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Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Bureau to Al-Ahed: Our Battle With the Occupation Won’t End Soon

Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Bureau to Al-Ahed: Our Battle With the Occupation Won’t End Soon
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By Al-Ahed News

Monday marked an embarrassment to the entire Zionist establishment after a group of six Palestinian detainees managed to escape the ‘Israeli’ entity’s most fortified detention centers, Gilboa Prison. The recent incident has put the ‘Israeli’ occupation security system and its prisons’ administration in deep water.

In wake of this humiliating defeat, Head of Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Bureau, Nahed al-Fakhoury told al-Ahed News that the Zionist regime is seeking to export its crisis through avenging the detainees with a series of punitive measures. The measures include reducing the number of prisoners who are allowed to sun exposure, in addition to reducing the daily duration of this exposure to only one hour.

Shutting the Canteen [the military market] and the laundry in all prisons, and banning movement and roaming between the prisons’ sections were also among the punitive measures taken against the detainees.

The Palestinian figure added in remarks to al-Ahed that the public phone service in Section 1 of Ramon Prison, and Section 4 in al-Naqab Prison was stopped until further notice, although this service is one of the achievements of the Second Strike of Dignity in 2019.

The Zionist administration, additionally, dismantled the organizational committee of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement and distributed its members between the cells of detainees from other organizations inside the prisons.

Not to mention, more punitive measures were expected as the Zionist occupation prisons’ administration has warned the detainees of such an action. The situation, hence, will have more dangerous repercussions.

Al-Fakhoury affirmed to al-Ahed News that the detainees in all prisons and from different political organization will have a stance and will never allow the ‘Israeli’ administration to abuse the situation to impose new sanctions against them as it did in 2014.

In response to a question about the future steps, al-Fakhoury told al-Ahed that talks are underway with Palestinian resistance factions to discuss the means of retaliating and confronting the punitive measures, stressing that “all choices are open for the prisoners to retaliate.”

In remarks that included those options, the Head of Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Bureau suggested the open-ended hunger strike, dissolving all organizational committees, or even the two choices at once.

“The Palestinian prisoners are facing an extended battle that won't end soon, and the situation is dangerous and critical that requires everybody shouldering their responsibilities,” al-Fakhoury underscored.

Elsewhere, the Head of Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Bureau highlighted that the Islamic Jihad detainees were the ones who were mainly targeted because the detainees who dug the “Tunnel of Freedom” belong to the Islamic Jihad resistance movement.

With respect to the whereabouts of the liberated detainees, al-Fakhoury said it is a sensitive issue that we don’t know much about. “Getting deeper into such details don’t serve the detainees, and there are many misleading information launched by the different intelligence agencies to collect information about them, or to make the detainees feel that they are safe.”