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Reports of German Mediation with the ’Israeli’ Entity for New Palestinian Prisoners Swap Deal

Reports of German Mediation with the ’Israeli’ Entity for New Palestinian Prisoners Swap Deal
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By Staff, Agencies

Despite the German mediation in the Palestinian prisoners swap deal, the ‘Israeli’ occupation government is evading the payment of the appropriate costs.

Citing an informed source, Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper confirmed that channels of communication with Berlin are open for mediation. Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has conveyed that it is open for either gradual or all at once swap.

In further details regarding the mediation, the Germans themselves didn’t offer help, but waited instead to receive an ‘Israeli’ request. But as far as is known, the gaps between the Palestinian and ‘Israeli’ sides remain wide.

Hamas demands freeing hundreds of Palestinian detainees in exchange for two Zionist settlers and the bodies of two ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers.

The reports said the prisoners whose release Hamas is demanding include senior Fatah official Marwan Barghouti, the six heroes of Operation “Tunnel of Freedom” who were recaptured after escaping from Gilboa Prison last month and Palestinians the Zionist occupation has recently placed in administrative detention, a form of detention without trial.

Over the past years, the Zionist entity has attempted to break the equation of thousands of detainees for one soldier, but failed and retreated in face of the solid Palestinian negotiator that has been able to break several equations before.

In the time being, political sources do not expect any breakthrough in the near future, considering that until securing the ‘Israeli’ Knesset approval for the Zionist entity’s budget next month, Tel Aviv gestures to the Palestinians will be limited in an effort to buy time. But in the absence of a prisoner swap, which would pave the way for major projects to improve Gaza’s infrastructure to get underway, there are well-founded concerns that another war could erupt there in the coming months.

Hamas considers that the occupation government is playing with the emotions of the families of the soldiers, who, according to Spokesman Hazem Qassem, “won’t happen to see their sons before submitting to the conditions of the Resistance.”

The main perception, for now, is that Zionist Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will make a deal with Hamas which will be much worse than the deal to release Gilad Shalit, which was agreed on by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.