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Palestinian Detainees in “Israeli” Prisons on High Alert

Palestinian Detainees in “Israeli” Prisons on High Alert
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Translated by Staff, Agencies

The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs revealed that Palestinian detainees in “Israeli” jails and detention centers announced a general mobilization and a rebellion against all prison administration laws, in the light of the continued imposition of the repressive and punitive measures taken against them for the third consecutive day, after six prisoners managed to escape through a tunnel from the high security Gilboa Prison.

In a press release, the commission explained that representatives on behalf of the detainees in “Israeli” prisons and detention centers deliberated and agreed to confront attacks by the repression units and the prison police by all means and methods, and not to succumb to these hateful racist practices, stemming from military failure.

The commission further pointed out that the “Israeli” regime and its agencies are working to cover up its failure and defeat against the Palestinian prisoners’ solid will through a fierce attack on them and through incursions and arrests on our people as the arrests that targeted the families of the 6 Gilboa prison escapees that took place last night.

The Commission of Detainees’ Affairs renewed its call to the international community and its institutions to take immediate action “to put an end to this ‘Israeli’ madness in dealing with our detainees”, pointing out that “the continuation of the attack on them and harming them will ignite all wards inside and outside prisons; and thus making the international institutions partners in this crime if they do not assume their responsibilities, and the occupation will pay a heavy price for all its practices”.