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Moses Staff Conducts Massive Cyber Attack on ’Israel’

Moses Staff Conducts Massive Cyber Attack on ’Israel’
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By Staff, Agencies 

A hacker group called Moses Staff declared that it has successfully conducted a massive cyberattack against the apartheid "Israeli" entity.

According to the group it managed to break into the servers of major companies, and is now in possession of comprehensive data that could be leaked.  

The group announced on Monday that it had targeted a number of "Israeli" firms in its latest attack and acquired a vast trove of critical facilities’ maps, which include information on the location and characteristics of vital systems across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The data includes airborne mapping surveys with 5-centimeter [2-inch] accuracy and three-dimensional images of "Israeli" military sites and important buildings.

Moses Staff stated that the information it had was of immense significance, amid international sanctions that prevent accurate access to aerial images of critical areas inside "Israeli"-occupied Palestinian lands.

Moses Staff stated that the footage is a striking example of accurate images that it has taken over after infiltrating into the servers of "Israeli" cyber companies.

Unlike the Black Shadow hacker group that has also struck "Israeli" companies recently, Moses Staff did not make any demands for money or anything else.

On November 3, Moses Staff said it had carried out a cyberattack on three "Israeli" engineering companies, less than two weeks after it leaked files it said to have obtained in an attack on the "Israeli" War ministry.