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Saudi Warplanes Intensify Airstrikes on Yemen, Destroy Grain Silos

Saudi Warplanes Intensify Airstrikes on Yemen, Destroy Grain Silos
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By Staff, Agencies

Saudi warplanes carried out a spate of new airstrikes on Yemen, including the capital Sanaa and Salif port in the western Red Sea province of Hudaydah.

According to Yemen’s al-Masirah television network, the Saudi warplanes conducted 11 airstrikes on al-Nahdin area, al-Nahdah neighborhood, Sanahan district, and al-Haffa district in Sanaa on Sunday.

Two more Saudi air raids also hit Sanaa International Airport, the report said.

Saudi Arabia claimed late Sunday that it had destroyed Yemeni forces’ workshops for assembling ballistic missiles and drones in the capital.

“The operation aims to neutralize and destroy the sources of an impending attack,” it said.

The airstrikes came as the spokesman for Yemeni army and fighters from popular committees said the country’s armed forces will continue their operations against military and economic targets deep inside Saudi Arabia until Riyadh stops its aggression and lifts the all-out blockade it has imposed on the Yemeni people.

The United Nations said Sunday air raids also hit the Salif grains port north of al-Hudaydah, and two projectiles hit a warehouse and the living quarters of a food production company.

“Local authorities and company management stated that six injured workers were transferred to local medical facilities for treatment,” the UN mission in Hudaydah, UNMHA, said in a statement on Monday.

The Yemeni ministry of commerce and industry condemned the attack on the port, saying it is proof of Saudi Arabia's “economic warfare against the Yemeni people”.

Any attack on the port of Salif is a violation of the 2018 Stockholm Agreement, which stipulates that the port is part of a UN-brokered neutral zone on the Red Sea.

Al-Masirah reported that the Saudi warplanes also bombed the provinces of Hajjah, Imran, and al-Jawf on Sunday.

The Saudi airstrikes further hit Marib, the scene of heavy fighting between Saudi-backed mercenaries and Yemeni forces.

Since last month, the Yemeni forces have been pushing to liberate Marib, the last northern stronghold of Saudi-backed militants and the capital of an oil-rich region.

Saudi Arabia and a number of its regional, including the United Arab Emirates [UAE], launched a brutal war against Yemen in March 2015.

The war was launched to eliminate Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionary movement and restore the former regime of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to power in Yemen.

Independent organizations estimate that the war has claimed more than 200,000 lives.

The Saudi war has also taken a heavy toll on the country’s infrastructure, destroying hospitals, schools, and factories.