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“Israel” Announces Ground Op into Gaza, Then Retreats!

“Israel” Announces Ground Op into Gaza, Then Retreats!
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By Staff- Agencies

“Israeli” offensive Army announced that its  ground troops have now joined the air force in attacking the besieged Gaza Strip, causing confusion before clarifying that no soldiers have actually crossed into the Palestinian enclave yet.

“Air and ground forces are now attacking the Gaza Strip. More details to come,” the “Israeli” Armuy announced on Twitter just after midnight on Friday local time.

Artillery, tanks and infantry are firing into the strip but have not crossed its boundary yet, according to a reporter with the “Israeli” public broadcaster Kan 11.

Meanwhile, reports mentioned that artillery units from the ‘Golani’ Brigade are “shooting into Gaza from the border, but have not crossed over.”

“I said that we would exact a very heavy price from Hamas,” “Israeli “PM Benjamin Netanyahu said shortly after the Zionist army’s announcement. “We’re doing it and will continue doing it with great intensity. This is not the last word and this operation will continue as long as necessary.”

Ground troops have been spotted deploying to the border with the enclave on Thursday, with an “Israeli” spokesman confirming they were in “various stages of preparing ground operations.”

“Israeli” drones, helicopters and fighter jets have been striking strip brutally since Monday.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed to have launched more than 1,500 rockets into the cities of southern