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UAE’s Planes to Fly, Celebrate with ‘Israeli’ Enemy on Palestine’s Nakba Day

UAE’s Planes to Fly, Celebrate with ‘Israeli’ Enemy on Palestine’s Nakba Day
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By Staff

As part of the United Arab Emirates’ attempts to cement the humiliating normalization with the Zionist entity, serving its interests and harming the Palestinian cause, the UAE is taking part in the aerial parade the ‘Israeli’ enemy is holding on the day that coincides with Palestine’s Nakba Day [catastrophe] on May 15.

In further details, The Times of ‘Israel’ website reported that the ‘Israel’ Air Line Pilots Association was behind the festive initiative, with the event — named Peace Fly-by 2022 - set to see civil airplanes from both ‘Israeli’ and Emirati airlines.

The civilian flyby, which will show military planes, will take off on May 5 at 12:45 p.m., soaring across the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories from Akka in the north to Asdod in the south.

The airshow will take place at a relatively low altitude of 1,000 feet, giving spectators ample opportunity to gawk at the aircraft.

According to the report, Emirati Etihad Airways will be flying an Airbus A350 and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, an Airbus A320neo.

Nakba marks the day when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their homes in 1948 and when the Tel Aviv regime proclaimed existence.

Palestinians across the occupied territories and in regional refugee camps annually mark the Nakba Day in protest against the "Israeli" occupation of their homeland that started on May 15, 1948.