first and foremost the people of knowledge who possess a clear vision of the universe, life and mankind.

They believe in God and the afterworld. They know the world well, as well as the afterlife... in this life they know mankind's purpose and the reason God created them. Therefore, they understand their spiritual obligation and message through their presence in this world for a certain number of years that will expire and reach an end.

These people are firstly a people of knowledge and secondly they are the people of knowledge and people of undoubted certainty.

Many are those who possess knowledge or information but do not have certainty of knowledge or of knowing; but as for these they are the people of enlightened knowledge.

They are founded in the strong belief in this vision of the universe, life, mankind, the world and the afterlife, as well as the responsibility, message and the prophets.

Alongside this certainty they are the people of determination and will, toilers indeed, people of courage, generosity and giving... these martyrs embody a high humanitarian value through knowledge, enlightened certainty, will, determination and deed.

Such value is possessed by those who departed and by the resistance combatants still alive, of whom we are proud, in whom we confide, through our knowledge of them we fight, defend and threaten our enemy.

We have these men and share their human value. The families of the martyrs also share that belief with their children, brothers, parents and their spouses.

They hold the same knowledge, certainty, resolve and endeavor, which they express through patience, steadfastness, embrace, acceptance, contentment, pride, honour, and through their smiling faces.

When you go to congratulate or commiserate them, they initiate with commiserating you or congratulating you.

Our martyrs' families are the ones who presented the world with a high example of patience, resilience and acceptance and surrender to God's will.

They are proud to carry this Divine trophy given to them by God almighty when he looked upon them and choose a member or more of their families as martyr or martyrs. Hence, they became the Martyrs' Families.

Today, this institution owes its existence primarily to his eminence the late Imam Sayyed Musawi Khomeini (peace be upon his soul), in whose path, ideology and thought exists a distinct unique mark of taking special and explicit care for martyrdom, martyrs and the families of martyrs.

From the Imam the resistance and revolutionary movements learned the special place kept for martyrs and their families, particularly in its mindset and conscience, in the thoughts of its leadership, officials, combatants and community.

Hence, it is from the experience of Hizbullah and the Islamic Resistance, the Institution of the Martyr was established to serve the martyrs' families.

Today as we give our thanks, appreciation, and salutes to this establishment, we should mention by name and deed, his eminence Sayyed Issa al-Tabatiba'I, whom since its foundation acted as a loving father, a merciful brother, a sincere, genuine and honest guide and a blessing from God for this institution.

We also like to thank the successive directors who alternated in managing the institution over a quarter century, as well as all the brothers and sisters, employees and workers and all those who have supported the institution, cared for it through various events and provided it with different forms of material and moral support.

God willing, this institution is undoubtedly a forward outpost of the resistance, in the continued procession of struggle, sacrifice and contribution.

I now turn to the title of the "Israeli" maneuvers and the resistance exercises:

Since the end of the July 2006 aggression, the "Israeli" enemy has been studying the lessons and examining the gaps and errors. For this task, they set up dozens of specialized commissions, in an attempt to draw lessons and obtain clear conclusions from that war and the defeat suffered.

Since the end of that aggression, the enemy has been working on restoring and rebuilding its forces psychologically, materially and morally... through training, extensive and intensive development in its military arsenal and weapons.

In addition, the United States has been sending Kalashnikov bullets to Lebanon. Of course, this is happening while it spends an unprecedented generosity on the enemy's military strength... in addition to holding maneuvers, and the enemy holding wide scale maneuvers, the last of which were carried out by the "Israeli" enemy in North occupied Palestine some weeks ago.

These maneuvers involved 50,000 officers and soldiers, from the sea to the Golan Heights. Their objective considered the coordination and integration amid the limbs, hands and weapons of the "Israeli" army.
Just to keep our public informed by presenting them with the facts here, but without frightening them, these training maneuver was for an attack on Lebanon.
This does not necessarily mean that there is a decision to attack Lebanon, but the enemy with its aggressive nature is preparing for such a decision or possibility.

Of course, a few days ago I said and denounced the silence expressed by the group in power here in Lebanon regarding these exercises which were coupled with intensive "Israeli" air violations ... despite our condemnation we did not hear any announcements on the large scale enemy movements on the ground.
Yet, a great many in Lebanon, particularly the ruling team, became alerted to the ongoing "Israeli" maneuvers near the border only after hearing of the extensive Islamic Resistance maneuvers in South Lebanon.

I would like to talk about the background of this maneuver as a reminder of a very important matter surrounding this conflict.
During the 33 days of the July 2006 aggression, do you recall hearing the ruling team using the expression "we want the State to extend its authority over Lebanon's territory all the way to the border"; "we want to regain the decisions of war and peace"; "the state alone protects Lebanon" and that "the state alone is responsible for the people, land, skies and sovereignty of Lebanon."
The war ended, the Lebanese army is deployed along the entire Lebanese border with occupied Palestine, and the Lebanese state has extended its full authority over all the Lebanese territories.

Furthermore, since that day the resistance has not carried out any operations in the occupied Shibaa farms, although it reserves this right.
I am speaking of the stage since last August ... the authority has claimed to assume responsibility for these files. Today, after more than one year, we ask that team to tell us what they have done, and what they have achieved?
What they achieved is not important, what is important is what they have done so far?
What efforts they spent in this regard?
For example: I do not want to ask them about the file concerning the prisoners in "Israel". They are not able to do anything towards this cause. Additionally, that file is in our care and the care of the resistance... and we have reiterated our commitment in this regard and the prisoners shall return, Samir Kuntar along with the other brothers.

But what about this ruling team, what have they done so far towards the files of the occupied Shibaa Farms and Kafr Shuba hills?
Knowing that this ruling group has received the most important support in the history of Lebanon, be it American, Western or international; almost everyday an American official from Bush to the smallest official in the American administration praises some officials in this ruling group.

If your (Ruling group) relationship with the American administration is so strong, and the Security Council convenes whenever you call it or ask it to, then what have you done so far to liberate the (occupied) Shibaa farms?
And since you always talk about adopting the diplomatic option, what diplomatic steps have you taken?
What efforts have you spent?

We do not expect you to liberate the Shibaa Farms after only one year and a few months, but what we do ask is: 'what have you done to free the farms from occupation?

What relations have you invested to bring back the Shibaa farms?
Concerning the Farms, the ruling group was not able to return Shibaa Farms to Lebanon, nor was it even able to convince the Zionist enemy to place the Shibaa Farms under United Nations protection (as they once suggested).
Furthermore, on the subject of sovereignty violations!!!

What use is this alliance between the ruling team and the Americans, if it cannot stop "Israeli" air violations of Lebanon?
They did not give the ruling team any credibility to prove their political and diplomatic option a viable one; they gave them nothing, not even a cessation of "Israeli" aerial violations as face saving measure for this group, after they claimed to be protectors of sovereignty!

Third and this is the worst of the lot, the "Israeli" maneuvers.
In all countries of the world, even between two countries sharing friendly relations, if one state mobilizes or redeploys its forces or carries out military maneuvers, such acts would be considered a provocation of the other state.
This usually offsets a diplomatic or sometimes military reaction, possibly redeployment or a change in military formation or a certain political activity that seeks clarification.

Any state or government that respects its existence and sovereignty when faced with maneuvers on the scale of those carried out by the "Israelis" just across the border involving fifty thousand enemy officers and soldiers, at the minimum level would not remain silent, nor would it accept or ignore these maneuvers.
This is when the leadership of the enemy says that the goal of these exercises is to run a simulation on the ground and in the field of a possible "Israeli" aggression on Lebanon.

But what did the ruling group do?
Oh brothers, not a word, not a condemnation, not even a denouncement!
One of them felt obliged to deplore and condemn the "Israeli" maneuvers when he addressed pointing out the resistance's maneuvers upon hearing news of them; only one of them did, as for the rest, that occurrence is unfortunately a normal and natural matter!

Alas! And, of course, the "Israeli" maneuvers of the North mean nothing to this team because firstly they do not consider "Israel" an enemy; they said that on more than one occasion.
Secondly, those who publicly declare themselves a natural and integral part of the American project in the region would not consider "Israel" an enemy.
Should I think more ill of the ruling team, I would go as far as saying that some of that team is happy and content with the enemy maneuvers in the north of occupied Palestine.

Each day we hear new facts, rumors and words about banking on a new "Israeli" war against the resistance and the national opposition in Lebanon, just as there were wagers on the war of July last year...
...So, it is natural for the ruling team not to be provoked, not to move a muscle nor condemn.

Yet, when the resistance makes any moves hell breaks loose!
Therefore, what this ruling group says does not concern me.
What concerns me is to say this to you, those who believe, support, embrace and take pride in the resistance, and after you to tell the enemy that these maneuvers were real, serious and extensive.

I am not here now to discuss details, but there is a certain amount of readiness that we wanted the enemy to understand through these maneuvers ... the enemy understood... we wanted to deliver a clear message to the world that besieges us while providing "Israel" with the latest military technology. This world blocks and punishes anyone helping orphans of martyrs, yet gives "Israel" tens of billions of dollars...

... To this world we say that the real message of the maneuver is this:
'that the resistance in Lebanon possesses the determination and will;
that the resistance in Lebanon has the real men of men;
that the resistance in Lebanon, God willing, possesses the necessary and sufficient amount of weapons, the knowledge and the appropriate and precise technical plan of defense; the ability to manage and control; that the resistance in Lebanon has the day-and-night readiness, in all locations to defend South Lebanon and all of Lebanon...furthermore still, the resistance is ready to pounce and create the historic victory that changes the face of the region.'

This is the real message of the Islamic Resistance's maneuvers a few days ago. Let the whole world who thinks our resolve and will has weakened or waned know they are eluding themselves; to those who think we have grown tired or weary, we say: 'does a human grow tired of defending their homeland and honorouble people?'

Does a person tire, grow weary, weaken or slacken their defense of the most honourable, generous and pure of people?
This is the message.

Some tried to present the resistance's maneuvers as a message directed internally, only because they do not see "Israel" as an enemy. Their concerns are limited to Lebanon's inner alleyways, small streets and side conflicts.
To those I say you are free to perceive it as you wish...

...And I also say that the resistance will continue to bear this responsibility as long as the ruling authority in Lebanon does not do its duty; as long as the authority has not made any real effort to defend Lebanon's sovereignty, to liberate the rest of the land, whether at the political, diplomatic, and physical levels or in the field.

Since August 14th, the Lebanese army is on the border. I want to ask the team in power: What have you given the Lebanese Army since then?
The officers and soldiers of the Lebanese people are stationed at the border?

What have you provided them with in arms, fixtures and equipment, resources and capabilities at least to defend their positions, not to mention Lebanon, the homeland and the people?

Can they tell us what they did to strengthen the army and enhance its capabilities after a year and some months have passed, to enable the army to perform its national duty?

Hence, we are facing an authority that only talks about decisions of war and peace and the extension of the State's authority over the land...and I say to you they do not understand what it means to extend the State's authority...but they only know how to take taxes and collect the citizens' money.
But to prevent "Israeli" violations, to liberate the occupied territories, or even object to the occupation's maneuvers and the "Israeli" military re-deployment, they do not even raise a finger.

Whenever any incident happens here in Lebanon, the ruling group sends a complaint to the Security Council who in turn issues a resolution, as if the Security Council has only Lebanon to focus on. Yet, fifty thousand enemy officers and soldiers in the north, in complete "Israeli" military contingents, present till now. This ruling team does nothing... a team "smart" in sending letters regarding the resistance re-arming, but is too cowardly to send even one letter protesting "Israeli" maneuvers.

Certainly, it is because such an act would embarrass Mr. American Bush and irritate Ms. Condoleezza Rice.
Is this how a homeland is to be defended?

Is this how to reassure the people of Lebanon and the southerners?
I wonder how the people of the South in border villages sleep alongside fifty thousand enemy officers and soldiers, with complete fully armored as well as motorized contingents.

Those alleging to be a government did not move a muscle at all.
I say this as a matter of protest, for we lost hope in this group since 1982, when Ahmed Qasir became the title of this loss of hope in those who never carried a weapon in the face of the Zionist enemy.

I say this only to protest and re-assert the credibility, integrity and the just logic of the resistance in Lebanon. Therefore, the objections, issues or remarks will not change whatsoever the reality of the responsibility we undertake.
In the past few days, some people talked about fears associated with the present situation in the Palestinian camps in Beirut and around the suburbs (Dahiya), especially Borj el-Barajneh camp and the camps of Sabra and Shatila.
A lot of talk, stories, and rumors are circulated correct and incorrect facts.
Small every day incidents may occur here or there. Such matters are an every day thing in Lebanon, but what the media circulated raised concerns in Beirut, the suburbs and within the refugee camps. Therefore, I find it my duty to speak responsibility on the matter.

Regardless of whether circulating information are correct or incorrect, and they are mostly untrue and inaccurate, we primarily bank on the very good relationships between the camps of Beirut, the Dahiya suburb, and the vicinity of the camps, and on the relationships between us and the Palestinian people in these camps.
In truth, the Palestinian people know now, as in the past and in the future that many people love them in the world, but that they will find none as we do them ... this is a fact.

Up until two years ago, when we started participating in internal Lebanese politics, some used to describe us as a Palestinian party so much so that when one of the brothers presented a study of satellite television networks of the Arab world, Al-Manar appeared in the sequence of listed satellite networks as "a Palestinian satellite channel".

They had no idea that it was a Lebanese station...
Everyone knows what Palestine, the Palestinian people, the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian Intifada represent to us, and we praise God Almighty for the good relationship we have with the good people of these camps.
We also bank on the goodwill and the good relationship we have with all the Palestinian factions in these camps, be they under PLO or the coalition factions.
We hold relationships and maintain contacts with all of the groups.
Since the beginning when such talk about this subject first started, we began making intensive contacts with the PLO factions and the Palestinian coalition, away from the media scene ...

We said that we must cooperate to prevent the "Israelis" and their agents inside Lebanon from taking advantage of the current circumstances, to prevent anyone pushing events in the wrong direction, knowing that no fertile ground exists for such a turn in events; but difficult and bad times still require vigilance and we have all learned to take precautions.

God willing, by making these contacts through persistent, ongoing daily communication channels, there will be no problems at all.
Hence, we bank on all Palestinian factions, the popular committees and the people of the camps not to allow anyone to infiltrate the status quo of the Palestinian camps. Also, we bank on ourselves and on our will. Additionally, I go to say that what already exists in the areas surrounding the camps is a brotherly, loving and friendly perimeter of the population of the camps.

At worst and to those who talk of dragging Hizbullah and Amal Movement to a new camps war, I unequivocally say: There will be no camps war here at all.
We and the Palestinian factions take this concern seriously and responsibly, but in any case, there is also a State which is supposed to assume responsibility too, through its security, military and judicial services.

Whenever any incident or problem occurs due to an infiltrator or conspirator, there is a state and state institutions which must assume its responsibility in this regard.
Of course, keeping a sense of calm is required, because rumors can give rise to tension, as tales are woven around perfectly normal every day incidents sometimes.

We want the cooperation of all concerned in relation to this matter and the possibility of any such development occurring. Such an issue should prompt us all, Lebanese and Palestinians alike, to act with the highest degree of caution, presence, awareness and responsibility.

The presidential election in Lebanon is viewed with a high degree of importance, and we see that it is keeping the Lebanese busy, but why is it busying the world at large?! It is possible to say that until now the presidential elections in Lebanon has taken more effort on world scale than the presidential elections of the United States of America, I wonder why?

Knowing that the powers of the President according to the new constitution are limited powers, and yet all this interest to elect the President.
I like to call on the Lebanese to feel the importance of this subject. I mean, recently some talk came out that we are not concerned for who the president is, or for the person of the president, but that what concerns us are problems of a different kind!

This is making little of a major entitlement.
The subject here is not linked to the President, his person or his powers thereof, but rather the President elected NOW, at this time, the method, the spirit of that election and the President's person meaning his name and personality which will provide an indication as to the general political track Lebanon will follow.
That is to say, will there be a national unity government after the President is elected?

Which one of the presidential candidates only accepts a government of national unity and partnership?
Or, is there a president that has no problem with a government run by a team that insists on exclusive power?
This is a big question.

After electing the President, there will come a government whether of national partnership or run by a group.
How will such a government conduct itself in relation to policies and plans?
How will it handle the political, financial, economic and security situation, in addition to the international and Arab relations?
How will it act?

This starts from the President, his personality, his mind, his values and ideas as well as his courage and will.

Moreover, we all know that in the natural course of events, a new commander of the Lebanese Army will be appointed after the election of the President, together with new leaders in various central command posts within the Lebanese Army and the rest of the Lebanese security services.
Does this not make it a point of concern then?

At one time a government of national partnership nominates an Army Commander who reflects this accord and national balance. Alternately, a monopolising mono-team government appoints a commander of the Army concordant with its mentality; how will the Army Commander, Army Command and the Army act then?
So far, the most important element of stability in the country, since the earthquake that rocked Lebanon on 14 February 2005 (the assassination of Martyr PM Rafik Hariri) until today, has been the army leadership, with its nationalistic conduct and bearing of responsibility in dealing with issues in a balanced way.
Conversely, imagine that team bringing in an Army Commander of its own mentality, spirit and emotions!...

I would not know what will become of this army then? Nor where the country will end up? ...When they have been dreaming of using the army against the opposition and the resistance.
What has prevented such a misemployment of the Army so far is its Command, structure and national creed...

...But if the other team seized a monopolized hold on power after a President is elected, and reached the entitlement of appointing a new army commander, who then would guarantee the survival of the army's doctrine?
Who would guarantee the continuation of the nationalistic role and position of this honorable and nationalistic institution, rather than taking sides or showing favouratism?

These are serious questions.
Therefore, the track starts at the election of the president. Hence, the issue is not about one president's mandate ending and the need to bring a new president in.
Here lies a path, fate and a new future of the country. Therefore, it is not possible to be lenient with the presidential elections issue, or to resolve the matter through pleasantries or polite coercion.
Even within the frameworks of discussing the person of the President, other matters must be discussed as well; the country's political path must be addressed.

Otherwise, imagine this, there is a group today calling itself the 'majority'. It has convinced the world that it is the 'majority'. It wants a President of the Republic and a Prime Minister of the government from its own camp, as well as a two-thirds majority in the Cabinet. It will want to appoint a commander of the army as well. All this while it openly declares itself part of the American project and adjusts its policies, positions and vision accordingly on various issues that pose a threat to Lebanon.

How can anyone acquiesce to such a method?
Let us discuss all the issues together, the Presidency, the government as well as the political track. This is where the serious debate begins and this is what helps the most.

I still stress that the President issue is a sensitive and very important issue because we want a President other than the one the Americans want. They see nothing in the president other than someone to implement resolution 1559. However, have you ever heard whether they want a President that addresses the economic situation in Lebanon, repays its debts, builds a strong country and army forces in Lebanon...a president who wants to liberate the occupied land and defend the county's sovereignty and unite the Lebanese people?

They see nothing in electing a president other than the implementation of 1559...isn't it time they gave up on that?
Once, I said in the steadfast, firm and dear town of Bint Jbeil, and I say it again now: ' not if a new President of the Republic is elected, but if the whole world came, they could not implement the 1559 resistance weapon item...this is a serious subject and not one for chit chat or for joking.'
We put forward a national vision and accepted to open our resistance weapon to debate within the context of seeking a national defense strategy...period.
After the July 2006 aggression, the "Israelis" themselves said that there is no army in the world that can disarm Hizbullah, and I tell them yes, there is no one in the world that can disarm Hizbullah.

Such endeavor is a waste of time.
We want a President of the Republic who brings the Lebanese together, not one to instill sedition between them; a president who unites the Lebanese, one to build a real state and not one who signs decrees for farm-states. We want a president to be entrusted with presiding over the Prime Minister and a government that deals with the economic situation. We want a President who fights corruption not cover it up, and one who prevents squandering of the State's resources.
Today, all the Lebanese and the world are busy with the presidential election, but parallel to that and behind the scenes is the largest looting operation of the State's wealth taking place...the largest looting operation currently taking place in the history of Lebanon.

What is this operation?

The privatization of cellular phone, yes the sector considered the fuel oil of Lebanon.

What do we have other than that?
The agricultural sector?

The industrial sector?
The tourism sector?
A thousand and one calamities!

The State resources are taxes, and some productive establishments, the cellular being the most important, and they want to sell it! ...and God knows to whom?
You will find out to whom tomorrow...

This looting operation is taking place, and here I warn companies from participating in buying this sector, because it would be buying from those who do not have ownership nor legal entitlement or empowerment to sell the cellular sector. We will confront this looting operation with all the legitimate and legal means possible.

We want a president who does not approve of the nation's robbery;
We want a President who prevents turning the country into private companies which no one knows where they ultimately all lead.
Yes, this is the President whom we want.

We want a President of the Republic who supports the army and strengthens it, who supplies it with weapons, equipment and supplies to enable it to protect the country and the people.
This President we look forward to.
They keep claiming they are the 'majority' and therefore they are entitled to elect.
If you (the ruling team) possessed the boldness and courage, if you were truly a majority you would accept an early election.

But you are a counterfeit and therefore illusory majority.
You claim you are like the the Ukraine they formed a coalition which conducted elections on that basis and thus they formed majority...but when this alliance disbanded they resorted to the elections again...why do you not have the courage to hold elections again?

You also claim to be like Georgia the opposition organized two demonstrations near the parliament and called for early presidential elections; the President accepted early presidential elections, they may even hold early parliamentary elections. As for us here in Lebanon, one million demonstrators went to the street, and ten days later one and a half million demonstrated outside the Grand Serail...none of you moved or budged from your places...Because you are clutching onto power rather than popular representation.
We talk about consensus, which is, in fact, the spirit of the Taef Accord, the spirit of the Constitution and the Lebanese system.

However, even if we leave consensus aside, the Constitution requires a minimum of two-thirds quorum.
You are not able to muster two-thirds for a constitutional election except through an agreement on consensus...therefore, you are bound by consensus according to the spirit of the Constitution first, and secondly by having to secure the constitutional two-thirds quorum.

But what if we can not reach a consensus?
In a case such as this, I will say it clearly at the risk of again repeating myself...any president elected by the quorum of half + 1, will not be recognized by the opposition. This is at the least, and the opposition will consider such a president an usurper and transgressor of the Authority.

A president we do not recognize is a president encroaching upon the authority, illegally and illegitimately handling the affairs of the state.
Today, we do not want to threaten, but give advice...
...there is still an opportunity over the coming number of days. There are serious efforts being invested in a consensus, an outcome we are still banking on reaching and support all efforts going towards such accord.

Should we fail to reach a compromise on consensus, and if we believe in the democratic process, out of loyalty for the country, for the sake of preserving civil peace or to prevent the Americans from taking the country into the 'Creative Chaos'... we therefore have a way out.
I will not say let the people elect a president, but rather let us go to an early parliamentary elections, honest, transparent and clear elections.
The side that obtains two-thirds quorum can have the right to elect a President fare and square.

The rest or minority has to comply with this result.
In the case of either side finding difficulty obtaining two-thirds quorum, because of political facts, why not pledge and commit ourselves prior to holding early elections, that a minority agrees now to relinquishes the right to elect a president to whoever obtains absolute majority... and commit to supporting them in fulfilling the required two-thirds quorum.

Take for example the entire electoral alliance in Baabda - Alayh constituency, it was based on forgery, deception and false promises!
Imagine, a candidates list elected for its campaign promise to defend the resistance weapon and reject the 1559 resolution...after gaining their seats in that election, this very same list of MPs is today calling for the implementation of 1559, especially the item concerning the resistance weapons.
Do those MPs continue to hold legitimacy at all?
These MPs deceived the people, belied the people, manipulated the people and stole their votes.

What I am proposing is:
We hold an early election, should both sides fail to obtain the required two-thirds majority, rather than returning to the current situation where consensus is needed for two-thirds quorum vs. your half+ONE, we would make prior commitment, whereby any would be 'minority' would directly support the side that obtains clear 'majority' to make up and fulfill the required two-thirds quorum to elect a president that represents the majority's views.

This way we will have resorted to the Lebanese people, and will have sought a way out of the problem, instead of later returning to the current conflicting scenario of needing consensus to reach two-thirds vs. half+1 quorum.
Since the Lebanese today are following up this event, I find it my duty, on this occasion, on the last days according to the Constitution and the apparent legal mandate of His Excellency President Emile Lahoud, on your behalf and on behalf of the families of the martyrs, the resistance combatants, on behalf of the people who give us the right to express its opinion and passion, and primarily on behalf of the resistance, I wish to address His Excellency President Emile Lahoud with appreciation for his stances of support for the resistance, his firmness, persistence and embrace of the resistance during nine years of his presidency of the republic, and the years he carried his responsibility as Commander of the National Lebanese army.

Due to this cohesion and cooperation, collaboration and integration came to be between the resistance and the army, which continued with the new leadership of the army after General Lahoud.
This integration, which resulted in a historic victory in 2000, and yielded a historic victory in the face of July 2006 aggression, and we can never forget President Lahoud's stances, positions, clout, courage and manhood in the face of all these challenges and dangers.

We take it upon ourselves to honour this man for his deeds in the appropriate manner, as we are also concerned with honouring each and everyone who stands by the resistance, embraces and defends the resistance... the same time and while we are nearing the twenty-fourth of November, from within this place of assembly on the Day of the Martyr and martyrs, on the day of giving...I appeal to His Excellency President Emile Lahoud ... to tell him that what you have done, accomplished and endured during nine years in the presidency depends on your bearing the historic national responsibility in the remaining days of your carry out what his conscience and national, legal, constitutional responsibility dictates and that of his constitutional oath to preserve the country and its take the necessary steps or national rescue initiative to spare the country from reaching a vacuum at the top post, should a consensus not eventuate... since an election by half+one is worse than a presidential vacuum...

...Not electing a president by consensus and for the authority to remain in the hands of an illegitimate irresponsible government is worse than a vacuum...
...therefore with the approaching deadline all eyes are naturally focused on the Baabda Presidential Palace and on the President entrusted with this responsibility.
We know the entire world will exercise the most severe of pressures on the President not to commit such a national rescue measure...he will be faced with severe forms of intimidation and enticement as he is every day now...

...but the President who could not be silenced over million of meters in southern Lebanon during the demarcation process year 2000, who stood up with boldness and courage to the threat of the American administration and the American Secretary of State, will certainly be trusted not only to millions of meters, but to the whole area of the Lebanese nation, which no one can forfeit, neglect or throw into the hands of a group of thieves and murderers, followers of the American-Zionist project in Lebanon. 

Together with you, in the spirit of the martyrs, their sacrifices and contributions, we will patiently pursue these sensitive days of the fate of our country, so that we can have a President of the Republic, one wanted by the people of the Republic and not what the Americans or the international interferers.
We will follow up this sensitive phase because the nation, land, honor and sovereignty, independence and future are all entrusted to us, for which we gave the purest of martyrs' blood, whose memory we revive today.

Source: Al-Ahed News


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