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Venezuela’s Maduro: Gov’t Called for Lifting US Sanctions during Talks with Opposition

Venezuela’s Maduro: Gov’t Called for Lifting US Sanctions during Talks with Opposition
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By Staff, Agencies

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reported on Sunday that the government delegation participating in talks with the opposition in Mexico had brought forward a document calling for the end of all US sanctions against the country.

In an interview with Venezuelan state television, Maduro underscored that the document proposes "the immediate lifting of all commercial, financial, oil, and economic sanctions against Venezuela and the immediate return of all bank accounts, assets, and Venezuelan gold."

The Venezuelan president stated that it is "a legally supported document and also, to a large extent, backed by a set of letters signed by private business associations so that all is returned to Venezuela."

He further stated that the talks, which resumed Friday, are following an "agenda of issues" agreed to in the first round of negotiations held in August.

In parallel, Maduro mentioned that during the negotiations, they will have "the greatest amount of patience ... to seek an agreement for peace, recovery, prosperity, and the well-being of Venezuelans."

Maduro also explained that he understands the dialogue that has been opened with the opposition also involves the US government.

"When we sit at that table, we understand that we sit with the US government, because that platform ... is the politicians dependent on the opinions of the United States," he said.

Norway is also participating in the negotiations, and delegations from the governments of Russia and the Netherlands are also present.